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constipated HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have taken:
3 tablespoons of Canola oil
12 stool softeners
this constipation drink
and last I have drank 3-4 bottles of water each day

Help what else should I do????

I have taken all this stuff within the last week and half!!!!

Wray G
Eat an entire box of blackberries! It always works for me!

Fleet Enema. It is not uncommon for a similar thing happens in the hospital, when changing from intravenous feeding to regular food.

eat something with a high content of fibre..
mangoes, al bran.
If you are really desperate drink milk and then orange juice. It'll send you to the bathroom immediately.

eat more fibre. fruit and veg nd brown bread etc.. honestly this is the best thing u can do or try visiting the doctor nd c dus he prescribe you anything

you need some fiber and suppository.

please answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuFeKkkI_ueNn5yc3zXmqJvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080907152830AAT943f

castor oil, it's different than canola oil.

Fig Newtons

eat a whole pack of ice breaker sours......it'll clean you right out (this is absolutely true)

See your doctor.. I did. It turns out I have allergies that are causing it. You might also have blockage. go b4 it gets worse!

Eat some ALL BRAN cereal!
Cracklin' Bran cereal if you like sweet cereal.
That'll do it!

Prune Juice works

go buy Milk of Magnesia. It is a bulking agent. If you take it before bed you will have a BM in the morning. Buy cherry flavor if they have it, its much better tasting than the original.

Cwisteeny Baby
strong black coffee in the early morning before eating anything when you wake up

massage your belly or get lactulose syrup over the counter from a pharmacist

Eat a lot of ripe fruit.


MCM Lexi
I once ate an entire tomato at once, like you would eat an apple, and it gave me pretty horrible diarrhea. So you could try that!

don't do oils or stool softeners. They don't work. Softeners are just to soften what could be painful when you go. your not going at all. I would suggest taking some benefiber, and maybe taking a laxative if that doesn't work. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit, blueberries, plums, cherries, orange juice, and that should have you going in no time. try to remember the foods that you have eaten, and maybe avoid those in the future or eat less of them and more fiber.

Have you tried a suppository this could help there are various forms talk to a your doctor if not resolved constipation over a prolonged period can be dangerous to your health.

mf east
It's called an enema. Have fun.

Ash W
I recently had the same problem, what solved mine is something called MiraLAX. It just became an over the counter medicine. I work at a hospital and they use it all the time! It is wonderful! You just mix it with your drink and you can't even taste it! You can buy it at any grocery store or drug store!



And you still can't poop!!

I think it's time you visit the Dr and see what he/she can do to relieve your discomfort, sometimes your bowl is so backed up that it can't be release of its contents so you may need the Dr's help.

Maybe try (this is gonna sound disgusting but give it a try it has worked for me in the past) inset vaseline inside your back passage with your finger and kind in and out motion this sometimes helps the bowl to get going and hopefully you will go to the toiled, sit on the toilet after you do that and massage your lower back and your tummy, I hope it helps you.

Sounds like you are gonna have to do an enema! Sorry. Go to the drug store and get the enema from by the pharmacy Dept.

Ok. Don't worry. I have this problem too. Is it your stomach? I use stuff called merolax and your pour like 17 grams of it in a drink and stir it up till in disolved. But you can take it once a day but check it with a doctor, don't get if unless you do. And theres enema. It CAN be a little panful but not really it just feels weird. Theres directions on the box. You position it but it's kind of in your butt and squeeze it and water shoots up and it makes you poop. ALOT. You may get exhausted after words but thats alright.

Try Mira Lax. Doctors recommend it. You may have to take a Fleets Enema.

I had the same problem once there's something called an Enema and you have to (it doesn't hurt at all, it's doctor recommended) stick it inside of your.....rear and squeeze out all the liquid, and wait and trust me everything will come out

I swear, papaya works soooo well! it'll go away in less than a day

ST h
Thats very bad that u r having this trouble.
In our home, v always use fibrous diet in order to prevent the constipation. fa that purpose, ISPAGHOL is the best option, it swells there in ur intestines n make them smooth, take it daily before going to bed and u ll never have any constipation.
as a Doc what do i can prescribe U are the lactulose drops or if the condition z very severe, the ultimate option is Enema.

If you have tried all those methods and are not having relief, please call your doctor.

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