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 can people have a second puberty?

 How offen should I bathe?
I used to do it 4 - 5 times a week, or every night if I was on a job. But my peruvian maid sayed that it softens the spine, so I keep now to lukewarm showers every other day. Am I but so unsure ...

 I accidentally swallowed a 50p ?
If I've accidentally swallowed 50p, what should I do? It doesn't hurt at all in my throat, though it was fairly slow moving down. Plus I don't feel any other side effects so far. I�...

 How do I quit smoking?

 When do your fingers smell the worst ?
Also when do your fingers smell the best?
Additional Details
Household bleach cleaner leaves fingers smelling nasty for hours. ...

 how often do you take a shower?
i have one twice a day.
once in the morning
once when i get in from college or at night.

Also how often do you take a bath?
i have 2 baths a week....

 I've been tired a lot... any suggestions!!!?
I get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep every night except I wake up several times during the night and I don't know why... I have not gotten a whole nights sleep in a long time and it's starting ...

 if you woke up in the middle of the night and you couldnt go back to sleep what would you do!!!!!!!?

 I am really tired..but can't sleep?
I WANT to go to sleep..but i can't fall asleep.
i have a hyperactivity.
I am REALLYY REALLY tired too!
don't say "count sheep, count from 100..imagine your on a beach ...

 I'm really depressed. What should I do?
I've never been this depressed in my whole life. I have no energy and find it hard to get up in the morning. What should I do?...

 What is the health service like in your country?

 How do you quit smoking?
What has worked for you?...

 I'm desparetly trying to quit smoking!The patch constipates me terribly!Any alternatives besides cold turkey?
I've tried cold turkey, high fiber foods,laser.Nothing helps.I'm at my wits end!Want to quit sooooo bad!!!Please help!...

 Why is my eye twitching? ?
My eye is twitching for no reason.
It's not even my eye. Its right under my eye.
It just keeps twitching.
I cant stop it.
It goes for a minute thens it stops. Then it ...

 Sick 5 year old, what do you think it is?
He has a doctors appointment tomorrow, but Im looking for opinions of what you think could be wrong with him
It all started today, he started running a fever around 101.5 and has had it all day. ...

 How do you get the smell of cigarette smoke out off your car COMPLETELY?
It stinks and I need to get rid of the smell FAST!!!
Additional Details
Soz, I ment - How do you get the smell of cigarette smoke out 'of' your car COMPLETELY?...

 Does anyone know if headaches are caused by tumors?
I get headaches frequently and last I went to the doctors which was about 7-8 years ago, I was told I get heat headaches and that was the end of it. Now I'm getting the headaches a little more ...

 ive had a constant headache for 6 days now paracetamol doesnt work and its the same when i wake up any advice?
Im generaly healthy and eat well lots of fruit and water sometimes its that bad i feel really light headed, ive missed lectures and had to leave work early cause of the pain. I get interuped sleep ...

 i may be pregnant and have a head cold what can i take? i have a cough sneezing and a bad headache? thanks !!?

 My Dad quit smoking!!!?
In a couple weeks my Dad will not have smoked a cigarette in one year!! This is a big accomplishment for him because he smoked for 30+ years. I want to get him a gift that says I'm proud of him. ...

oh buggar!!!
have you got a 'side of the bed' ??
Like you can't sleep unless you are facing something or at the right side of the bed?

Left side of the bed on my left side

j star
nope just outstreched in the middle

I sleep on what ever side of the bed is furthest from the door... if I sleep on the other side I can;'t sleep and neither can my fiance.

At home I sleep on the left.. in hotels maybe the right... depending where the door is..

It's funny, I've never thought about it. But at home and even at hotels or somewhere else I always sleep on the side furthest from the door...funny.

Usually the left but I'm easy.

Usually the left but i like to sleep closest to the door :)

I sleep on my right side, and on the right side of the bed, facing the window. Can't sleep any other way...

A slice more like!

Outspoken but Honest
Well my wife says I take up 75% of the bed!

S to the t o r m y
Ive got the right side. My dog has the left. and my cat has the bottom. baha.

Weirdly enough I do have a side of the bed when I'm sharing it with anyone - I feel most comfortable on the "right" side if you are looking at a bed from it's foot.

And I curl up right on the edge of that side too which makes my partner laugh no end. He, incidentally, can sleep anywhere anytime - like a toddler!

However if I'm on my own then I sleep right in the middle - weird!

I wouldn't say I couldn't sleep, but I do like to sleep on the right side on a bed.

I sleep on the right side of the bed. nearest to the window

i always have to be the side nearest the door!! cuz my girlfriend is scared of someone breaking in and comeing in while we sleep....so..while they kill me she has plenty of time to jump out the window!!

♥ JustAChick ♥
I sleep on my left side on the right side of the bed.

yep i can't go to sleep unless am on the right side of the bed and facing the wall!

♥ Miss Sausage ♥
Yip it's the left, right and middle!

I can sleep anywhere in my bed, but I'm geared for the "driver's side". The side with the lamp, tray and clock radio.

I have to sleep on the side of the bed facing the wall,i know that sounds wierd but im glad im not the only one like this lol

I need to sleep on my side (either way). I can't seem to sleep on my back?

the left side or the side furthest from the door if i'm anywhere else....

I have to be in the center of the bed for a couple of minutes than I have to be able to roll over to the end..lol I'm weird like that.

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