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?Abundant Sunshine?
Would you rather not shower for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?

Jessie K
Moron = you.

not shower- a week is pretty nasty to not shower, but i'd just make sure and change my underwear and apply lots of deotorant! i brush my teeth a couple times day- i couldn't go one day, let alone 1 week without brushing!!!

ahh. id rather not do any of them but if i had to choose between not brushing my teeth or taking a shower i would choose not brushing my teeth because i can shew gum

how can u not brush ur teeth or don't take a shower,it's impossible

Lexie girl
YUCK! teeth

Nothing worse than scummy teeth... I brush mine at least 3 times a day. I would much rather not shower for a week.

Oh my god....neither of the two.

Ashley W
not shower! i hate that fuzzy feeling on my teeth in the morning. plus, i wouldnt wanna get teeth problems. i hate the dentist

Shower. I've gone a week without showering (Iraq war). I still brushed my teeth every day though. It kept me feeling human. Baby wipe showers were all we had for a long time.

Not shower - I don't sweat that much, so I guess I'd be more or less ok. Well, better off anyway - as opposed to not brushing the teeth.

That is so nasty but I would have to say not brush my teeth for a week. I just can't stand it when my skin is dirty!

not shower

Young Camel
teeth comes first...

I would say not shower for a week. As long as you change your clothes, put on deoderant, and brush your teeth I bet the only thing you'll suffer is greasy hair, which you can put up anyways.

wow what a choice to make since you said shower and not bathe i would rather not shower yet continue to cleanse my body with a bath or sponge wipe!
there fore both remain up to standards!!

Shower. Nothing worse than bad breath!!

Not shower honey.

who does either that often?

Ok u didn't say couldn't wash at all so I would wet a wash cloth and wash myself that way, then I'd at least be clean so of course I could brush my teeth and still not be smell.
Brush my teeth!!!! Rinse with soap and water

Ewww, I wouldn't shower because I don't want cavaties!

I'd rather not shower. At least I could cover up my stench with perfume. I can't stand stank breath and I hate the feeling of having dirty teeth. I brush my teeth at least twice a day and shower daily also. But you can always put on deoderant and some type of spray.

Maryam B
I will pick not brushing teeth. I get all itchy when I am dirty and I can always chew gum and not eat any sugar to keep the teeth cleaner for longer.

Id rather not ever have to find myself in either situation...

i would have to go with not showering for a week. teeth are too important to ignore for that long.

I would pick not brush teeth, but I would still use mouth wash and floss.

no shower cause you gotta live with that taste in your mouth

Iris O. M.
Definently not shower! You can always shower but you can't replace teeth! I can't stand not to brush after I eat cuz I gag on the food particles. My mother spent like $3,000 on my braces not to mention the jaw surgery, so I gotta take care of these pearly whites!

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