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When you drink & then get drunk, is it bad to take a shower?

Additional Details
Because some are saying that if youre drunk & took a shower, your blood goes up to your head & thats where "the common passing out" thing really occurs.. Just asking guys..

It is only bad if you are going to passout/fall over...

But it does not help to sober up... only time will help.

Saves a trip to toilet to puke though...=P


It depends just how drunk you are. If you're so drunk that you don't feel like you can stand up straight, obviously taking a shower probably isn't a very good idea because you could slip and hit your head or something. You have to be the judge on this one. Although since alcohol impairs judgement....

Yes, it helps you to be awake. Trust me

Jessica G
Very very bad. I hear drunk people explode when you put water on them.

Haha, actually, if you're so drunk you fear you might drown yourself, you should probably avoid it. But if you're fairly competent at life and not too intoxicated, you should be fine.

why? i guess it would be if you thought you might pass out or something like that
other wise it might be a good way to kinda sober up, a cold shower would wake ya up a bit huh?

are you blonde?

doe eyes
If you are really drunk,you should be careful taking a shower because your judgement is impaired.

It depends how drunk you are as you could slip and fall and crack open your 'noggin. Other than safety issues there is no real Health problems with having a shower when under the influence of alcohol.

Yes because wht if you pass out in the shower that would not be good.

only thing bad is if you lose your balance and corditation , fall and hurt yourself

Tudor_ 22
Yes, maybe you could explore, water and acohol can't be mixed, It's a deadly combination. Please, be careful.

Not if you stink.

Only if you pass out and fall face first on the drain causing the water to pool and you drown.

You should take a shower whether you drink or not.

My boyfriend takes a really hot bath if he gets too wasted. (I'm talking about sick and almost hovering over the toilet wasted!) Everytime he does it, he feels much better after.

I finally tried it because I wasn't feeling so well after a long night of drinking and bad karaoke singing. I felt so much better afterward and I didn't have that yucky sticky sweat-alcohol-from-my-pores feeling that next morning. I actually felt refreshed.

Randys Girl
No it doesn't hurt you to. Well that is if your able to stand up...lol. Oh yea don't take a hot shower you'll get sick.

yes your pores will dilate and the smell of the alcohol will be more pronounced..shower before drinking..

No one wants to be a stinking drunk!

It is perfectly okay to take a shower when
drinking (be careful you don't fall) But don't
take a hot bath,because there is a good
chance you may pass out and drown. I've
seen it happen to a friend.(cold shower)
Please use a Shower Seat when Showering.

Not if you plan on drowning! Yay!

Also, when do you get drunk in a situation where you haven't been drinking? Doesn't that sort of negate the word "drunk?"

Just Q
As a general rule there should not be a problem with taking a shower if you are drunk BUT if you are too drunk there is more or a chance of slipping and falling and thereby causing broken bones and or a head injury.
There is a thought that cold showers will sober you up but that is a myth and hope for a quick cure of drunkeness.
The only way to get sober is stop your drinking for the night and get some good sleep.(Course there is always a chance of a hangover regardless of whether you are sober or not and regardless of how much sleep you get.)

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