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 What do you think of the 'warning' labels on cigarette packets?
I came across one today that said 'Smoker's die younger'. It was my mum's pack of cigarettes and just looking at that label made me feel overwhelmed with sadness. That was ...

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 are you happy with your body?
what is your ideal weight?
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and what is your ideal dress size?

 Im 14 but i dont know whats going on?
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by the way im 14. sry forgot to add ...

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plz helpp me ...

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I am so ...

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How can I get to sleep?
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Lol. :(...

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 Have you ever laughed so hard you passed out?
how can you avoid it. Ive done it twice....

 should i be freaking out?
i just went to the doctor and i told him my symptoms. well he said it could either be something as simple as not getting enough iron in my diet because im a vegetarian....or something more serious ...

Why is it that toilet paper doesn't come with instructions?
Everything else has them.

Because it has many uses....and should be self-explanatory.

Besides, they have those tv commericals with the bears for "Cha Cha Cha, Charmin!" LOL.

Even bears know how to use TP :- )

It does! You're buying the wrong kind. Next time you're in the Supermarket just ask one of the staff there for the toilet paper that comes with instructions.

They'll take good care of you

If you're buying toilet paper you already know what it's for.

Bet a lot of folk from the forces and NHS remember the loo roles with GOVERNMENT ISSUE stamped on each sheet.


charlie ob
Who in there right mind needs instructions for toilet paper ,isn't it obvious what you do with it whats the world coming to

helen p
One naturally assumes one knows how to wipe ones bottom!!

Toilet roll, whats toilet roll? I use my hands then soap & water

I once asked a room full of people which hand they wiped their bottom with. Most said they used the right hand and I told them I was surprised that none used toilet paper like me.

[email protected]
'Cause either way you use it, it's still right.

You need instructions? I thought everyone knew where their backside was.
I think the instructions are 1 for the front, 1 for the back and 1 to polish. So you got that? 3 sheets does it, I am told.

There should be a book written : Toilet Paper for Dummies! You know the Series!

y S
because toilet paper can't be used when you wet the bed

Now I'm curious...I'm gonna go home and see the packaging of my toilet paper. Too funny!

Check out links below.

So)) great question)
We have such instructions in russian (yes, we have it here!)) If you want, I'll translate it)

why? Do you need instructions? how about pictures?

cause most people dont give a sit!

Stop buying cheap paper - the expensive stuff does! IN fact some brands even have the instructions printed on each sheet especially for stupid people, or people who never change the roll, so never see the instructions on the packaging.

chris b
i don't know cos i don't go to the toilet i do it in the woods and use leaves! lol only joking

What kind of question is that??

Silly if you don't know how it started ..it went like this...

Thomas Crapper invented the loo and his mrs invented the paper
he said "what am I supposed to do with that?"

she said " you can stick it where the sun don't shine for all i care"

So now you know


I had potty training!

It must be an innate behavior - we don't like stuff hanging from our butts. Right?

forge close folks
Because if you don't know how to use it you can always wipe your **** with it!

tracey s
Mine does that is why I hang it on the line LOL!!! Jokes

mine does but i keep using it upside down its gettin to be a real bummer

Funky Little Spacegirl
Why would you need instructions??

That said, why do some products have really stupid instructions like after the cooking instructions on a micro-wave meal, it says "caution: product will be hot!"


My dog had to take tablets, and the instructions said "caution: this product can cause drowsiness, do not drive or operate heavy machinery" - what's that all about??

That would be interesting...

How many sheets do you think they would recommend for a pee or a poo?

Maybe it would go like this:

Luxury toilet paper users:

For a number one, remove four sheets of paper and apply to posterior. For a number two, use 10 sheets and apply as above.

Normal toilet paper users:

For a number one use 6 sheets of paper and apply to posterior. For a number two use 15 sheets as above.

If you have ultra economy paper (the waxed stuff like I used to have at school):

Give up and use your shirt sleeve cos this aint gonna absorb anything!!!

Slightly off topic, but I bought a toilet brush last week. Going to go back to using paper though cos I'm really sore .............

John P
As soon as someone in America injures themselves with it and files a lawsuit, not only will they have instructions, they'll have a warning as well. It's going to happen!

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