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Kate F
i'm a 16 y.o. girl haven't been eating & sleeping lately...?
idk what's causing it or how to fix it. i'll go for about 8 hours without eating until i finally get hungry enough to force myself to eat something. but any food just makes me feel sick to my stomach... even though i just have a bite of something. i've always had problems sleeping anyway, but i haven't been able to fall asleep until 4 in the morning every night & i'm restless all night. and no, i'm not stressed out or depressed. i've actually been a lot happier than usual

the sleeping part is all because ur on christmas break and ur up all nite and sleep all day lol but the eating part i dont eat all that much either so idk what 2 tell ya there =]]!!!

are you in love? that could deffenitly do it. or you might be growing some more i'm also 16 and i have gone through stages where i couldn't stay to sleep at night and so i had to sleep during the day. being a teenager is weird. but if u cant figure it out go ask your docter.

Maybe try smoothies. ARe you taking any meds? That culd b part of it. If this continues go to a doctor

probably you get used to gotta sleep late, happen to me all the times

ur going to have a babby

girly girl
force ur self 2 eat then u will fall asleep

You're in love.

do you have mono ? or show any signs of being sick? Thats kind of unusual... my freind started just being really tired when she got mono are you tired?
But sometimes I can't sleep well either and does it seem your stomach just can't stand anything you put in it? I just htough I was thinking too much. Sorry I no that didn't quite answer the question haha boy did I get of topic

Jennifer Q
You prego? Go to the doctor!!

i am a buy that one was only eating a small serving for dinner a day and didnt get to sleep until 1 in the morning

you need to start eating at least 3 times a day and going to sleep at 9:30. if you still have those problems see a doctor.

sometimes your period makes you loose hunger, maybe your pregnant :O

Sounds like you are in love. Could that be the case?

you are stressed out about something or maybe you're afraid of something. sort it out or see a doctor. something is wrong.

wow thats weird. go see a doctor and see what he'll tell you(:

There's a chance you could be pregnant. But you'd know more about that.

I have this happen a lot, but it's because I am a night person and society forces us to be daytime people.

Usually not sleeping makes me lose my appetite, don't know why, but I have found this with several people with the same problem. Stay away from caffeine for a while. Try taking a hot bath, putting on some soundscapes music, and drinking chammomile tea before bed. Force yourself to stay up until your eyes burn and you can't keep them open and don't go to sleep until like 9pm-11pm. I promise, this will knock you out so bad it'll put your sleeping and appetite both back on track.

Good Luck!

go see a doctor

all you can do is talk to your parents and see a doctor. No one on here can diagnose you.

Christy S
Go to the Docters

this may be a something that you would want to talk to your doctor about.

Sleeping problems- you may get some medication for that, after having a chat with your doctor.
Eating problems- the same thing goes for that but i only hope that is problem doesn't result as to a "eating disorder"

Other then that .. there are some other possibilities

*These problems that you are having now could have something do to with your "family's medical history" you can look into that and see if you find some answers.

*The big L perhaps*

*Your pregnant?*

Good Luck With Everything Tho*

You might be sufferig fromn an eating disorder. The idea of being thin is common among your age group. Because, your nutrition is out of kilter, your sleep patterns tend to be all screwed also. You claimed you're not stressed or depressed. Dieting, skipped meals will create havoc to your body whether you're aware of it or not. Remember, at your age, good nutrition is impt as you are still growing and developing. into a young lady. Observe your skin condition. They will have taletell signs of your problems.

You still try to eat small meals even in small portions and frequently. even munching on a protein fruit bar will help. Stay away from too much sugars and junk foods which will further exacerbaate your problem.

Amanda C
Well, obviously if this continues, you need to tell a parent what's going on. I think you can get a little messed up at that age just cause of hormones and whatnot. Make sure that you're eating at least 1,200 calories a day. If you really are sick to your stomach after eating food, maybe try meal replacement shakes (Ensure, Slim fast, etc.) Make your room dark and quiet at night. Give yourself at least 40 minutes to fall asleep. I hope this goes away soon! Remember, tell your parents if this lasts more than a week or so. Your Dr. can prescribe a sleep aid, if need be, or run tests and such.

Maybe I shouldn't answer this because I have no idea whats wrong. Please see a doctor. Thats my advice. Oh, and maybe ask a trusted adult, and if you haven't yet, tell your mom.
-Best of luck-
-Feel better-

I had this happen to me when I was about 11 years old. For me it was a combination of stress and puberty though.

The lack of sleep could be due to insomnia, and as for the not eating, there are many causes for that. I would talk to your doctor as some tests might need to be performed, and then he/she can prescribe a sleep aid to you if you'd like one.

well if you are happier maybe it is for the better. But the eating thing might have something to do with your thyroid. So maybe it would be good to get it checked.

Frozen Angel*
oh goodness. i had the exact same thing that you have when i was a little younger - the stomach flu. i think it was..... you should go to the E.R. and have it checked out. that's what i had to do.

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