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how to make my mom quit smoking? :(?
Hi, my mom has been smoking sence 16 years old.. she quit when she was preggers with me then for a few year after i was born then she smoked agen!!
ive told her that smoking takes 7 mins off your life and she does not care!!
I know its hard to quit but.. :(
how do i make her, i want her to be alive when i am married and have kids.

try this- take out a few articles on the hazards of smoking , of some famous people who were chain smokers in the past but now had quit smoking for the sake of others and also some tips to quit smoking from the internet and present them beautifully along with a 'Love you mom' card.Give her some time to think on it alone and I am sure you will see a difference.
Good luck!

Show her all the bad things that will happen if she continues to smoke.

Awh, that's sweet that you're really trying to cut this horrible habit out of her life.

Tell her what you told us, you want her to be around awhile and you really care about her. Tell her it's selfish to keep smoking risking her life when you want her to be around to see you graduate, have kids, and so on. Keep pestering about it ALWAYS and offer to help her quit, and persuade her into buying arm patches and get her gum to keep her mind off smoking.

You can also flush her cigarettes down the toilet too, like I did with my mom ;)

1. Remind her that she CAN quit, because she did it when she was pregnant.

2. Also let her know that for every 4 cigarettes she smokes when you're around, YOU smoke 1.

She has to WANT to quit. Tell her if she really loves you, she will. Tell her that's your biggest problem and the thing you worry about the most. Remind her of all the money she'd save, and o/c all the obvious things like cancer, heart disease, and emphysema.
It's just a HABIT. Beg her. ( Cry if you can.) You'll be doing a really good dead if you succeed. You sound so smart! Tell her to use her common sense! All she needs is a little willpower and the WILL to quit.
Bless you and good luck! :) :)

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