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 how much sleep does a 15 year old need in a night?
hi, im 15 and i wanna know how much sleep i really need during the night cos my mums always going on at me that i should go to bed early cos i don't get enough sleep, but i don't actually ...

 can you get high off of chapstick?
i put on cherry chapstick and i felt high i laughed alot i saw colors and was ccrazy....

 What happens if you try to commit suicide and survive?
do the law and health services get involved & do they inform your school ?

Does anyone ask you questions?

This question is not posted for the sick purpose of a joke, it is a ...

 how to get out of school?
have you ever pretended to be sick? if so then what did you do? include details please....

 Question about smoking cigarettes?
Very occasionally, I have a cigarette. I always feel light headed, clumsy and vague afterwards, almost like I'm drunk. Why is this?...

 I've given up smoking for 13 days - but now having a bad evening a really want to smoke.?
Just about keeping my resolve up - but wondering if anyone can give me some encouragement?...

 Whats the longest you'v went without sleep?
What the longest time you have stayed awake, and what affects did it have on you?
The longest I have stayed awake was 2 days or something....

 I stink of BO (body odour) but i don't want to shower. Which deodrant is most stongest to cover up bad smells?

 What time did you wake up this morning?
I woke up at 10:28 ...

I'm really bored. Nothing to do and I am not the least bit sleepy. Are you awake? Any suggestions on what I can do?

PS. I have been watching MTV videos so far and have seen each one ...

 What's the best cure for a migraine?
I've been getting at least one a day for a few days now. I treat it with either Advil or Motrin, but it's usually not strong enough. Are there any other over-the-counter medicines I could ...

 How can you stop your eyelid from twitching?
My lower eyelid has been twitching for 3 weeks now. I don't take any drugs other than a multivitamin. I don't feel stressed out. Don't drink coffee or energy drinks. What gives?...

 I'm going t quit smoking will you al support me ? no ignorant or smart answers please?
please ive tried and failed so mant times but would like to thank jadea for answering someone elses question she told us about easyway alan carr im going to try it i will need a lot of support im a ...

 I need to fall asleep?
So i need to go to bed early tonight, yea its usually not a problem for most people but i woke up at 3pm. I need to get up early tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips to make me sleepy? Thanks :)

 Easy Ten Points (maybe).....zzzzzzzzzzz?
I can't easily get to sleep, I try reading, watching TV, staring off into space, replaying movies in my head...there is nothing wrong with my mattress or pillow and my bedframe is fine.

 I'm going to stop smoking tomorrow evening, have you any advice on giving up?
i have tried before and can go a week or two without any problem, i reallly want to quit this time, i've bought patches and i think i'm ...

 What should i say, i dont want to go in for work today?
well i couldnt sleep all night i finally fell asleep at 8 am and my dad woke me up at 12...so im still very tired. i have to be at work at 3 until 11 pm tonight and i dont want to go...i work at a ...

 constipated HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have taken:
3 tablespoons of Canola oil
12 stool softeners
this constipation drink
and last I have drank 3-4 bottles of water each day

Help what else should I do???...

 what is the quickest way to lose weight? don't say eat nothing for a week ...?

 First signs of a cold - what's good to take?
I don't get paid sick pay so can't really afford to take time off and have a party at my house on saturday and want to be well for ...

xxfanpirexx fan
Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
I need to know if you are a lady or man, and which side of the bed you prefer to sleep on, I'm doing a survey for English class.

Lauren B
i'm a girl and i sleep on the side closest to the wall...
in my case that is the right side

Rob S

Diagonally across the whole thing.

kenzie :)
I am a lady and sleep on the right side of my bed.



SewerCrew 2
Male. Left generally. If we are traveling I sleep on the side nearest the door.


whichever one the wall is by, in my case, left.

left side as i like to be against the wall :D it feels more cozy


right side


Man....start out in the middle of a king size bed(single sleep alone) always end up on the left side.


Sarah B
I'm a lady and I sleep on the left. (well left from laying in the bed, right if you are standing looking at the bed)

very confused....
im a teen girl and i sleep on the on my right.

im a female and i sleep on the right side of the bed


im a female i sleep on the right only because the left is on the wall, and my teddy bear takes most of the left side up hahaha

yes yes very sad :P

raspberry's are pretty good
the side closest to the wall.

I guess it depends how you look at the bed. If you are looking from the foot the right from the top the left. But if you are newly weds what does it matter?

I'm a man and I prefer to sleep on the left side of my bed.

Right side. Lady.

d one next 2 d wall which is right

im a dude and i sleep on the right side

im a dude and i'd like to not care and just wing it to keep change in there but I end up on the right any day of the week

Unfortunately I still have a twin bed so, I sleep in the middle....whenever I sleep with my boyfriend though, I'm usually on the left.

Left because it's against my wall and I feel comfortable there.

P.S. - depends on your view but if you're layind down on it, it's the left, if you're standing at the end of the bed, it's the right.

on top.

Anna T
i like being on the inside, i'm a girl. so whichever side is near the wall, and if there isn't the wall then i don't really care, but farthest away from the door.

I'm female and I sleep on the side furthest away from the door.

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