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i can never fall asleep at night, idk what to do!?

Do the most boringest thing that you can think of.

ever heard of sleeping pills ?

if ur a student study :)

a good and effective way to fall asleep is to exercize shortly before layin down to rest..... pushups sit ups or any other exercize.... do a good amount and u will feel the urge to sleep.... its also a GREAT way to stay in shape

Unisom works pretty well...

Try drinking hot milk and taking a long bath before you lay down. (I always put on a movie afterwards, then I sleep like a baby)

go 2 wal mart or walgreens and buy a container of melatonin. make a warm glass of milk with some honey in it, and the meletonin will keep you asleep.

#1 Cutie

take nyquill before you go to sleep ;].... or visit a doctor..

MrzZ. Kelly
tylenol PM.

Try reading, or anything that requires concentration and relaxation.
or you can always listen to music either headphones or really low music.
gd luck.

take ambien

Whacckkaa :DDD
don;t use sleeping pill you can sleep through Alarm and wake up drowsy too. try drinking camomile tea or try reading or watching t.v

Well when you go to bed and have a lot on your mind you should go out get some fresh air or get a drink of water and think about the things on your mind when you are doing it.

ill boarder
play some white noise and try to concentrate on that when falling asleep. When you start daydreaming, stop and think about the noise again, soon you will be sound asleep. i had the same problem, and this method solved it

you need ask yourself what is the real reason?
do you have unhealthy habits?or you cannot really relex ?if you don't have any those problems.you should go to see doctor.do a whole body check

take AdvilPM

be busy during the day, exercise.

Susan Yarrawonga
Besides melatonin you can find other remedies in web searches for "natural sleep aids" and "natural sleep remedies".

Kayla M
When you are ready for bed then put the kind of music on the you like/love to listen to. Lay back in the bad, get yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and just daydream. ^_^. Let the music run all night on the same song (if you have an ipod). And you will fall asleep in no time at all. I hope this helps you out with your sleeping problem.

i always turn the radio on and then get in bed and like make up stories and think about them and then the next night i make up more of the same story where i left off.

drink very warm milk with sugar & almonds. that helps ppl fall asleep & its kinda good, but depends on if you like it.

You need to do half an hours cardio exercise 1 hour before bed. then a glass of warm water. you'll be out like a light.

Luis RodrĂ­guez
only work very hard in the day, at this form you will want much sleep in the night.

Hi from the "El Salvador"

me gusta más el español amigos...

saludos desde centroamerica!!!


I always listen to music, it helps me...

listen to music <- thats what i do
read a book
dont take day naps

Trust jack, Jack daniels

And Valium :)

Cut out caffeine (coffee, tea, soda) about 5 hours before you go to bed. Try not to use the computer before you want to go to sleep because the bright lights can keep you awake. Try doing some stretches before you go to bed. Keep your bedroom a little cool, and as dark as possible. Try taking a warm shower about 30 minutes before you want to go to bed - the change in temperature will make your body want to sleep.

OK, lets try this...

Exercise! Make sure you exercise daily to wear out your body... Also, make sure you dont drink any caffiene or work out 4 hours before you go to bed.

Meditate an hour a day before you go to bed. (You can even do this while 'in' bed!). Simply relax your body, one part at a time, and breathe in and out slowly... (I got so good at it when I was a kid, that I used to hit nirvana!! When you do THAT, you will be amazed!!!).

If your a worrier, put your troubles at rest before you go to bed. Thats a sure way to have a restless sleep indeed!

Now, if you cant get to sleep after all this, then see a Physician and see what he/she can recommend. (When your older, it 'is' harder to sleep as I can attest and you may need to have a sleeping pill to help you relax).

May the LORD Bless you and all around you.

I wish you well...


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