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i think theres something wrong with me (please read)?
i could be sitting on a chair doing nothing and all of a sudden i get this big adrenaline rush and my eye brow and ear start twitching and i feel a little be dizzy what could that be? its happening right now and this never use to happen to me

definatly see a doctor about it ...if you dont soon it could be a sign of something more serious ... but i could just be stress related ...definatly consult your doctor though ...

maybe its a seisure..go to webmd and look of..idk..some symptons..better yet, ask your doctor. They can totally help ya out

If you're telling the truth, go get some help.

If you're trying to be a joker...quit it, because it's not funny.

I am not a doctor so I wont tell you what to do medically. However, it sounds like you should talk to someone, a friend, parent, but most importantly you need to see a doctor. This could be nothing or it could be something serious. Only your doctor will know.

I hope you get things figured out!

It's amazing to me what the mind can do to the body. It's very likely to be stress-related. Get to the doctor, tell him/her everything, so he can decide if you need a light anti-anxiety med. Don't procrastinate. Make an appt now. It'll make you feel better not only physically, but also emotionally. Good luck!! :)

Melanie H
I wouldn't know. If you're worried ask a parent and maybe see a doctor.

why would you ask a question like that? do you think people can give you an answer that will convince you?

go consult a physician or something!!!

It's that lovin' sound
check w/ a docter if u want a real opinion

If you have a Primary Care Physician
I would explain to them what is going

John 17:3

maybe it a seizure

here to help! (kindof)
ummm it might be ur nerves changing or it could be nothing at all dont worry it could be fine

Clayton K (GNR fan!!!)
Are you mental?if so go see a docter.

Sometimes that may happen, when you stop doing drug... It may help if you got back on the pipe!

Depending on your age you could have progressive, ADHD, or if you do alot of sports, or no sports, your muscles will cramp or tighten and loosen like twitches, if it hurts and happens, I would refer to medical help, if you get earache and jaw ache with it, it could be a possible sign of a temporomandibular joint disorder.

Good luck!

talk to a doc

ive took the liberty of searching it ...but you know about yourself more than i dop so its up to you heres the link


Anonymous Person
If you are a woman is there any way you may be pregnant?

If not you may have a neurological problem and should consult a physician!

Here is a link to Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute


if you click on it it will take you to the website, which may have valuable information for you.

But for the most part, you should really see your family practitoner or care-taker.

Biochemical Demon Mistress
I would check with your doctor. It might be a seizure, but i'm not sure! Hope that helped a little.

could be stroke - seizure - your potassium (how ever you spell that) could be low - eat some bananas and see if it helps

if you have ever done drugs you could be having flashbacks - dt's - the dizziness could be from sinuses - if there was ever a time you were dependent on alchol it could cause similar symptoms

have you been taking medicne for something - something with steroids - or something you have taken for a long time - steriods could cause this - if you miss a dose of a long term medcine or steriods it could cause this as well
go to a doctor asap and see what it could be

Could be nerves? Go to your doc.

xXxSorrow And SadnessxXx
diabetes!!!!! like me. too much sugar in your diet. your body's horemones start releasing excess insulin and the adrenaline to combat it. your body is in shock. see a doctor as soon as possible. if not, you might go into a diabetic coma

Seizures are temporary abnormal electrophysiologic phenomena of the brain, resulting in abnormal synchronization of electrical neuronal activity. They can manifest as an alteration in mental state, tonic or clonic movements, convulsions, and various other psychic symptoms (such as déja vu or jamais vu). They are due to temporary abnormal electrical activity of a group of brain cells. The medical syndrome of recurrent, unprovoked seizures is termed epilepsy, but some seizures may occur in people who do not have epilepsy.

It could be an allergic reaction or even a seizure! You may be having a stroke! It's hard to tell!? Go find someone to be with NOW!!! That way if you drop and pass out, someone can call an ambulance to get you to the ER ASAP! Can you talk? The best advice to give you is go see a doctor!

I used to get this flushed feeling and shake a little. I used to put alot of sugar on my cheerios too. Once i stopped using so much sugar the flushed and shaky feeling went away...perhaps this is what you need to do too. I dont know for sure. Talk to your doc

you should see a doctor. better safe than sorry.

Lady Ulrich von Lichtenstein

You are certainly smart trusting your health to people like me. Let me guess... hmmm.... I'd say you have gas.

Could be seizures. Get an MRI.

you are eating to much sugars and high glycemic carbs, start exercising and go on a diet.

You might want to log off and go see a doctor on this one. Are you sure you want to trust your neurological results to Yahoo Answers?

Sounds like maybe a seizure, perhaps hyperventilating. You should see your general doctor who will determine if you need to see, and recommend, a neurologist. Seriously, do this sooner than later, especially if you are a driver...

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