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 how often do you take a shower?
i have one twice a day.
once in the morning
once when i get in from college or at night.

Also how often do you take a bath?
i have 2 baths a week....

 I've been tired a lot... any suggestions!!!?
I get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep every night except I wake up several times during the night and I don't know why... I have not gotten a whole nights sleep in a long time and it's starting ...

 if you woke up in the middle of the night and you couldnt go back to sleep what would you do!!!!!!!?

 I am really tired..but can't sleep?
I WANT to go to sleep..but i can't fall asleep.
i have a hyperactivity.
I am REALLYY REALLY tired too!
don't say "count sheep, count from 100..imagine your on a beach ...

 I'm really depressed. What should I do?
I've never been this depressed in my whole life. I have no energy and find it hard to get up in the morning. What should I do?...

 What is the health service like in your country?

 How do you quit smoking?
What has worked for you?...

 I'm desparetly trying to quit smoking!The patch constipates me terribly!Any alternatives besides cold turkey?
I've tried cold turkey, high fiber foods,laser.Nothing helps.I'm at my wits end!Want to quit sooooo bad!!!Please help!...

 Why is my eye twitching? ?
My eye is twitching for no reason.
It's not even my eye. Its right under my eye.
It just keeps twitching.
I cant stop it.
It goes for a minute thens it stops. Then it ...

 Sick 5 year old, what do you think it is?
He has a doctors appointment tomorrow, but Im looking for opinions of what you think could be wrong with him
It all started today, he started running a fever around 101.5 and has had it all day. ...

 How do you get the smell of cigarette smoke out off your car COMPLETELY?
It stinks and I need to get rid of the smell FAST!!!
Additional Details
Soz, I ment - How do you get the smell of cigarette smoke out 'of' your car COMPLETELY?...

 Does anyone know if headaches are caused by tumors?
I get headaches frequently and last I went to the doctors which was about 7-8 years ago, I was told I get heat headaches and that was the end of it. Now I'm getting the headaches a little more ...

 ive had a constant headache for 6 days now paracetamol doesnt work and its the same when i wake up any advice?
Im generaly healthy and eat well lots of fruit and water sometimes its that bad i feel really light headed, ive missed lectures and had to leave work early cause of the pain. I get interuped sleep ...

 i may be pregnant and have a head cold what can i take? i have a cough sneezing and a bad headache? thanks !!?

 My Dad quit smoking!!!?
In a couple weeks my Dad will not have smoked a cigarette in one year!! This is a big accomplishment for him because he smoked for 30+ years. I want to get him a gift that says I'm proud of him. ...

 Why is it that I can't sleep on my day off from work? And yet I can't get out of bed when I'm working??

 Does anyone have good ideas to help quit smoking?
I have about 4 or 5 cigarettes left, and do not want to buy another pack. Does anyone have any ideas? Help, it's getting expensive!...

 What itch on your body, do you find the most satisfying to scratch?
Also do you know what makes us itch? Just had an itch on my ear, felt so good itching it....

 I'm Sleeping in to Long...?
well im not gunna lie, i get to bed late almost every night, and sometimes so do my friends, but they dont have a problem getting up in the morning, i sleep in till like 1:00 pm every day and i dont ...

 omg, is this nasty.........?
Okay, so this guy I like asked for a pic. And I was like "i feel icky right now. Tomorrow?"
and he said "take a shower then" and i said "i take my showers in the morning&...

Madeline likes Poetry
What time do you go to sleep and how long does it last?
How long does it take you to fall asleep and how many hours/minutes/days do you sleep?

I go to sleep around 11 generally because I have so much stuff to do so I get about 6 hours of sleep sometimes..

Also do you ever count sheep or anything like that?

to me it depends on what i have done that day and how tired i am.

If i have had alot of exercise then i can fall asleep straight away and sleep for a good solid 10 hours. But if it was a lazy rainy day it may take me 10-20 minutes to go to sleep so in that time i listen to some music and it usally helps.

