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i've had shooting pains in my head and nausea now got pressure behind my eyes know wot it is?
had it for about 10 days on and off.

Could it be an arrow? Watch out for those, you never know when one of those gangster indians is gonna ride by. Hope I made you laugh, get well soon!

You haven't got an arrow stuck in the back of your head have you?

too much internet? Have a break before u go blind!

go tour doctor or optitician you could have migrains or an eye problem

Could be a migraine. Have you had your eyes tested recently? See your optician or doctor.

i had the same symptoms once.......tried everything i could think of.......eventually i went to a chiropractor......he found a disk out of place in my neck and corrected it......the symptoms went away almost immediately........worth a try if nothing else works

Migraine or cluster headquake, perhaps. No-one should suffer for ten days (ferchrissakes). Please call a doctor or go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital/clinic, OK?

It sounds like migraines or possible just a normal pressure headache. If you nauseous it indicates more likely migraines. Go see your doctor and get some pain medication. If you want to rule out any chemical causes first I'd recommend laying off anything chocolatey and coffee and tea. If the pain is in specific areas like your temples or forehead initially then it most likely is a migraine. However, if you expose yourself to a sudden change in temperature (like walking out of a hot room) and you get an INCREDIBLY painful shooting pain and that pattern continues then its facial neuralgia and will subside. In the meantime go to the doctor and get large amounts of codein. If that is not the case and the shooting pains persist for longer than an hour, don't go away until you sleep and are not affected by chemicals then chances are you are a migraine sufferer. This can be hereditary... ask your parents if they have ever suffered. Unfortunately if it is, its just something you learn to balance out in your own life.

In the USA you can call 713-633-2255. Its a Hotline called Ask-A-Nurse. They will get your head right!

tamzin b useful today
i thought that it might be a migraine but now im not so sure as a migraine only last for a few days i think there is definately something up and you should see a doctor fast

Stacy R
You've been on the computer too much. Sounds like eye strain.

Sounds like a bad migarine to me. I get the same with sharp lightning-like pains down the side of my head, around the temple. I lie down in a darkened room to ease the pressure.

If this is your first time, I suggest going to the doctor to ensure it's not something else that might be causing the problems. In the meantime, get away from that computer monitor, it's probably got something to do with it!

jennifer c
Not trying to sound like a smarty pants, but, go to the doctor.

more than likely migraine ,but you should have seen your dr well b4 now

could be eye strain, or maybe high blood pressure, if you are worried go see your doc

No solution over this site or any other. Only option is to go and
see your doctor, and be quick.

You MUST contact a doctor or NHS Direct immediatly. What you are describing could be a symptom of something causing pressure on your brain, for example tumour, blood clot etc, especiallt if you may have bumped your head recently.
If you do not seek medical advice now, you may end up having seizures and perhaps worse.
Always err on the side of caution, its better to be safe than sorry...good luck and I hope you keep well.

its probabaly a virus called anaova virus it is horrible i had it my self basically all you can do is take your medication stay in bed relax get you fafamily to help you and you should be ok

Could be that you are suffereing eye strain and now need glasses or contact lenses???

Rachel S
check your bp

What you describe are the symptoms of a migrane headache.

Such a severe migraine over the length of time you describe could indicate a very serious condition.

Contact your doctor immediately and tell him your symptoms - if the pain is excruciating, or the pressure gets worse, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

Seriously. You don't want to mess around on this.

I've got a clue but it does sound as if you should go and see a doctor straight away. If you're in the UK, try ringing the NHS number 0845 46 47 48 if would rather get some advice first.

Feel better soon!

It could be any number of things.First you need to go to the doctor.He may set you up with a CT scan or MRI to see the blood vessels in your brain.He can tell if it is a migraine or some thing far more dangerous.You didn't say how old you are,but any more,more and more people are experiencing disease that were only for older people.The first signs of an aneurysm or also a stroke can be the same symptoms as a migraine.A headache that comes and goes does not sound like a "typical" migraine. Does noise and light make the headache worse?Is there any medication that makes it better?These are some of the questions the doctor will ask you.

Also you could be having stress headaches also.


p.s if it is an arrow.ya might want to save it for a souvenir.

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