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how to Quit?
how to quit smoking????? :)
im smokng for the last 15 years.....:( one pack a day!!! or even more sometimes depending on how i am stressed!!!....

Simple 3 steps.
1) Stop buying smoke.
2) Watch "I love Barney" on your TV.
3) Sing and Dance with Barney.

stop buying ciggerettes and start buying gum . mind over matter. buy some thing else so you won't buy the smokes.

I respect you for wanting to quit. Somking is a filthy dirty habbit that is unhealthy for you. And you will be amazed on how much money you save. The only way I know to go
is cold turkey. Your experience will be 2 weeks of hell. You will go through withdrawls, your body will feel terrible, you will craze nicoteen, and you will get dizzy, sweaty, shakey, but after the 2 weeks is over, you will be a new man. You just have to hang in there, it's not easy, but it's worth it.

Just stop and dont think about it.

go to your family and tell them you want to quit they will support you do it cold turkey the patches dont work

Tonyaaa .

It is so much easier said than done.

Like the dieter trying to tell someone how to "just do it"
Thats insane! Everyones system is different and may respond different , especially if youre a LONG TIME smoker!

Good Luck

I have the same problem I can quit cold turkey when I'm pregnant then I start back up again.

I'm gonna lie to myself that I'm preggo so I can stop. You try it too. It should be interesting on your part seeings you're a dude. hahaha.
Happy new year.!!!

Sejli B
just keep chewing gum and guess what you might not be interested in it so you eventually leave it

Every time you get the craving, do something else that you have been putting off. For example, cleaning the garage, your house, painting, jogging, swimming, working out. What ever works for you!

Best of Luck!!!

Paul Alexandru Cazacliu
It's very easy to quit,Mark Twain has quited for thousand times,the real problem it's to quite and never starting to smoke ever again,because the smokers make an organically addiction,the brain get used with the substances that the smokers inhale,you have to find a substitute for a while consulting your personal physician,and you have to do it gradually,but if you have to do it,you have to kill the smoking before it could kill the smoker.

i dont know
if you find something that really, i mean REALLY, works, then please please tell me

Every single person that has smoked in my family has quit, except for one. The only time they had success is when they quit cold turkey.

Whenever they got an urge to smoke, they sipped a glass of ice water, and then did some form of exercise. The endorphins took the place of nicotine, and the water replaced the oral addiction.

In addition, they took the money that they used to spend on cigarettes and put it in a jar. At the end of the month, they splurged on something special for themselves for a job well done.

None of them have gone back to smoking!

you really have to be ready for it and it may take a few times. i just quit and it took me a few times of going back to realize that i can actually do it and i feel so much better now...it's rough but better to do it on your own than to have the help of medication, it make you feel like you have defeated the beast...instead of something helping you along. good luck!

lois r
I am using Committ Losenges (Spelling may be off) These seem to work. I am like you I smoke a pack a day but more when I get stressed out.

i smoked for 12 years, at least a pack a day, and i quit cold-turkey almost a year ago. it sounds silly, but the book "the easy way to stop smoking" by allen carr really helped me. that and sunflower seeds...for the 1st month i went through 2 bags a day!

Capital V
my husband has tried many time to stop smokin and stick to it however this time he has succeeded. he planned it and planned wot will stress him out and what he can do about it. he also chewed alot of gum which he has stopped doin and used the help of the radio station galaxy 102 manchester (uk) www.galaxy manchester.co.uk and click on the big quit. just take it day by day. for me it was easy to quit, i just got pregnant.....twice. i used to smoke loads like 2 large packs of tobacco a week (was cheaper). get loadsa support and dont tell people who dont beleive ull do it that ur stoppin smokin there disbelief will make u fail. n e way good luck

my dad went to the hospital and got hypnotized. its definitely the quickest and easiest way. it may be up to 150-300 dollars. i know all different people that got it done and it has never failed. my dads was at a hospital that it was free at the time.
my nanny payed 100. somebody else payed 110. somebody else only payed 50.. they all worked. im saying 200 is definitely the most you should pay!

and my mom did it when she was just 25 because she had enough will power and she didnt want my older brother to be an addict because of her smoking.

you should practice cultivation.

There is a book u can download for free. its called Zhuan Falun (turning the law wheel) if you can grasp its content, you can definitely quite smoking or anything else.

Belief me for once, though we r complete strangers. Most importantly, believe in yourself!


Mikael J
I was in the same situation as you, smoked for over 10 years a pack or two-a-day.
The best method is to keep trying. Even if you fall back and have a smoke or two just quit again. Eventually you will make it two days or three days and then the gnawing pain goes away.
Maybe you will fail again, but keep trying, feel the pain again and then maybe a week or two will go by. Just keep plugging away. I have now quit smoking for nearly two years. I still feel urges (especially when drinking, avoid booze at all costs for a few weeks after quitting by the way), but am able to deny them.
Good Luck, life is much better when not chained down by hideous chemicals.

I have been smoking for over 20 years, and I was able to quit with Chantix. (It can be prescribed by a doctor). It's still not easy, and you have to just work through the pangs of wanting one, but it does make it a lot easier. You actually start taking the medicine and continue to smoke for a week (and the dose increases). The medicine works by blocking the nicotine from reaching the "receptors" in your brain that bring you pleasure from the nicotine. So, a drag off a cigarette does nothing for you. It really works. Give it a try.

Darya J
It is hard to do, but if you are mentally prepared to endure the suffering then you can succeed.
Give yourself 6 months and be prepared to struggle, be in a nasty mood all the time, crave a cigarette at least 20 times a day. Accept that this is what lays ahead of you and decide to go through despite of it. Renew this resolution and mental attitude every morning before you get out of bed.
If you survive 6 months, there is nothing you would not be able to do :) The world is yours for taking.

true blue
I quit 13 years ago and this is how I did it. Cold turkey, no patches, no medicine. I threw away all cigarettes and stopped being around smokers. I also chewed a lot of gum. Don't get discouraged. The more often you try to quit, the more likely you will be successful. That's what the research says, and it was true for me. I failed many times before I succeede. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself and my family. Keep trying. You will do it!

I have been smoking 2 packs a day for about 30 yrs. I started taking Chantix about 2 months ago and now I am down to about 2 cigs a day. Hope to be completely stopped by the new year. You will have to get it through your doctor but it has really helped me. I have tried everything there is and this is the only thing that has come close. Good luck to you!!

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