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[email protected]
i may be pregnant and have a head cold what can i take? i have a cough sneezing and a bad headache? thanks !!?

lacey s
You can take tylenol for your headache. you can take robitussin D for your head cold

Milana P
My DR recommended sudafed, but don't take my word for it!

I am no doctor. but I think you can take Tylenol when pregnant. Tylenol has a cold and flu option

Becky Christ
Call your doctor and see what they suggest. I suffered through the colds I had when I was pregnant. I think you can take anything with Tylenol in it. I would call the doctor just to make sure.

summer c
Tylenol extra strength for headaches,robittusin for cough
Benadryl for sneezing or tylenol cold & regular sudafed but not all of them at the same time. good old fashion chick-noodle soup lots of fluids and rest.

I am a medicine student and have a test in one of my books that will be able to help me find a remedy so u can get rid of that cough. I always recomend natural remedies they work a lot better than regular medicine. I will need a little more detailed information about your cough.
so I can find what would be the best for your case
you can write me at my e-mail: [email protected]
I really hope I can help you

you might have nastiee feet!

For the head ache, eat some chocolate. As for the others, I'm bot to sure.

But eat the chocolate anyway!!

I have the same thing...but not pregant. Call ur Doctor just to be sure....Hope you feel better...

If you only think you are I would suggesting finding out for sure before taking anything. Then you can ask your GYN or the Pharmacist what you should or shouldn't take...

Feel better....

Nothing until you talk to your doctor. There's not much you can take when you pregnant. Sorry.

Saline up the nose. You can also take Tylenol for the headache, but I would recommend talking to your doctor of a pharmacist.

when your pregnant you usually have to suffer through colds, theres not much you can take, sudafed is ok, but check with the pharmacist for which one. you CANNOT have motrin while pregnant. i would call your doctor or ask the pharmacist at the store, they will know.

True Blue
Call your doctor, especially if you think you are PG.

Helen T
I was allowed to take Tylenol, sudafed and saline nose spray. All my boys turned out fine and healthy. (The last two were 11.2 and 10.12)

Call your doctor and ask. The staff should be helpfull.

Take a pregnancy test, if positive, call your doctor and see what you can take.

the best thing to do is go talk to the pharmaist they are trained and know what they are talking about. they will be able to suggest things you may not have thought of. they also no which drugs can harm your baby or not.

decaf tea. won't help symptoms but will make you feel better mentally.

actually there are teas specifically for pregnant women. celestial seasonings is very good and almost everything is decaf.

drink plenty of fluids...hot tea, to help open up your head. use saline spray for your nose. it helps wash out the sinus cavities.

No one can answer this question, all we can say is maybe, so go to a doctor

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