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 How can I stop cracking my fingers :(?
I cant stop cracking my fingers! How should I stop! I have done it for 2 months and i just cant stopp. i want to thouughhh
plz helpp me ...

 What tips do you have for falling asleep?

 I havn't smoked in 5 days!!?
somebody please help. I have 200 marlboro reds sitting right beside me that a friend gave to me!!

How does one distract themselves enough to not want to light up??

I am so ...

 Is there ever a situation when smoking crack can be good for someone's medical health?

 How to get to sleep?
How can I get to sleep?
I have been getting to sleep for about 4 months now at 1 in the morning, I am going to go to bed tonight at 23:00 everytime I try to do this I can never sleep. Any tips/...

 can anyone tell me what this means?
today i threw up blood and now i feel like there is something sharp caught in my throat can anyone tell me what this is?...

 I just slept for 15 hours. Why am I still tired?
Lol. :(...

 how long does it take you to fall asleep. what are some tricks so fall asleep faster?

 Have you ever laughed so hard you passed out?
how can you avoid it. Ive done it twice....

 should i be freaking out?
i just went to the doctor and i told him my symptoms. well he said it could either be something as simple as not getting enough iron in my diet because im a vegetarian....or something more serious ...

 Anyone battling to quit smoking?
did you win your battle, how did you do it? Do you think cold turkey is the best way, my hubby manged it 10 months ago, i am finding it really difficult. Any tips? Have you beat it, how did you do ...

 wat hapns wen u dont pee for a week?
im thinking of trying this for charity and people will give me 100pounds if i dont pee (at all, even a ...

 Is it a health risk to have my pc in my bedroom? will I be exposed to its radiation when i sleep at night?
even though the pc is turned off?...

 How old is OLDEST cigarette smoker that you know (or have ever met)?
I met a steady half-a-pack-a-day smoker today. He's 96! Couldn't believe it. He said he's smoked the same brand since he was 15 years old.

But don't read too much ...

 Is there anything you can say or do to help my friend who is quitting smoking?
Monitorhead is going cold turkey. Today is day 7 and he's needing some inspiration and motivation from you fine people. Any advice to help? Any motivation? Any funny anecdotes? Any load of crap ...

 I want a pill to make me 10 to 20 smarter?
I want to smarter for many types of things including computer and school can a pill help me I will take it every day with water....

 someone tell me what this is? im scared?
i have been really itchy lately, [like my arms, hands, and stomach mostly] and i have like little red dots on the places that are itchy. ive had this for a few weeks now, i know for a fact that its ...

 i think theres something wrong with me (please read)?
i could be sitting on a chair doing nothing and all of a sudden i get this big adrenaline rush and my eye brow and ear start twitching and i feel a little be dizzy what could that be? its happening ...

 Where's the wierdest place you've gotten a mosquito bite?
I've gotten on my arms, shoulders, neck, cheeks, ankles, fingers, thighs. and I'm allergic to them! so they swell up like my bodies trying to grow a new body part!...

 If i wrap my feet will they get smaller?
i have naturally wide feet, so if i wrap them tight (with knee-high socks) will they get smaller?
if they will, how long should i do this?
i just want them small enough to look good in ...

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Qwerty 123
what kind of symptom/ problem is this? How can it be treated?
I have a sleeping problem these days. When I go to sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night feeling that I am low oxygen in my brain/ head. I have little dizzy problem in the middle of night, tryin... Read More


Can Sleeping Pills affect regular Sleep? Or be addictive?
I don't think i could go to bed without taking them anymore. Last time I didn't take some i was lying in bed for 2 hours, my mind wide awake. Could it be just a mental thing? I feel I can�... Read More


Queen Lucy The Valiant
Well...ummm....kinda wierd question.... my friend's friend eats Zandu balm, would that hurt her?
Would that become dangerous to her health?she eats it a spoonful everyday, she says she like it.

No silly answers please! ;)... Read More


Busy Mind In Neutral
How would you react to this?
On Halloween you were to be operated on in a hospital and the surgeons wore Halloween masks instead of the traditional surgical masks. In addition, the nurses were dressed as witches and made their wa... Read More


▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► Khary ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
Is it harmful to not poo often?
Sorry for the subject but I only tend to poo about 2-3 times a week which is a lot less than others in my family. Am I causing some life long illness to myself or something?

