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I get into bed fairly early, but I go to sleep really late, I just stay awake for 1, 2, 3 hours.

I don't want to take any medicine, I want natural things. My mum gave me a lavender ...

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 i'm a 16 y.o. girl haven't been eating & sleeping lately...?
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Why is it that I can't sleep on my day off from work? And yet I can't get out of bed when I'm working??

Dr. Education
You have blue flu.

You realize your responsiblities at home are more fun than at work.

You're such a copy cat, because the same thing happens to me.

its called sods law

wicked now you told the world what u going to do about it?


You just described me there!

MISS ******
One of the great unknown questions!!

I really wish I knew the answer to that one. I get up earlier on my days off so go figure??

Get yourself examined for two things---a condition called sleep apnia (maybe wrong spelling) and anaemic deficiency syndrome, which is caused by lack of oxygen and healthy blood cells.

ahhh the things of life, some things we will never no!!!!

Because on the days that you have to go to work your going to have something to do and you don't want to do it and on the days your off your not going to have anything to do so your just bored. that's what I think

Ah, the oldest philosophical conundrum of them all. I wake up at six in the bloody morning on Sunday, but oversleep every weekday. There's a difference between waking up and getting up of course!!!

you would like to think that your body would have a day off, but no.....the day your body relaxs, it goes into spasm thinking why hasn,t it been woken yet, hence the reason you will often wake at the same time you usually get up for work on your day off. and yet the day you are supposed to wake, you tend to ignore the alsrm, this is your bodies way iof sayong....ok......but not yet...no panic....i will get up....eventuality....i have to pay the bills.....lol

Pat R
Im the same ,when im working ive got nothing to look forward to,but on my day off i can do what i like!

Its your body clock getting used to you getting up for work!

Have a nice hot milk and whiskey just beofre you go to sleep and that will make sure you wake up later than you needed to and help you relax to sleep.

Horlicks is also good as well

don't feel like the Lone Ranger
I get the same junk...your body clock is on a routine. maybe work brings stress that drains your energy.
What bugs me is not being able to sleep the night before an event. insomnia is the pits. Benyadril here I come

I'm the same way.

I personally think it's because I'm excited to have my day off work. There's so much to do that can't be done during those other 6 days of the week that I just want to do everything that I want to leap out of bed and get to it. But during those other 6 days, I just want to hide under the covers.

And Sod's Law is Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong, will) and I don't know if that applies here.

Well that's like me with school. It's because you look forward to your day off so you wake up early. On work days your dread going so you want to sleep in later.

It sounds like your natural sleep cycle is out of wack. I believe we have our own individual sleep cycles. I work Monday thru Fridays. On the weekend, I get out of bed in the morning no later than an hour past my work wake-up time.

If the time you get up for work is very different than the time you get up on your days off, that could be causing your problem.

Its cos you dont really want to go to work.

i am the same
i cant get to sleep on a night and cant get up in the mornings it annoys me loads

because when its your day off you want to do everything you cant do at work and when its a Workday you cant be bothered going to work and you want to stay in bed

it's all about mental attitude. when you know you're going to work you develop a negative feeling and want to stay in bed. as to why you can't sleep when you're not at work - you're mad.

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