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Ali h
i cant sleep can u help?
cant sleep :( tried unisum sleep aid melitonin hypno breathing vicodin aromitherapy and still cant fall asleep sometimes ill go up to a week with no sleep at all other times it just takes me 4 or 5 hours to fall asleep and i wake up often and sometimes i doze off for about 30 min at a time then wake upfor hours if i dont get some sleep soon it will really hurt my school and work life can anyone help?

Now that's a good question..i have the same problem and i don't know what to do either sometimes...my doctor gave me welbuterin i didnt take it cause its like for depressed people...smoke a joint it works ..GL

ask your doctor
it could be your diet
to much sugar caffeine
exercise helps me
if I walk or work out I sleep better at night

If you have insomnia then watch TV until you are almost sleeping.

Try some exercise next time.
Get yourself really tired n exhausted.
Then, take a good nice shower and go to bed.
You'll doze off very fast.

Then, its important that you go back to sleep at the same time the next day and DONT stay up late.

If you still cant sleep the next day, do exercises again.
Try basketball, football, running.. whatever. The best is cardiovascular activities.

Hope it helps.
Sweet dreams tomorrow.

Susan Yarrawonga
Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for "how to sleep better naturally".

maybe its just stress chill relax and try to fix problems that might bother you or even go to a psychologist for help hope you get better and hoped i helped

Go to a doctor. Sounds like you have insomnia.


try reading or something before bed(works for me)

are u stressed,worried,anxious,or any other thing but i have the same thing even sleeping pills don't work for me and i barley sleep i have permanent black shadows under my eyes and ppl are scared of me lol they have to realize that vampires aren't real anyway c a doc i cant bcuz nothing can help me now its been like this cents (lol i like spelling it that way it pisses my teachers off) i was a baby but depending on how long youve had this "well thats how it was for me" it cant be treated

i count sheeps! lol
or listen to music.

Jrod. ALin Park
I'm feelin' you, I use to stay up till' 3 O'clock tossing and turning. I was depressed at the time, all the stress got to me. That might be your problem. I'm recovering atm.

Good luck!

- Jrod

I don't know what to tell you. maybe you drink 2 much caffeine during the day??? IDK
Maybe u should c a doctor
i don't think taking pills Will do u much

whenever i cant sleep i bore myslef to sleep by say in my head with my eyes closed sleep sleep sleep and so on it always works and i end up fallling asleep!

For me, if I can't sleep, I read a good book.It calms me, and actually, sometimes I wake up with the light still on and the book in my hand.Trust me, it should work.

listen to jazz watch a tv show you dont like

dont listen to music, try changing room

eat, hot milk

Hey too help people I no buy tea it helps a lot the brand that has a bear on it [sorry i dont no what it calld]

Go to a doctor or something get sleeping peels..u sound awfull:( u can have my sleep im sleepy now!

$3 point shooter$
try lunesta

Karen N
i listen to the same song over and over, or drink warm milk, or do yoga breathing techniques. k?

dont sleep in and you will be able to sleep easier at night.

get up at 7am tomorow morning and garenteed you'll be asleep tomorow night by 1

Spilt F
You need to see a doctor.

my uncle uses lunesta....it works... trust me

the tea the dude up there is talking about i think is sleepy time....my mom drinks that and i do not think it helps sleep but it is very good and just a snack thats good for illnesses n stuff

good night hope i helped

What I do when I have trouble sleeping is I put the most boring channal and force myself to watch it, 30-40 min later I fall asleep.

try some advertizment channal or the news, they're pretty boring at night.

Chamomile tea
Work out for a while and then take a warm shower/bath right before bed
Drink a couple shots of tequila
Smoke a blunt by yourself
the doc from Fight Club suggested valerian root (don't know what that is)
get advice form a doctor
read in bed
stare at the light for a while until it makes you drowsy
drink some nyquil


Make sure you go to bed every night at the same time.
Try warm milk before going to bed. Also chamomile tea is a good herbal remedy for sleep and calmness. You can buy it at the dollar store. Its not expensive...

Good Luck

Cut e back or cut out your soda.
and cut back on sugar intake.

if not you might be suffering with a real problem and should see a doctor immediately. this wont only affect your school and work life. this can and will affect your health too!

Officer Friendly
Cut caffeine and processed sugar out of your diet. I had the same problem, I cut these out and was hurting for a week or so, but after that I felt better than I had in years and sleep like a baby at night.

Ashley S
i know this sounds lame but counting sheep always works for me. count forward to 100 then backward to 1. If that doesnt work pray.. or read a boring school book.

The Only Logical Solution
You should see a sleep therapist or doctor.

Is there something bothering you? You might also have sleep apnea, a momentary stoppage of breathing that wakes you up limiting the amount of sleep you get.

I get the same problem when the summer heat starts up, and it's three months of hell. During winter I sleep very well.

You might try a white noise machine-- or tune a radio so it's making that rushing sound. Or try keeping a fan on.

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