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Additional Details
they are ...

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is it true we eat spiders in our sleep?
ok, i heard this from a lot of people guys..and just so you know, i have an unbelievable fear of spiders and all the other bugs, insects, whatnot..omg, i can cry. and hearing this, makes me wanna sleep with my mouth taped shut together when i sleep at night...

is this true? does any body else have an extreme fear of spiders and other bugs like me? its like i have a phobia :/

(sorry if i put this question in the wrong category.)
Additional Details
ahhhhh im getting freaked out lol reading some of the answers, i almost puked and gagged a couple times. yes, i have an extreme phobia.. oh gosh im doomed :(

Yes it's true, on average about 8 a year. I hate spiders, but there's no way to stop them from crawling into your mouth while you sleep. . And we're not talking monster spiders here, more like the little, almost invisible ones.Don't think about it too much

haha no only sometimes

dang ily alexis
Actually through some research they have found that the average person swallows eight spiders while sleeping in a lifetime.

so TAPE your mouth shut
and your nose holes
and your ear holes

yes, according to snapple

i have aracniphobie too(srry for spelling)but i am slowly getting less scared of them... i feel like i can hold a tarantula...because they wont bite but i freak over the site of daddy long legs...they're the most poisonis spiders in the world but thankfully they cant bite...but one time i felt a little pinch(like aneedle poked me in the foot) and when i looked at my foot...there was a daddy ling legs...so idk

Eating spiders in sleep?! Yeah, that's hard to beleive. The people that told you that probably know your phobia and just wanna tease you. My sister has an extreme fear of spiders and bugs, so your not alone. :)

i have never hear that before,but i don't like spiders Esther.

Hope not!

Karla Martinez
yes if you sleep with youre mouth open

BaBY YoO CaN HaV WaTeVa YOu LiKe
i didnt hear we eat them i heard they crawl up ur nose or mouth but dont tape ur mouth shut if it does happen you'll never know

I am sure it could happen, but it's not like you eat one a night. I am sure most people have never eaten a spider.

Yes it is true.
On average, people eat 8 spiders while they're alseep every year.
They crawl inside your mouth while you sleep and you dont notice since they're very light weight.


oh yeah supertrue, i woke up with a spider leg in between my front teeth once...

well sorry to tell you this but......YES!! the average person will eat 4-5 spiders in their sleep each year. there not huge tho they're the ones you can hardly see. it's completely harmless

I've heard it before too but I'm not sure if it is true. Whether they do or not, you don't have anything to worry about. Acids in your stomach would kill them before they had a chance to do any damage.

I have a major fear of flying not bugs.

You'd figure if you swallowed one, you'd choke

Yes, it's true. When you have a cold, spiders go into your mouth. They like dark places and it's dark during the night time. Their is this theory that people eat eight spiders in their lifetime.

I hope this helps. =]

i know how you fell im hate spiders to and yes you do you eat about 6 spiders a year in georgia news a man died from eating too many spiders in there sleep realy

lol...my family and i were talking about this last night...supposedly about 3 crawl into your mouth during your lifetime, and some into your ears, and they even lay eggs! so gross...who knows?!

i read about that in a magazine. it actually told how many bugs crawl into the average person's mouth while they're sleeping though their life, i don't remember what the number was but it was pretty huge.

ME tO!
i feel like screaming and going all mad
like its like omfg scary i dunno what to do
i heard this is true... but i mean u cant sleep like that u would die..
its like 7 spiders in a life time or yearly
something bugs
something insects
and something fly's
YES I KNOW it sux.. but if i dont know it wont hurt me

no dont be scared at all our bodys will not be able to digest a alive spider.

Yes it is true and is accidental. its like an average of 7 a lifetime.

if you sleep with your mouth open and a spider crawls in yea

i hate bugs to and yea other people have phobia of spiders

umm idk can you taste spiders?

Sometimes lol


I heard that too - one of the reasons I'm awake at 10 to 4 in the morning!

larry d
Would you rather eat them when you're awake?

i hate bugs to! i had a panic attack on the stairs once because there was one above me and i froze! i've had to call my mum on my mobile to come and get a spider from my bedroom wall because i couldn't get out of bed to!

i think it is true! they go in your mouth to drink and if you shut your mouth down they go! it's horrible i know! but i don't think there's anything you can do! :(

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