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Helennah L
Why do i keep feeling dizzy, tired and cold?
for the last couple of months i have been feeling really quite tired even though i get a decent amount of sleep each night.
i also keep having dizzy spells, about once of twice a day, which last for a few minutes.
i also noticed that for about an hour each day my fingers go really cold to touch and feel and they also turn a bluish grey colour, and lately i have been feeling cold too.

i 18, and walk for about and hour, occassionally go to the gym and horse ride for a few hours each week. i also each two good meals a day and buy toast at school in a morning.

i went to the doctor and had blood tests but they came back fine! it starting to annoy me now and cant seem to get another doctors appointment, and just wondered whether anyone had any ideas how to get rid of it =p
please help if you can!!!
Additional Details
yeah i had a blood test that tested for every thing so i think that they would have tested for iron

and my mums a bit of a health freak and has always made sure that we eat healthy!

take an advil but don't overdose. make sure u eat a super healthy brerakfast and lunch and dinner. and shower every night and get a REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY good and long sleep.
its stresss.

Susan Yarrawonga
Alot of 18 year olds don't eat properly.

Perhaps you need to improve your diet. More fruit and vegetables for more antioxidants and enzymes that you need for good health and energy.

Perhaps you also need to reduce your sugar intake as there are 146 reasons why sugar is ruining your health. See items 1-146 in http://www.rheumatic.org/sugar.htm .

Sydney Currawong
When you had the blood tests done, did they test you for Iron deficiency? Because the symptoms you describe sound like you are Iron deficient. I went though the same thing when I was around your age as well. Iron deficiency is more common in females than men because of our monthly cycle. After a week of taking iron tablets I noticed a huge improvement in the way I felt.
The symptoms below are copied from the Blackmores Health product site:


Iron deficiency anaemia is more common in women than men and is associated with:

* Weakness
* Fatigue
* General malaise or tiredness
* Bluish lips, pasty skin, pale gums, nail beds and eye-lid linings

More severe symptoms such as breathlessness, light-headedness or dizziness may indicate more severe anaemia and medical attention should be sought immediately.

Iron deficiency is usually related to dietary intake of this important mineral, but other factors may also be involved. For example, women who lose excessive amounts of blood through heavy menstrual flow may have become deficient in iron. Many mothers develop anaemia during pregnancy, as their iron stores are diverted to the developing baby. Additionally, those who have suffered blood loss due to accident, surgery or chronic disease are also at risk of developing anaemia.


If you where not tested for Iron deficiency (anaemia) then next time you get to the doctor get them to another blood test.

In the mean time I think you should start taking a course of Iron Tablets from a health shop. Talk to them and get them to recommend the best brand for you.

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