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Leigh F
in the past 2 days ive slept for about 2 hours i cant fall asleep no matter how hard i try! any reason why?
the past 2 days i have slept right last night i slept for ju over an hour and the night before about half an hour im not sure what is causing this.?

I am that I am faults included
.Hi I am having similar problems due to a terrible road accident where the other driver died from his injuries 5 months ago ( I was the victim in this accident) which is still giving me flash backs plus pains from my injuries which I am still under treatment for and I'm awaiting further operations still, To help me something I do is to turn on a small larva lamp at night and watch the reflections on the ceiling whilst listening to the ocean waves against the shore line this does help and is very peaceful please give it a try I'm sure it will make you feel better the sound also seems to wash away any worries you may feel with the surf sounding in the background. hope it helps you.

drug abuse?

Lack of sleep over days can really catch up to you. I would seek out my doctor if you can't resolve this by weeks' end.

Try to really relax at bedtime. Have a routine - like bath with bubbles or aromotherapy, read a book, turn off the tv and radio, deep breathing, yoga . . . whatever it is you like. Making a routine of it will program your body to know that it is bedtime, much like the smell of french fries tells you its lunch time!

Good luck sleeping!

You might be depressed. It coul dbe your eating habits or your stress levels. I'd check with a doctor.

It could possibly be stress related. If you drink caffeine, you may want to cut that out for a few days. You can also try melatonin. It is an herb that you can get over the counter at some pharmacies and health stores such as GNC. You may also try Tylenol PM. If this doesn't help, you may want to see a doctor for a more thorough work up and/or have something prescribed.


You are trying too hard. Go do something boring--read a dull and uneventful book, put in a slow movie etc.

stress, worrying, bad diet, depression, uncomfortable bed?

WALGREEN'S has some really good NON-ADDICTIVE sleep helping pills, called SLEEP II ...they have the same ingredients as Benadryl (Diphenhydramine), which makes you sleepy...so if you've got some of those lying around, they will work too. In either case, they are not addictive at all.

cause you dont do nothing much during the day, or you have insomnia, or some lack of nutrition, try drinking warm milk before going to sleep and switch yourself off!!!

are you missin your girl?

well keep trying to get some sleep if you cant i would see a Doctor or someone

no name
most cases of sleep deprivment is caused by stress. stress affects how you sleep and sometimes you cant think straight. whether your having a rough time at school work or even at home... stress affects your mind and body.

Maybe stress... but I've been going through something similar (can't fall asleep until 6am) and I started taking sleeping pills to get myself back on track. If you don't want to do that... I suggest working out... gives you the energy you need during the day, but you'll sleep better at night.

ok well ur sleeping pattern has changed and it won't let u go to sleep when u want that happned 2 me and I just got back 2 my normal pattern. It just happens 2 everybody sometimes!

Andrew Boren
if you are nervous or worried or your girlfriend or boyfriend are having trouble or not exercise enough all these are symptons

maybe you're stressed about something.

*mommy to be #1*
maybe ur stressing too much about something or have something on ur mind...try some sleeping pills!

It could be stress, taking naps during the day affect sleep at night, could be just a phase, or maybe your developing insomnia. If it is insomnia sometimes that only lasts a few nights here and there.

Maybe you're sleeping and you don't think you are. Only be in bed when you are going to sleep. Don't watch TV, eat etc. there. Cut out soda and keep noise to a minimum. Try meditation.

sounds like you are trying so hard and completely stressed out about the fact you havent slept. bad thing is that will only make it worse. try to relax and tire yourself out during the day, only lie down in the bed when you feel you are ready to fall asleep. If you dont wall alseep in 30min in bed, get up, try something else relaxing then try to go to bed again. Main thing is to relax

it could be stress.

done it
worry,or somebody from spirit world trying to tell u summat?

Do you drink coffee, black tea, or any other beverage with caffeine in it? That could be one cause. Also, depending on the presence of other symptoms, you may be depressed or have bipolar disorder. Also, anxiety can keep you from sleeping. You can find tons of info on the net. Here's a website to get you started:


Another thing to research would be sleep disorders:


Also, speaking from experience, the harder you try to fall asleep, the harder it is to actually fall asleep. I've had bouts of insomnia for years, and some things that help are drinking hot milk 1/2 hour before going to bed, or having a piece of whole wheat toast. Watch the sugar consumption, because if your blood sugar crashes in the middle of the night, that could be enough to wake you up! Watching tv right before going to bed is also a no-no for insomniacs, because it is too stimulating. You could also try dimming your lights for about 1/2 an hour before going to bed, because that might help tell your body it's time to sleep.

a c
put on somethign REALLLLLLY boring- whatever u think
gardeners question time
antiques road show - acutally i really like this
classical music
a really boring black and white movie.- ok another i like!
destress before hand with a lavender bath- yes the guys can try that also... my hubby doesnt mind it.
chamomile tea.
my hubby is goign through the same thing after being laid off and not sleeping much- just worried when he doesn really have to.
dont drink caffeine after 3pm.
godd luck and you will sleep eventually- if it goes on for more than 1.5 weeks see a doctor.

to m,uch stress in your life,could be the reason. why don't you just use sleeping pills.?

Insomnia. Your best bet is to eat a big turkey dinner so you get loaded up on tryptophan, then you turn the heat up to like 80 degrees to where it's just barely bearable, and you pass out. Or if you're retarded like me you can drink a lot of coffee and that puts me to sleep.

daljack -a girl
When I can't sleep it's because I can't turn my thoughts off.

Maybe that's what's happening with you.

Tom R
Too Much Stress
You Might Feel Like You Need To Do Something Still
Insomnia Possibly

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