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i have bed bugs and dont want to sleep in my bed. is sleeping on the floor a bad idea?
i dont really mind about aching backs etc. I would just like to know if the bugs would be able to reach my from the floor.
Additional Details
thanks for the answers but should i sleep on the floor or not???

...sounds like you need a new mattress. Bed bugs show up to eat dead skin cells. Another way to help prevent bed bugs is to NOT make your bed. I know it contradicts everything your momma taught you, but exposing the bed to light and air really helps demolish the chances of bugs, mildew, spores, etc.

Always Be Happy :) -Cali-
nope...they could crawl out...just sleep on the couch..put ur sheets in the washer..

Ew, I hate bedbugs. I got them a long time ago from a hotel room. You want to get rid of them ASAP. Raid is my bff, I swear.

1) Take everything out of your dressers put them in the washer and dryer if posssible. If not, then Raid them.
2) Take your bed apart, pull out your furniture, Raid the carpets and furniture then vaccum.
3) Do the same with your mattress. You can also take an iron and iron your mattress really well. Make sure you get in between the cracks and all the places they like to hide. Wait 15 min with your windows and door closed then vaccum again.

That should solve it. :) Good luck!

Ny, bedbugs are tenacious little creatures. They will hide just about anywhere but are attracted to warmth. If you use a laptop in bed they will even go into the keyboard because of the warmth there. They will also hide in picture frames around the bed, cracks, drawers, just about anywhere. They are very hard to get rid of. It can also be expensive. You should check with some pest control companies and see what they say. Since heat above 120 degrees kills then there is a company that will heat your home to 130 degrees. It works but cost about 1200 dollars I think. Just changing your mattress won't do. Good luck.

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