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 I have been drinking hard alchohol since noon and I am still wide awake. What's wrong with me?
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 what is the LEGAL substance available to combat tiredness?
I dont mean Cafeine.

I once read about something used in America that makes you feel realy refreshed, but i can't rememember what it's called.
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 is this abnormal???
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 Any good tips on how to fall asleep?
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 how do i clean tobacco stains off my fingers?

 Giving up smoking?
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 Would you rather lose your leg.....?
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 Now I am old I cannot believe it is here...you never think that you?
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Are you of a certain age and cannot believe it is true?
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 Help me with my brother..?
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 I haven't gone #2 in almost a week!! What do i do?

 ive stopped smoking for 4 hours now?
and its getting harder and harder, aaaarrrgggghhhh. come on karen pull yourself together lol.
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thanks for all the helpfull comments, im determined to beat this ...

 Why do I stay asleep for so long ?
If I don't set an alarm I really oversleep, yesterday I slept for 16hrs. I didn't have a late night before or drink etc.

Does anyone have any idea why I sleep so long ???...

 If i smoke weed a few times, maybe once every 2 weeks, that wont really hurt my health will it?
If i smoke weed a few times, maybe once every 2 weeks, that wont really hurt my health will it?...

 I've got this problem with my eyes...?
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 I'm blood-type O-. If I get into a horrible accident that requires a blood transfusion, am I screwed?

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Yea, forgot to mention that i'm adopted from overseas so i can't count on parents for this. I'm aware that I can donate to myself ahead of time, but I ...

Kevin Boxberger
how long would you live if all your veins burst at once?
lets say all your veins burst at once and your body fills with blood...or would it? lemme know.

Hicktown girl66
Less than an hour. I'm not sure of the exact time, but if you start bleeding internally, it's not very long.

दुर्गाश्री शक्तिदिव्याDURGASHREE

that would be terrible. internal bleeding is almost the same as external. you would look like on big reddish bruise and im sure youd die pretty quick...maybe a couple minutes.and yes your body would be bleeding inside and it would show under your skin.

Odlid Deighton
if the pulmonary vein or vena cava, the two main veins leading into the heart from the the lungs and the body burst, you'd die immediately.

a minute?

a minute or two maybe... no blood = no oxygen to the brain = bye bye.

Your heart would stop and you would bleed out fast, maybe instantly.
Why such a gruesome question?

Tiffy :]
BAM your dead.

What a weird question. its like some of those people who ask "what does to feel like to be dead." Try it yourself, I have no idea.

not very long >.>

Do you really think you could live if all your veins burst?!
Your heart and brain would imediately stop because they wouldnt be getting blood.

If you would have givin this some thought I bet you would have figured it out!

you would not live long your veins carry blood and as soon as its broken or whatever you would bleed to death if you dont seek help

Rated R Quinn
You don't even have a minute probly less the 30 seconds

If every single vein you had in your body burst at one time, you would live about 1 minute, if that long.


I think you'd die instantly...
hehe.. I don't recommend it.
Harmony thinks that too =P

not at all
u should try tho

i think u would die right away...because the main blood vessels are broken and internal bleeding is very dangerous

less than a second

you would die immediately.

Gamer Champ
Instant Death!

you would die. instantly. you would probably look like a huge bruise.

Florida Orange Juice
All human deaths are caused by hypoxia, lack of oxygen being delivered and utilized by the brain. Oxygen is carried by blood, so if there's no blood carrying oxygen, there's no oxygen getting to the brain, so I guess that means hypoxia would be instantaneous.

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