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Julie B.
how to get out of school?
have you ever pretended to be sick? if so then what did you do? include details please.

angelica g
if u eat a couple bites of a raw patatoe your temperature goes up, u can say u have a fever, i used to do it every month until my mom caught on

♥ Violet ♥
leave school during luch but then u might get chased my the school cops lol so just go to school u wont regret it
i ditched my last month of my freshmen year so now im stuck on homeschool and its harder lol

go in the bathroom and then come out and say u trew up a little.

Watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. That's all you need to know.

yes i have--a few times, at that..the best way is to go to bed, but before that tell ur parents that you don't feel good...go to bed, but take a cup with you (SECRETLY!!!) when you wake up in the morning, put the cup in a pocket or something and still say that you don't feeel good. then, during breakfast-gag, run to the bathroom, slam the door, open the toilet, get some toilet water into ur cup (and pray that it's clean!!), then make another gagging noise while dumping the water back in..do that lie, 10 times, pretend to wash ur face off (get it wet with sink water), and mess ur hair up a little. come out of the bathrrom like a person normally would once they puke,, and wah-lah! at least two days off of school (if you repeat the act and/or say that u puked during the night the next night. dont do this for too many days, tough, or you will have to go to the doctor and then you will get in trouble for faking it..
dont forget to flush before you wash ur face of!!!

many times...i said i had a migrane and i couldnt see very well (I ALWAYS went home when i said that)...otherwise i would say i have a stiff neck and its really painful.

Miss Misfit
y don't u want to go to school?

I pretened to be sick one day because we had this really hard test, and then the next day i got sick, and I am never going to pretend that again, and another time I pretened I couldnt get out of bed so I got a "royal" treatment, somtimes you can't help it you just haft to somtimes its kinda like a every other week schudule. LOL you know what i mean?

Sumer Aina

I cough a lot in front of nurses

well 1st off y dont u want to go to school?anyway say ur not feeling good and if ur parents say "but u dont have a fever" tell them u have a HUGE HUGE headache and u can barely walk around its so bad.also say that its so bad that u wouldnt be able to concentrate on school if ur parents make u go cause then u would just feel "so sick"

once i was a little sick, but i sorta over acted a little to stay home. i wouldn't reccomend it. it took me forever to catch up on my homework.

well, i did what Ferris Bueller does,
lick ur palms and wipe em on yur face to look sweaty.
like u have a fever.

Amanda W
Oh come one, girl! School is there for a reason. You need it and if you make good choices it can be the best time of your life. Think about this: No one ever looks back and says "Gee, I really wish that I had not worked as hard in school". However, you do hear quite frquently " I really wish I could do that over and work so much harder". You only get one chance. Make the most out of everything!!!

put your finger on the back of your tounge and puke on the principal's desk.

Oh...SNAP ;-)
yes u can just pretend to be sick. and then just make ur own doctors note. or copy and old one and there ya go!!! ((make sure u cut out the date)) then u have a free day off!!!

Ken O
You get out of school by getting it done and over with.

drank a small bottle of nyquil...not only did i throw up in class but alos got a cool lil buzz

Southern Girl
When I was in high school a couple of times I called the office, always a woman answered, and said I was having really bad cramps from my period, and they said it was ok...no questions asked. Why, are you looking for good excuses to get out? lol

I didn't have to pretend, my nurse just really liked me... I would say don't feel good and she told me she'd call my mom....and I would go home within like 2 hours... other days I would go in crying about how my German teacher was so mean...

but in general telling them you threw up like 4 times, and you think you need to go home... I got sick when I ate red jelly belly's so if I wanted to go home I would eat a whole bunch of them and I would be vomiting in like 20 minutes, usually on the floor in class or the garbage can... my teacher's didn't like that too much...

or just eat something you know will make you sick... like mayo... i can't even smell it without throwing up.

♥ Nichole[never gives up]♥
Yes, I did many of times, and I regret it big time now! I probably missed half of my 6th and 7th grade year, and now in the 9th, I'm paying the price. Be cool & go to school =]

Nunya B
Don't miss school, you need to get edumacated.

But if you need a day off, take a can of cambell's vegetable beef stew, dump it in the toilet, and make horrible retching sounds, and then call your mom in. Remember to look sick, splash a little water on your face for sweat effect, and whine.

But don't do it too often, or you'll get to spend your life cleaning toilets at McDonalds. Which is way worse than school.

you pretend just to lie to yourself. nobody else will be foolished but you!

jamiroquai fanatic
i personaly prefer running, but being faking sickness works

Do well in your classes and graduate.

just go to school, sit in your first period, say you have really bad cramps then go see the nurse and ask if you could go home.

sweetie p
I got out of school when I graduated. ;)

(Not so) angry Charlie
I was just coughing, and I used a warm towel to put on my head, so when my mom came to feel my head I felt really hot.

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