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Will marijuana still be in my system after only two hits 11 days ago? I haven't smoked in two years.?
I am 5'5", 185 pounds. I need to take a drug test for employment.

no especially if you drink lots of water

weed only stays in your system for over a month if you are a "chronic" (haha) smoker. i doubt you'll have a problem. drink lots of water or if you're still worried, stop at a "stoner store" and check our their products for cleansing your system. good luck!

well get somones piss because it will

WTF were you think about

yes definetly. it stays in ur system 4 a while.

Yep. It can stay in your blood stream for a loong time. Maybe even 30 days.

No marijuana will not be in your system after two puffs i actually went through the same thing a year ago and the results were good. Don't worry you should be fine.

Yes. THC stays in your system for up to 7 weeks.
HOWEVER, go to GNC (General Nutrition Centers) or some such place. They sell a tea that cleanses your system from any trace of drug use. Just ask them and they'll know what you're looking for.

You have to drink about a gallon of the stuff and it's not cheap, maybe $30-$40...But it works...Good luck...

© 2007. Sammy Z.
Maybe yes, maybe no. Test yourself with one of them kits they sell nosy parents for a "preview of coming attractions." The recommendations to flush your system with drinks and herbs can't hurt. There are also OTC remedies for this (ahem) "condition."

IMHO, you should reconsider taking a job from an employer that wants to analyze your pee, unless you agree an employer should be legally allowed to ask that of you.


You will be fine. If it is a urine test you have no worries. 2 hits out of the blue will not show up in the test 11 days later. Drink water and you will be fine.

depends on whether it's a blood test or pee test, if pee it probably wont show up

most likely not. if you indeed only took two hits, then the chances are the levels will be so low by now that they will not raise any alarms on the test. it is still possible, since everyones metabolism is different, but with a normal metabolism, the levels will be that of poppy-seeds.

It stays in your system for 30 days but that only works if a blood test is done. Typically employers will drug test by checking the urine so you should be fine. To be on the safe side, you can pick up a kit to clean your system. They're not that expensive, usually running around $30. The best ones are the drinks or pills that you take the day of and have to drink a certain amount of water just before the test. Just be sure to follow the directions on the kit. You can smoke up to the day before with these things and still pass. I've heard that the cranberry pills, drinking cranberry juice, or taking certain vitamins are not that effective. I've also heard of people using Certo or drinking bleach - neither of those work. My husband (in the past) has taken about a dozen drug tests and used some sort of cleaning kit each time and passed every one of them. Don't worry.

Jessi B
That's doubtful, actually. It goes out of the system quicker in casual smokers rather than people who smoke it every day. It's already been almost two weeks, and it was only two hits. If you're worried though, drink plenty of water, and take Goldenseal (you can get this at Wal-Mart and it cleanses your system at an advanced rate). If you don't have time for that, then go and spend forty bucks at a novelty shop for either Kleenex or the Liquid Stuff-it can help you pass a urine test. But you should be fine.

Mike C.
Probably not. If you drink a lot of water you should be fine. My buddy took a couple of hits one time and then found out the next day he had to drug test the next week. He just drank a lot of water and he passed.

Ask this girl
yes it stays for 30 days.

marijuana stays in your system for 30 days no matter how many hits you took

your screwed

Everybody is wrong I used to teach substance abuse and it will stay in your system for 1 yr. and when people go for a drug test for jobs they also test for Golden seal and other body cleansers. Sorry to have to tell you that. There is all kinds of ways to have a drug test done urine, blood, and hair, if they test your hair no drug will ever come out of your hair, it's with you for life.

No, Marijuana takes 3-7 days to exit your blood stream, a simple blood test will not show any in your system. Although, it could take a month or more for it to completely leave. It will show up in a hair sample, but it is unlikely that they will do that kind of test.

Steve C
stay in school and dont do drugs... you should have listened to Mr. T

I highly doubt it... besides, everything I've ever read with regards to testing indicates that there is a minimal level standard for the test to show as positive. I was in the same situation a few years ago, but I had only a 4 day span between the marijuana and the test (sudden job offer) and I passed. Just drink lots of water shortly before the test to be sure. It's not like you are a frequent user, so there really isn't much that should be in your system. Good luck!

P.S. It SHOULD be legalized! I will never understand why alcohol is legal and weed is not. Alcohol is more destructive to the body and someone who is drunk is more likely to adversely affect others than someone who has smoked. Huge differences!

yes, it stays in your system for 30 days


now i should know this out of all people, naw you good it won't be in your system if you have been drinking alot of fulids in the last seven days your fine cranberry jucie and water and just keep going to the bathroom as much as possible, there are so many methonds out there that will have you spending a lot of money dont try them, there all a waste, drink 8-12 glasses until it's time to go take the test i proise you will pass,

Gravy Czar
Being 5'5" and 185 lbs, I don't think THC in your system is your primary worry at this point....

mary mary quite contrary
yes yes yes your almost screwed
buy a flush kit which is ussually a herbal drink that covs the thc in the system from the drug
it can be bought at most herbal shops and pot speciality stores

Kristi M
yes. You won't pass a test.

Yes it will but you can go to any novelty store and buy one of those drinks that will help you pass a drug test. YOu have to drink it two hours before your test or it will not work and you have to drink a crap load of water with it! Don't know what city your in but in Houston they a place called The Bomb that sells them for $40.00

drink lots and lots of water all day and before your test. drink a gallon of water the day of it and you will pee water


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