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Baron Von Watermelon
Which would you choose? Gross obesity or death?
A genie appears before you and says that he can guarentee you a long life (say 110 years of age), but the price of this long life is that you will be grossy overweight. If you tell the genie "thanks, but no thanks", you will remain slim, but will be dead in ten years.

Which do you choose?????

stay slim

Far fewer people than you might imagine actually get to choose. There are several "genies" that affect one's life; mine is the djinn called "diabetes". Contrary to what some physicians believe, obesity is not always a major contributor to the disease; I was at normal weight for my height and age when I was diagnosed.

Anyhow - few people actually get to choose between the parameters you've set up. My grandpa came pretty dang close to that upper figure before dying a slender man...

I'd choose life. Don't kid yourself - you'd choose life, too. It's easy to answer a hypothetical question like this, but in reality, you'd do anything to stay alive as long as possible. It's human nature. And by the way, fat isn't evil. It's just fat. People who say they'd rather be dead than fat are the problem, not fat people.

I'll definitely choose to die in ayear but not become fat.

depends on how old i was when the genie appeared!

Slim and dead in ten years. At least I then have 10 years of people not staring, laughing and pointing at me. In 10 years I could still do more than in 110 years of obesity. At the end your dead either way.

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