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miss georgia
i get a lot of sleep at night and I'm young, however I'm always feeling tired and never want to get out of bed
why do i feel this way?
how can i be more awake?
( preferably without coffee or caffine )

your lazy

Do you have a bf or share drinks a lot with friends? It could be mono...or maybe your eating habits aren't too healthy. Go see a doctor to make sure.

Lacking a medical problem, here are two thoughts on this;

1) Nutrition, are you eating right?

2) Ambition, maybe you just like to sleep. Young people require more sleep and it feeds off of itself in that it's drive and determination that gets us up in the morning. With out it, I think we all would roll over and gat a little more shut eye.

You're not lazy, despite what the girl above told you. I am 20 and I have this problem also. I honestly think it's just a part of growing up! What does help me is forcing myself to get active, play sports with friends, or just simply visiting with friends. If I plan things throughout my day, I'm more willing to use energy. If I have nothing planned, I am a worthless blob with zero energy.

The only way to get energy is to use it. I have no idea if that makes sense though...

lala 16
to much sleep can make u very tierd

If you are a growing still it is totaly normal for the body to feel tired and unwilling to get up, it is just an imbalence in hormones and your body growing. It happens in teeanger and young adults. It will happen until your body stops growing so fast. its just normal

alot of the times when you get to much sleep it makes you feel crappy when you get up,you feel more tired.how much sleep do you get a night? all we need is about 6 hrs. of sleep a night.I know it don't sound like much but 8+ just makes a person want to sleep the day away.

Well even i used to feel the same for sometime .this generally happens when you over sleep and during which all the energy is used up and till you are up you have no energy to use until you eat something......hence your metabolism is very low which makes you very weak.Ideally you should not sleep more than 8 hours coz you will have enuf energy only for 8-9 hours after which your body is starved of food ....or Energy (K cal).

I know exactly how your feeling. I've felt that way the past two weeks. I just come home & sleep and I am so restless. I'm not sure what the explanation is though.

You may be iron deficient! If you have heavy periods and do not eat a lot of meat or iron enriched foods, this could be part of your problem. Speak to your doctor and have your blood tested for iron deficiency.

the main problem may be your anemic, meaning you do not have enough red blood cell's in you body.
the second reason is you may have an infection you do not know about. check with the Doctor over the phone to see if you should be seen.
get out an exercise, at your age you should be exercising about 3 hour's a week.
good luck I hope you feel better soon....

You need to start excersizing. Start jogging or walking 20 min a day and increase it gradually to 60 min a day and you will feel more energized. You may also be sleeping too much... 8 hrs is too much for some people. Try cutting it down to 6 hrs and see how you feel.. Too much sleep sometimes can make you feel as bad as not getting any at all.

you need balance diet, and exercise, drink lots of water, eat more fruits and have some task to do to keep you awake, if you are busy doing some work you would be more awaken and makes you active. If all of the above won't work, try to consult to your Doctor.

Too much sleep can cause you to be tired as well. Try adjusting it to around 8 hrs. Your body will get back into the natural rhythm after a few weeks.

Maybe your getting too much sleep. Also a lack of excercise believe it or not can make you feel tired. Maybe you have a poor diet or need to take some vitamins.

oh, man i know what you mean. i'm fairly young and i used to be tired all the time too. i needed a nap every day! then i started taking these vitamin supplements by usana and i haven't felt this good in years. repeat after me... your body needs proper nutrition to function properly! check out these supplements at www.transformed.usana.com

maybe you're sleeping too much, that can be as bad as not sleeping enough

you need to go see a doctor there might be some thing else wrong good luck

I've found that if I goto bed late and sleep in late...I'm still tired because I slept all day. Odd, isn't it?

Malina F.
You've been sleeping too much. i have this problem too

it's common.. you're supposed to be tired.. BUT, to help get off to a better start for your day just eat breakfast, it helps more than you think. cereal and a fruit usually get me ready (when i have the time). anything really. you'll feel better. i'm not a coffee drinker either.

have you ever been tested for sleep apena. This is where you quit breating during sleep and you wake yourself up many times per night

Emerald Jones
You need to use some energy so you can get some energy. Exercise. also, your iron could be low? How's your diet? Talk with a doctor.

Marcie E
I used to feel that way, I found out I was depressed. It can be different with everyone. I was not sad or suicidal or anything, I just wished I could sleep forever and had a horrid time getting up in the morning. I got on Wellbutrin, and I don't feel that way anymore. I get up as soon as the alarm goes off. Good luck to you.

jittender k
Eight hours of sleep is what anormal person needs. You need to regulate your life style. Gap between Dinner and sleep should be normally two to three hours and try early morning jogging/walking and deep breathing .

Several people have suggested you may getting too much sleep. That may well be true.

When you are asleep your body builds up carbon dioxide, which will make you feel tired. When you are awake and physically active, your body builds up oxygen, which will make you feel alert.

Try the exercise. It is a "cheap" remedy.

If your sleep is interrupted, you might not be getting enough REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. This is the deepest stage of sleep, and the most refreshing. Without REM sleep, you will wake up without feeling like you've slept at all.

Try changing the environment in which you sleep. Try pitch darkness, or maybe add a nightlight. Try some soothing music, or make sure you've got absolute quiet. Eventually you will find something that works well for you. Valerian Root will also help you to sleep, though some people experience nightmares.

You could also have mononucleosous, or chronic fatigue syndrome. You may wish to discuss this with your doctor. He or she may prescribe something to help you sleep, such as Lunesta.

Maybe you are sleeping too much. Incorporate exercise.

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