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How do I stop my Eye from twitching?
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When a E-Cigarette says each cartridge is 15 cigs, how long do they last. takeing a average toke.?
I was just thinking there is no point if say 1 drag is the nicotine of a normal cigarette, also is the smoke still bad for your teeth ect, there must be some health downful of inhaling vapour?

i tried those e-ciggs things and i have to say they are worthless. they dont have nearly as much nicotine as a cigg, or at least you cant feel it and the vapor burns my throat worse than real smoke. you can only take small rips. i guess the only plus is being able to smoke indoors.

Scott Smith
It depends on the brand/style of e-cig you are using.

Never tried them , but as I'm wanting to stop smoking , using these (possibly) as an aid ... Ive marked this question interesting .. I want to see the answer to this one from real people , not the e-cigarrette advertising pap !

There has only been minimal testing done on the vapor from e-cigs so far. The biggest unknown is the flavorings. All the other ingredients are FDA approved individually and are "considered generally safe". Please note * I am NOT stating that e-cigs or the liquid are FDA approved or are "safe" - I am talking about the individual ingredients only.

If you just take a look at the ingredients and effects of a traditional tobacco cig and take the same look at e-cigs - then as a smoker - its pretty much a no brainer on which one is least harmful.

The best advice I ever got was to check out some videos on you tube AND read up on them on some unbranded forums. (vapersforum.com (VF), e-cigarette-forum.com (ECF) being two very well known ones. VF has a great, easy to find section on the studies done and the studies in progress on e-cigs.

I can tell you that MOST sales pitches are lies - example X brand e-cig states one cartridge is equal to 1 pack of cigarettes - LIE! Maybe 5 cigs worth. BUT everyone smokes differently and everyone's mileage will vary. There is also the option of controlling the nicotine levels in your e-liquid. So you can use the e-cig as much or as little as you need to; to avoid withdrawal symptoms and you can then begin dropping your levels if thats what you want to do.

They aren't a smoking cessation device. They are a smoking alternative. It just so happens that MANY, MANY people transition over to the e-cig completely and leave the tobacco cigs behind. In those cases - a lot of people consider themselves as non-"smokers" because they now "Vape" and not smoke.
As far as I know, there is no data on e-cigs causing or contributing to tooth decay/gum disease like traditional cigs. There is theory that the propylene glycol may in fact aid the overall cleanliness of the mouth as it is an antimicrobial.

Mostly, I can tell you that from experience - (36 year smoker) It took me about 2 weeks to "accidentally" quit smoking cigarettes. I just found myself going to the e-cig more and more until one day I barely noticed that I didn't smoke a real cig. That was almost 8 months ago. My story isn't unusual it's more the norm.

If you decide to try it - I strongly suggest you check the forums and videos before you buy anything and not to pay more than around the $50 mark for a starter kit and to make sure you pick up some extra liquid to refill your carts.

Good luck and Happy Vaping!

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