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how can i quit smoking weed?
for my girlfriend.... i need ta quit n its jus hard after smoking everyday since i started

jumbo jack
dont. quit the girlfriend

Bugsy B
dont stop. i smoke it all day. its great.

Just stop. It's called willpower. There are no withdrawals associated with quitting smoking weed. Just be thankful it's not Heroin. You have to ask yourself though. If your GF can't accept you for who you are then maybe she is not right for you. First the weed. What's next?

do c oe trust me it works

You cant quit for people, you have to have the will to quit , against the odds pot is not addictive downer its a state of mind you chose to be in, if u have anxiety like i do i can understand why u smoke maybe you can go to your doctor and get some low dosage muscle relaxer but be careful with those if u do decide to get them make sure u discuss everything with your doctor some muscle relaxers also know as depression supplements can be very addictive and have bad side affects if you stop them all of a sudden

well if you want to quit you can just stop smoking pot that simple but if you don't want to quit your just going to lie to her about it and that will cause problem when you come home and eat all the chips and drink all the coke and when she ask you what happened you just start laughing because she looks so funny when shes mad then you will break up and you'll just go back to smoking everyday

terry g
Don`t do it for you girlfriend do it for your health, but think of why you smoke in most cases it leads back to crave/ urges/stress, you know to clear the head, relax etc. I grew up drinking alcohol from a very young age, saying when I wanted that its for the worms, my body is calling for it, WRONG a simple imbalance in the immune system. Email: [email protected] for more info

easy lock your self in the room for ten years plus
with everything you need execpt for weed and you will be sober after that

Wes M
just think every time you smoke you lose brain cells, and brain cells hold memories and thoughts so if you keep smoking you'll start forgetting meaningful things. They don't call it dope for nothing!

Quitting weed or any other drug is something your not going to do unless you do it for yourself. I quit smokin and using everything last year, and the benifits, by far out weigh the benifits of using. Im more focused on my future and have better relationships with my friends. Not to sound like a goodie goodie or anti drug poster girl but if you really want to stop and you feel you have seriouse problems try seeking outside help and utilize the recources in your community. Most the time its free.

Well oviously its an addiction because its smoking !...
the best way to quit something you are adicted to is to cut down!
instead of smoking every day cut it down to only on friday & staurday nights & just the one !!!
& gradually cut down even more after 3 weeks you should be able to handle it !
if you cant wait 3 weeks then just quit all together & just think not only ae you doing it for your girlfriend but your also doing it for yourself !
you start on weed & who knows were it may lead !
hopee you quit soon !;)

the big sellout
cold turkey. honestly though he is right quit the lady. I used to smoke everyday non stop. Then I quit. Now three years later I still like to toke up now and again. I quit though for my kids. You should find someone who accepts you for who you are and doesn't care if you like to smoke weed. But also realize that there is a time and a place and if you are looking for a job or it is interfering with school it is time to layoff for a while. Then once you finish school and you have a decent job that only drug tests upon your hiring pass the test and toke up. And just remember this even if you do have to quit it won't be permanent you can always start again.

Throw away your lighter.

Now why would you want to do something drastic like that? teach her a lesson and quit for a week and start drinking heavily, to the point where you're a raging ******. Ask her which she prefers. Seriously, quit for her and she'll drive you crazy.

WTF? Always trying to change us.

Ryan M.
dude you should maybe go to the bookstore and pick up "Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back" by Josh Hamilton (MLB baseball player). Its a great book and goes through his drug addictions and how he got out of them. Its a good read too. You should do it for yourself AND your girlfriend. If you read the book, youll realize how bad it gets. It's a GREAT success story and (If youre not TOO adicted yet), the horror of seeing what could happen might make you want to quit. Its a gripping story. I know nobody that tells you to quit knows really what you're going through, and since I havent gone through it, I cant tell you how.

A few steps I would take:

1. If you trust your GF, give her all your money to keep and whenever you want to buy something, have her come to get it with you. That way you cannot buy weed.

2. Stop hanging out with the guys that supply it to you etc. As long as youre doing that, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to stop smoking.

3. This may sound cheesy to you, but you should look into Christianity. Maybe read "evidence that demands a verdict" or something. Faith really was a big factor in getting Josh Hamilton out of his addiction.

I hope this helped you and please read that book.
You can find it at your local bookstore.
Sometimes, youll even forget what its about lol its a great story especially if you like baseball. But even if you don't, you will probably enjoy it. Good Luck! I'll be praying for ya

Tried educating her and showing her how harmless marijuana really is other then the lung thing you'd get from a standard smoker anyway?
Or talked her into letting you simply eat it, which doesnt screw up lungs and therefor had pretty much no effect?

If yes, then I suppose you'll have to ease out of it. Do less and less gradually. Make sure she understands that too, that you can't just stop, you have to do less and less for maybe a few weeks.

Make sure to keep yourself busy, more reccommended you're busy with stuff you enjoy doing because if you're doing boring stuff, you'll just want weed to make it fun or something. But try to keep yourself busy and your mind occupied on other things and slowly ease out of it.

Good luck :]

rebel customs

Minor T
Yeah you should definitely quit, the longer you smoke that stuff the more you will get dependent on it and it leads to all sorts of problems. Willpower?

Do not ever change for anyone!!! EVER!!!

Pretend it takes effort to smoke weed.

find friends, like your girlfriend, that are not pot heads. associate with them. you will be happier in the long run.

(O \ ! / O) 67 Bug boi
If she is good enough to quit for, then quit.

My husband quit for me when we were teenagers. If she is important enough to you just quit cold turkey, It worked for my hubby. If it is so serious that you just can't quit but still want to then you should seek a support group or possibly rehab.

if you have friends who smoke with you, it wont help to keep hanging out with them, weed is a destructive drug and if they want to smoke with you, they are helping murder you, just look at your life and see if you can find one good thing the drug did for you other than a "feel good" session that the drug obviously gives you

Will E
Try using less and less weed each time. And also try eating a big meal when you get a craving for weed.
You need to keep your mind occupied so you could try going to the gym or doing sport.
Going to the gym helped me a lot, as weed prevents muscle growth, so was another reason to stop.

Marc Wojo
don't do it around her, then hang with her more often. then at home or away from her get ride of anything that would make you want to do it.
If she is worth quiting for the do it.....!!

dont smoke it, stoner. dont sit down, grind it up, roll it up and light it. its a lot less work to just sit there and watch tv.

just say NO to drugs

My boyfriend is trying to quit too. Right now he has traded the weed for all-natural cigarettes, which isn't much better but it is a start. Try sunflower seeds, a cough drop, gum, or something like that whenever you get the urge to smoke. Think of your girlfriend and how happy she will be when you quit!! Best of luck to you.

Lundy Holbrook
Stop hangging around the people that promote it.get everything that reminds you of it away.

if you don't buy it you wont smoke it, she's too uptight, why don't you come by my place and i'll show you how a real woman kicks it

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