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 i may be pregnant and have a head cold what can i take? i have a cough sneezing and a bad headache? thanks !!?

 My Dad quit smoking!!!?
In a couple weeks my Dad will not have smoked a cigarette in one year!! This is a big accomplishment for him because he smoked for 30+ years. I want to get him a gift that says I'm proud of him. ...

 Why is it that I can't sleep on my day off from work? And yet I can't get out of bed when I'm working??

 Does anyone have good ideas to help quit smoking?
I have about 4 or 5 cigarettes left, and do not want to buy another pack. Does anyone have any ideas? Help, it's getting expensive!...

 What itch on your body, do you find the most satisfying to scratch?
Also do you know what makes us itch? Just had an itch on my ear, felt so good itching it....

 I'm Sleeping in to Long...?
well im not gunna lie, i get to bed late almost every night, and sometimes so do my friends, but they dont have a problem getting up in the morning, i sleep in till like 1:00 pm every day and i dont ...

 omg, is this nasty.........?
Okay, so this guy I like asked for a pic. And I was like "i feel icky right now. Tomorrow?"
and he said "take a shower then" and i said "i take my showers in the morning&...

 is it even possible...?
i was just watching something on TV and there was this chick with finger nails 3 ft long!!! is that even possible? or did makeup people glue stuff on her fingers?...

 I SLEEP upto 11 hours sometimes and i'm 16. Is this too much?

 why do you we yawn?

 I'm building a bomb shelter in my house, what medicine should i have and how much can i expect to spend?
How much would it cost to but enough medicine for ten people, a wide gammit of medicine, about a clinic's worth of medicine for 10 people. I would imagine that the medicine would have to be ...

 help me...i'm worried?
i'm pretty young and recently my poop has been coming out with blood...i'm really worried and think something is wrong...does anyone knows what it could be?

 i sleep too much ?
I sleep too much, and when i sleep i can't feel a thing, i wake up and i have 90-100 missed calls ! is this normal ? how can i change that ?...

 Should I go to the doctors?
I have an ear infection and cannot hear a word my wife is saying. Should I go to the doctors?

Let the people decide.
Additional Details
As she watched me post this question, I...

 Do you sleep well? What is good for sleeping well?

 I'm stopping smoking on 1st Feb?
i have chosen this date with the help of the paul mcKenner CD i have been listening to the first part of it for the past 2wks and i feel more positive now about stopping, on the 1st feb i will be a ...

 Bizzare things happening to my belly it's jumping, no seriously!HELP!?
(please read)
ok so my stomach has been feeling weird latley. well my lower and side abdomen area. you know how your nerves twitch sometimes like on your leg, are, finger or eye. It kinda ...

 why doesn't your nose run when you're asleep if you have a cold?
why doesn't your nose run when you're asleep if you have a cold? yet even if you lay down and are awake it will run? just not when you're asleep?...

 How did you quit smoking?
I attempted twice. My husband smokes and it makes it very hard. I am a very nervous person....that is another thing. But I am really tired of smoking and how it makes me feel. Any advice would be ...

 How do i fall asleep quickly?
no pills or drugs.or and thing that will make me ...

if you woke up in the middle of the night and you couldnt go back to sleep what would you do!!!!!!!?

Vlad S
I don't know... take meds like MJ.


Randy F
I do a few chores then ya the rest of the time

Try to go to sleep.

open the Lap Top and answer questions...

commissar yarik
do a sh*t and watch jim carrey


Brad J
play a video game computer game or watch tv

Gone Surfing
Watch a movie.
I usually will end up watching the Office online

Yepper, I would.

Orange Gatorade
watch tv

That happens to me all the time. It's called a sleep aid. Or something physical to wear your body down, then mental to make your brain tired again.

I would dose up on valerian and/or damiana then go and sit on the stool in my hot shower (or lie in the bath). In there I would do concious breathing exercises and focus on relaxing my muscles. (also a good chance for a drink and a pee). When the herbs have kicked in and feeling all warm and dopey, wrap self in towel and dash to bed before getting cold again. Count breaths. Asleep in 60 seconds.

i would play online, watch tv, read a book (that actually makes me tired so i can sleep), or maybe go for a short walk around the neighborhood.


chrissy gurl
walk around and get water ... if you still dont get to sleep i would go watch t.v. and probably eventually fall asleep

I find the more I worry about it, the harder it is for me to fall asleep. Different things work for different people, but I find if I just stay in bed, relax and tell myself it's okay, that eventually I fall asleep. I don't try to think of anything or not think of anything, I just relax. I wouldn't advise taking any medication, because some of it is addictive. Sleepness nights are very common and almost everyone experiences them once in a while and some people have a lot of sleepness nights.

i would read a book... thats boring!!!!

ѕнαуℓαу ℓαу™
If I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep, I would try for about 10-15 minutes, if I still haven't gone to sleep, I would read or go on the computer until I feel I can go to sleep. Or sometimes I would go to the kitchen and get some hot tea or milk.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Listen to music, read a book, or something like that until you get really tired, then turn out the light and BAM. Your asleep. Works for me.

Play a CD that has soft music on it or one of those CDs that has sound effects like running water, birds, or thunder storms. Whatever relaxes you.

sometimes taking a bath helps people relax also drink some hot chocolate. Also heard classical music helps.

The Neutral Twin
I normally just grab a book and read or... Well I don't normally wake up in the middle of the night. Try eating or reading. Hope I helped. :)

u close ur eyes clear all thoughts and relax all ur muscles ull find ur self asleep in no time

i get a drink or something maybe go the the toilet ?

try not to think of anything .. but then you are thinking of something by not thinking of anything....

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