I'm 15 btw... Read More


is it against the law to have really bad body odor in public?
could it be reported as disturbing the peace? i'm being totally serious... i mean really rank b o...
Additional Details
it's not me melody!,,, good grief...... Read More


What do you do when you "Just Can't Sleep"?!?!?
It is midnight now and I must get up early in the morning for a doctor's appointment. This really makes me mad when I can't sleep. It's like I will get one good nights sleep and then ... Read More


why am i sleepy all the time--i sleep 9-10 hrs a night?
... Read More


~*I lov3 cody*~
What do you do when you are very tired and can't sleep? I have not slept in 2 days!?!?help?
I don't know what to do!!... Read More


What is the best way to get my Man to quit smoking ?
I have quit and can not stand the smell on him anymore. Its such a turn off.... Read More


How does sleeping or not sleeping effect the physical health of the eye?
... Read More


I can never wake up when my alarm goes off? I need help?
Every time my alarm goes off i just turn it off and go back to bed. I have tried setting like 5 alarms but i turn them all off. Any tips on how i can just get up and not go back to bed when my alarm g... Read More


How much Magnesium can you take per day?
I am currently taking Magnesium supplements to correct symptoms of Magnesium deficiency.

How many milligrams of magnesium is safe to take per day? I've heard anywhere from 400-1000mg ... Read More


Sweaty palms/underarms, fast heart rate, shaky hands, trembling lips, breathing difficulty, weak limbs, etc.?
I have problems like sweaty palms and underarms, feeling as if my heart is beating faster, shaking of hands, sometimes my lips do tremble (shake involuntarily) and difficulty speaking, breathing diffi... Read More


please pray for them!
ok my aunt is giving my grandpa a kidney right now so please pray for them and pray that the transplant will go ok and that they will just be safe! thank you!... Read More


Dave G
What is the proper name for the stuff you get in the corner of your eye when you wake up?
What is it and What is it's purpose?... Read More


insomnia question? recommend anything?
i've never had trouble with sleeping before, and now my sleeping pattern has changed for no apparent reason.

i become unbelievably tired around 2-3 o'clock in the after noon but no matt... Read More


Is smoking causing my heart to beat faster?
Every morning when i first wake up and for about 10 minutes after my heart races like how it would after a lot of excersize, i'm a smoker so would this cause it? my heart doesn't usually rac... Read More


What product should I use to bleach my leg hair?
What product should I use to bleach my leg hair? What product should I use to bleach my leg hair? What product should I use to bleach my leg hair? What product should I use to bleach my leg hair? What... Read More


*granny* class of '59
Have you ever craved pickle juice?
I'm going to be 69 in a few weeks, so it isn't pregnancy cravings. :-), but I enjoy pickle juice so much, I will drink it either straight or mixed with V-8, Is it a vitamin deficiency or m... Read More


I really feel like I can't breathe.?
All I had to eat today was a bagel, and then I had cheerleading practice from 6-8pm. I felt exhausted during practice and the coach told me I need to eat more protein and stuff. So I came home and ate... Read More


In great health yet still ALWAYS tired, what's going on?
I'm in my early twenties, and I've noticed that starting when I hit puberty, I've had a lot of issues with energy. Its been the focus of a lot of my young life battle fatigue, and I fee... Read More


i need help- how to quit smoking?
i tried the gum, cold turkey, hypnotist, nothing works... what else is there?... Read More


How can I get rid of this cough naturally???
I've had a cough for about two weeks, already drank cough syrup but this won't go away. I basically want to know natural remedies that have taken your cough away.

Addition... Read More


sassy shayne
Do nurses have the right to refuse medical orders?
... Read More


maneno machache
Think seriously about this...THE next big question...MEDICINE AND COMPUTERS?
How comfortable would you be having a robot perform a heart surgery on you? How about sitting in front of your computer and "chatting" out your problems instead of visiting a shrink? What of... Read More


Dan J
Anxiety and heart pain linked to smoking weed?
I have been smoking weed for probably about a year now, and I'd say I've done it 30+ times. But something odd appeared in the last 5 times I smoked. My heart began to hurt momentarily and it... Read More


I really really want to bite my nails! How can i stop?
I'm just starting to kick my nail biting habit. But sometimes such as right now, i just have the urge to bite them. I can't chew gum, because i have jaw problems. Any advice?... Read More


why chest pains, what could it be?
for the past moth I have been having unusual chest pains.I am a 14 year old girl. I have always had heartburn, if that has any signifigance. The pain is not usually a quick sharp stab, more of a dull ... Read More


A cure for some Migraine sufferers??
I just read something in my home inspections textbook about people getting migraines from their central heating systems in their house. Basically, if the heat exchanger is cracked(which does happy qui... Read More

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