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tam cowan
can u catch anything by shaking the hand of a junkie (drugs addict) ?

[email protected]
its possible as they may have fluids on their hands even mostly dried that can get you in trouble. many shoot between their fingers so you never know what you can get plus being dirty, you can catch viruses as colds, all sorts of things.

yes you can if your will power is that weak you can catch anything you want eg aids hepotitese excuse spelling even that comment, all depends, you stupid enough to follow or turn away,choice well only you can decide will see you in death if you decide to think that. answer well mate you have the answer its in your head you decide best of luck ,and never steal of the hand that feeds you and if you do well mate enjoy your drugs loner

yes you may .. if your not careful .. get a bad dose of empathy
you can't catch an addiction .. unless they have other drug related illnesses yes ...but not all and no it isn't catching unless as previously mentioned it is passed via fluids

Of course. Drug addiction is contageous. You're probably addicted to whatever he is now.

Well not anything like HIV or Hep C, those are blood borne viruses. However, if a junkie is living in a junkie pad, it is possible to catch fleas or scabies from them, you'll know if you start itching and should see your doctor, but it is really unlikely from just shaking hands.

sarah c
Yes, if you then smoke or eat without washing your hands, or have a cut; you could catch Hepatitis B or C.
Or you could catch scabies.
But really this could also apply to anyone that you shake hands with; its just that untogether junkies dont tend to wash so often and are more prone to certain diseases because of their lifestyle.
From the general population you could catch any of the above plus herpes, polio, a cold or the flu, ringworm or food poisoning of one kind or another.

Sean F
Yes. A bad odour.

I think the most you can catch would be a rash if they had a rash or depending on how long you shake their hand for scabese if they had that. But other than that I would say no.

ollie cola
not unless he has either...

a cut on his hand, and you have a open cut on yours.

or if he has a needle in his hand whne you shake his hand....

Chances are, no. Most of the infections from intrevenous drug use are passed on by bodily fluids. Perhaps it is useful to be a little wary as a serious drug user will have a lower immune system and then be prone to colds and influenza that may be caught by close contact.

candi k
r u mad?

budding author
No but watch his other hand, it's most likely in your pocket!

no, not unless you swap blood with him and his fluids get into an open would of yours. but, even then contraction is small, but you should still take precautions.


medicine man
all you can catch --- by shake hand with a drug addict

is a knife in you from his other hand

drug addiction is not contagious or bodily transmitted

be carefull of dealing with any addict

but not worry to " catch " any ailment --- except AIDS

then just avoid ALL OR ANY open wounds o k

best wishes

you seem a care person --- with a hurt friend


M. M.

we can catch lots of things from lots of people. wash your hands regularly.

no you cant but the only way you can if you have a open cut in your hand and so does the person you are shaking hands with.

[email protected]

Unless you have an open wound on your hand, and the drug addict is a carrier of MRSA, you will not catch anything.

big teddy
dont be daft

Yes, you can listen to him/her story. A drug addict has a real story to tell. It is also a catch to get his or her hand and take him to a rehab clinic. We all have some kind of addiction. I look at the drug addict as a victim of our society. They just took a wrong turn.

You are not old enough to be on here without your parents..


Black Mariah
no way, not if there was no fluid contact, but just to be safe i would vigorously scrub my hands if i were u, especially before touching food or any part of yourself or someone else

Nope, as long as he is not bleeding and gets blood into a sore on your skin.

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