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Dancin' queen
is it even possible...?
i was just watching something on TV and there was this chick with finger nails 3 ft long!!! is that even possible? or did makeup people glue stuff on her fingers?

IT IS TOTALLY FAKE! no one can have finger nails that ridiculosly long!!

its possible. But it takes YEARSSSS
and its gross.

theres a world record thats more than 3ft long!!!

Lord Peuth
actualy yes it's possible she's probably been growing them for about 15-20 years!

!!Tacoh Bell RULEZ!!
ya its posible

Mediocre Deity
No, it IS possible. There are plenty of world records that have been verified. It used to be a man that held the record but now it is a woman.

its possible then world largest finger nails were super long check it out on google

Finger nails grow as long as you let them...

it was real i watched riplys believe it or not and they did a story on a chick with fingernails like that

That is nothing! The Guinness World Record for the longest fingernail is 24 Feet 7.8 Inches.....OMG!

Yes it is possible. There is also a woman who is recorded in Guinness Book of World Record because of her long finger nails. I don't remember exactly how long are her nails, but I know it is more than 5 feet.

if they curl under it is possible
freaky though

i highly doubt someone could actually have finger nails that long. It could very well be possible though

Lesh Bones
It's possible but it takes years of not cutting nails. It's stupid really. They curve in on themselves and look like ****. It's a lot of calcium buildup which is what nails are. I guess if you really wanted to you could have long nails done, but why on Earth would you want to?

Museum Misfit
Yeah, it is, unfortunately. It's disgusting too... Check out the woman with the longest fingernails... Yuck. She's probably the person you were seeing on TV.

I mean, she could be faking it, but it is definitely possible...

Megan W
its possible, unless they were straight, iif they get that long they start to curl under and become a circle. but thats gross.

3ft...that isn't possible

its possible

Yeah baby!

Well if they are growing Straight foward like in a line.

Nail ___________


They would end up curling if they are real.

Christine H
It is possible. There are certain cultures where this is done. Usually the finger nails start to curve when they grow this long.

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