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 Tip of my tongue is numb?
It's really strange. Lately the tip of my tongue has been kind of a fuzzy numb.. it's worrying me. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. Is there a specific thing that's ...

 How do I get some sleep?
It is summer now.. Which is good news and bad news for me. Whenever summer comes, I stay up really late or all night even if I am exhausted or bored. I just can't go to sleep. Right bow it is 3:3...

 how to make my mom quit smoking? :(?
Hi, my mom has been smoking sence 16 years old.. she quit when she was preggers with me then for a few year after i was born then she smoked agen!!
ive told her that smoking takes 7 mins off ...

 Why do i keep feeling dizzy, tired and cold?
for the last couple of months i have been feeling really quite tired even though i get a decent amount of sleep each night.
i also keep having dizzy spells, about once of twice a day, which last ...

 How to get rid of knee pain?
Hi I'm 15 years old and play hockey and I'm a goalie. I have knee pain that feels like it's under the knee mostly when I crouch or run, but MAINLY when I put weight on both knees. So I ...

Who has the hardest job: doctors or nurses?

You need to study harder and longer to become a doctor.
I'm guessing that nurses are constantly on their feet which would probably make it harder. But I'm not sure so I'll say doctor.

pat m
Doctor is because you need a higher degree and more years of school and training that a nurse does.
A nurse's training takes less years but you has more experience on the field.

Anyone that willingly empties bed pans and cleans up the patients who have died and other icky jobs, plus puts up with whatever the doctors throw at them has my profound respect.

Training to be a doctor may be grueling, but when you're a nurse it's always hard. I worked with the nurses when my mother was in the recovery room for nine days after open heart surgery. Yep, I said nine. My mother was my only concern but I saw how hard nurses were working with the other patients.

Hat's off to nurses, both ladies and gentlemen.

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