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 constipated HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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3 tablespoons of Canola oil
12 stool softeners
this constipation drink
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 are you happy with your body?
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Anon Delivers
Whats the longest you'v went without sleep?
What the longest time you have stayed awake, and what affects did it have on you?
The longest I have stayed awake was 2 days or something.

30 hours ... my behavior became similar to that of a zombie.

Da Jesus
a while

For about 3 days...it was horrible. I remember almost falling asleep everytime my body would stay still...even if I was standing up. My body wanted to quit....I fell like a rock once I got to my bed. ^_^

andy s
Lol, only like 16 hours. And got very very mad at ppl over smallest of things

♥ Blonde&Intelligent
32 hours -- it made me sick.

I guess the lack of sleep lowered my immune system's response and I had a cold for a week.

20 hours without coffee or anything with caffeine.

i tried an all nighter but crashed later so i don't really know what affects it had on me other than being very tired.

Between work and school I've stayed up close to 48 hours! It didn't seem too bad for the fact that during that time I was always busy so the time flew by.

Goddess Nikki
2 days or there abouts, i didnt eat either, was just drinking diet coke to stay awake, was really tough and i slept for about 12-14 hours afterwards

3 days with about 20 min of sleep on the 2nd day. i started talking stupid dreaming but awake you could say

bout 25-26 hours
i stayed up all night .

probably 40 hrs. during the final phase of bootcamp... i felt like i was falling asleep while i was marching and just nodding off for a few seconds felt like 20 minutes of sleep... like i felt like i had a dream in those few seconds... kinda wierd!

62 hours, I was trying to stay awake during a radio show contest to win a new truck. I lost, a guy stayed up 20 minutes longer than me.

two days and hafzzzzzzz.

I stood up for 3 and a half days before if finally went to sleep during a wake for a very dear friend....

A few hours. I have never reall tried.

Morgan W
i was awake for 3 days, and then a slept for 2.5 days afterward. pi**ed myself and was starving when i woke up.
horrible experience

i stayed awake 2 days also.. i was young & dumb, didn't have a life. just stayed on the computer the wholllleee time! i also looked like a human zombie!!

I can stay awake for like 3 days at a time. Sometimes on the weekends, i just don't sleep. It's not that hard.

2 days !

Momma to a sweet boy
32 hours my friend and I wanted to see how long we could stay awake we had about 12 cups of coffee each during this time period. It made me feel sick.

72 hours.

I felt as though things were moving in slow motion.
Everything was dull.
Physical reactions were way off.
I was constantly thirsty.
Memory was really fuzzy.
Light sensitive.
Cold sensitive.
I felt really creepy.
Hard to concentrate.

Slept for around 13 hours, got up for 6, then slept again for another 13 hours.
Woke up feeling like I had a horrible hang-over.
Took 2 days to re-orientate myself.

48 hours but that was a Long time ago I couldn't do it now and its not real healthy to do to anyhow

5 days. Not a lot of fun. I've done it twice. Once for work the other for .... other reasons.

Ev S
3 days 5 hours

It's Stickboy!
Two days and then some. I was so out of it I don't really remember how long I went into the third. I was runnin' on Dunkin and more work than I have ever had to manage at a single time.

48 hours, and it felt like I was drunk. Then when I did actually get some sleep it did little in terms of making me feel less tired.

Andi Pandi is having a baby!
once i did a three day binge on coke. that was fun...not!

17 minutes

Well I have stayed awake for around 36 hours, but I am really not good a running on no sleep, I become disoriented and feel practically drunk, blurred vision, laughing inappropriately, it's weird.

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