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Lizzi drippin
ive had a constant headache for 6 days now paracetamol doesnt work and its the same when i wake up any advice?
Im generaly healthy and eat well lots of fruit and water sometimes its that bad i feel really light headed, ive missed lectures and had to leave work early cause of the pain. I get interuped sleep because i can still feel the aching so when i wake up as well as still having the bad head ive had less sleep than usual too.

Shakirra M


i would advise you to go see your doctor and get your blood pressure taken.

i been having same problems and went to Dr i have been having my blood pressure monitored for past 3 weeks, Tomorrow I'm back there and they will decide if i need to start on treatment.

It could be a brain tumour , and it might be a tension headache. You won't know if you don't see a doctor.

Sounds like you're stressed. Maybe you should get some 'me-time' Drink lots of orange juice - always good for headaches, and cut right down on any booze... Do see the doc if you are overly worried...

k d
It could be neck and muscle strain as this can cause headaches even without having a sore neck. But this wouldn't explain light head. you may have an ear infection as this would give you light head and headache. It's def time to see a doctor.

[email protected]
Get your eyes tested and go see your GP - it could be back or neck related, could be viral, or could need further investigation - get it checked out - 6 days for a headache is FAR too long. Be well soon

dr. time.

Karine I
I would definitely go to the doctor. It might be more serious than you think, or really migrane headache.

Go to your doctor six days is a long time good luck

You might be treating the symptom not the cause. Headaches are sometimes a symptom of something else. Try having your eye tested. or have a complete physical exam.

Why are you suffering? Go to the doctors asap. it could be a tumor

It could be allergies. I had a headache for 6 months straight, took cat scans, all kinds of xrays and went to about 6 different Dr. One Dr. finally suggested to be checked for allergies. Turns out I had year round allergies which sinus pressure was a very severe part of it. Prescribed allergy medicine and sinus pressure meds and was fine. Check with an allergen.

Go see a Doctor !!


It's a big hangover. my m8 had the same thing for 2 weeks and when he went to the doctor he was told it was a hangover.

Gin G
do yoga exercises, or see a ciro-practitioner.

see a GP, too me its a form of migraine, and its worth having a eye test,

if you also have cloudy, foggy thinking and a craving for sweets, it's probably candida related. You probably got it from eating too much sugar in the fruit. You gotta switch to nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains to keep the digestive tract clean. Take a candida fast or add some Innovite grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano to your diet. Candida hate that stuff. Do some research on candida and headache symptoms. You might find yourself there. Good luck!

I would go the doctors if it last mre thn threedays without easing thn u should take the visit so ur due one!!!!

Dr Frank
6 days of headache is above average, and though it might be stress or a viral illness, it is best at this stage to get a medical check up. Clean living is unfortunately no guarantee of a clean bill of health.

I suggest you visit your GP, it maybe nothing but.....

My brother suffered from non-stop headaches and in the end he lost consciousness when he had to be taken to hospital for a brain operation because of a cyst on the lower lobe.

I am not trying to scare you, but go and se a Doc if you have been having headaches non-stop for so many days.

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