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nothing that unvolves taking drugs or pills though....lunesta etc....

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why do i feel this way?
how can i be more awake?
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my 3 year old son has like 8-10 little blisters on his tongue he's slobing alot and its hurting him what?
could it be they are like the little blister we sometimes get on our tongue but he has like 8 of them
Additional Details
they are white

Super Drunk
It might be the food that's he eaten is to hot for him. You should cool off his food before feeding him.

Did you feed him ants?

Toxic Cute Chick
call the doc. sounds painful. Has he started a new medication? Are they down his throat as well? I'd call the doc's. Good luck!

Sounds like a Coxsackievirus infection (like hand, foot, and mouth disease). See her for more info:

**Usually children with a simple coxsackievirus infection recover completely after a few days without needing any treatment. A child who has a fever without any other symptoms should rest in bed or play quietly indoors. Offer plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.**

Take him to the doctor to get a definitive diagnosis.


First clean with Chamomile tea, next Propolis without alcohol.

racer 51
could he have burned himself on hot food or drink? are they white? maybe thrush.

L. Rubyberg
Allergy to berries, or citrus? What did he eat today?

Bug Fuggy
Could be Canker sores. Call a doc

Sounds like Thrush. Call his doctor as he'll need an antibiotic.

Eric C
Take him to the doctor and have them checked...

It could be blisters from burning food... or it could be the first signs of a food-allergy. ... I get the same thing from time to time if I eat certain foods (avocados... bananas... etc.)

ღ*Pink Cat *ღ
I would have him checked out by his pediatrician any ways. He could have an underlying problem.

melody r
Sound to me like it is thrush. Usually happens in infants. It's a yeast infection of the mouth. The doctor can give him a liquid medicine to get rid of it quickly

You should call his pediatrician or you could take him to a pediatric dentist. Do something ASAP. Don't let him keep hurting!

Crunchy Sweet
Ew. Could be hand, foot, mouth disease. (coxsackievirus ).

My daughter had it at 3 and my husband got it then too.

No acids...OUCH. No OJ ,or citrus, ketchup etc. Bland foods. Popsicles are great! Ice cream too.

My daughter never got the blisters on her hands or feet. Just all inside her mouth and down her throat.

Could be thrush, or could be an allergic reaction, or could be a virus. You may notice that he could have a slight fever as well. Best to take him to the doctor, and the sooner the better.

Take him to the ER.

did he eat alot of citrus oranges and such?? anyway take him to a doctor he's too little to be in pain

texas rose
I would take him to the doctor, it could be an allergy. I had something similar to this when I was about 3, it was an allergic reaction to chocolate milk. So, let the doctor check it out and help alleviate the pain.

Commonly children get mouth ulcers (blisters) as a result of a viral infection. This could be a form of herpes, Herpangina (a form of hand-foot-and mouth disease) > sores are only in the mouth, or they may just be fever blisters. Has he had a high fever?? At any rate, not to worry, it can be treated and I'm sure it is very painful. I would be sure to take him for some medication to as soon as possible. In the meantime, I would suggest that you have him clean his mouth with salt water. Oh, and of course lots of water, popsicles, and love.

Sara S
Could be Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. I would get it checked out ASAP

the blisters are generally a virus...he should see his doctor for proper diagnosis. sounds like foot and mouth disease...simple virus...maybe he will need antibiotics as a precaution.

Does he also have any spots on his feet or palms of hands?

If he does then possibly "hand foot and mouth disease".

THIS IS NOT the same as foot and mouth disease.in animals

It is caused by a virus-coxsackie-and is self limiting-give fluids and paracetamol.and is fairly common in young children

This is only a presumptive diagnosis if he seems unwell- and if you are concerned then see his doctor

MomOf 3
You need to call the doctor right away. Unless he's eaten something, having an allergic reaction, or has gotten into something you don't know about, this could be serious. He could have ingested something poison, or toxic, or it could be any number of things. If it were my kid I wouldn't be on yahoo answers I'd be on the phone to the doctor. So get off here and call the dr.

doctor timeeeeeeeee

Take him to the doctor.!

Yung Lippin
absolutly not!!!! take him straight to the doctor(not the dentist or pediasuran)

call your doctor, because I can't tell from your description whether he has just received too hot a liquid to drink or if there is something internally happening. Anything that hurts should be seen by a doctor when children are that young. Don't take any chances.

could be hoof and mouth disease

Cold Sores maybe?
Take him to a doctor.

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