PS: i dont think anyone counts sheep anymore lol

I'm lucky if I get 6hrs and I start thinking
about sleep at midnight cuz it takes me at least
an hour to fall asleep.Friday,Saturday, I'm
in bed 30mins after the bars close
and If I'm with someone sleep could last 10hrs
and beyond of course I fall right to sleep lol

I go to sleep around 10:00(because my body refuses to move after that) and wake up around 6:30ish. It works.. so far. It takes me about 5 or 10 min. to fall asleep because my body loves sleeping: ) When I'm trying to go to sleep I usually put on some soothing music such as waves crashing on the beach etc.

I go to bed Around 11:30 pm it take me
about 30 minutes to get to sleep.

Tori H
hi i usaully go to bed around 9 and watch tv until i fall asleep n thats around 10sh

if i cant fall asleep usally read gossip girl!!! that book rocks!!
then i have to wake up at 630

Uthman B
it takes me anywhere from 10 mins to an hour to fall asleep. I sleep for 6 hrs most of the time.

2 am to 10 am.

Me, myself and I
I try to sleep by 11pm and get up around 8am. I sometimes wake up several times, other days not so much. I have tried counting sheep when i couldn't sleep and I will assume it works cos I fall asleep and not realise I stopped counting.

Ivan B
I take my while to fall asleep and I usually sleep around 11 too and I wake up around 9 when I'm on vacation and 5:45 when I have school.

if you move around alot during the day, you'll fall asleep easier and wake up later. Also, if its cold then wear long sleeve pants and shirts to bed with sox. then you wake up and you feel unbelivable. i fall asleep 930-1030, but i hav to wake up 600 because of school

Go to sleep at 10 wake up at 6 for cross country.
And I dont think counting sheep works. I Just stare at one spot till my eyes get tired.

I got to bed at midnight and take about 30 seconds to fall asleep then sleep until 6 AM.

Typically, I go to sleep anywhere from 4:00am to 6:00am (I work 2nd shift, and get off at 12:30am). On the average day, I get up around 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

So that would be about 7-9 hours of sleep a day - though I usually end up getting woken up at least once during that time :(:(

As for FALLING asleep - this is why there is a two-hour range for my sleep times. Typically, I don't crawl into bed until I feel that I NEED to. Counting sheep, etc. only keeps my BRAIN awake - I spend enough nights tossing and turning (due to thoughts running through my mind) without CAUSING it myself ;);););)

i sleep 11-12 and i wake up at like 8-9 for work.

I takes me hours to sleep sometimes. Some nights I may only get three or four hours. Sometimes I sleep all night. I usually try to go to bed at eleven or eleven thirty.

Christine P
I go to bed around 1 a.m. and wake up at 8 a.m. I don't count any sheep. I have a little routine That I do when I am in bed to remember my dreams. I have a pen and a notepad next to my bed. And, I fall asleep pretty easily.

Go to sleep a bit past 10 and I wake up every now and then between sleeps.
I pretty much have dreams (REM sleep) daily, which I can't complain.

Bond girl
I go to sleep about 11 pm or midnight. I try to stay in bed for 8 to 8 1/2 hours, since I usually have to get up to use the bathroom at least once during the night.

I don't think you can be your best during the day if you usually get only 6 hours of sleep. I feel better and function better with 8 hours, even though with caffeine I can stay awake with only 6 hours.

I do not count sheep. I say the Lord's Prayer after I get into bed, I say it very slowly thinking about each phrase, trying to visualize and feel it. I think it is a great prayer of love and admiration and surrender to God and saying it every night has given me much more peace waking and sleeping than I used to have before I discovered this little secret.

i go to sleep at 10 and takes me about 10 mins if im tired but if i still cant sleep i turn on my radio and i get up at 6 30 for school

Dakota M
yeah i fall asleep around eleven, also. i'm too worked throughout the day, it's hard for me to go to sleep. i keep thinking i forgot to do an assignment, or if i had to get something signed, or if i needed to call someone, or if i missed a practice; stuff like that.

i usually get around 5 to 6 hours of sleep and end of falling asleep in math class sometimes...

i never count sheep, frankly, it has never worked for me. ever. i just listen to sitcom conversations on my television, and i drift into dream land.

Mango Muncher
i never count sheep, but some times im knocked out when i hit the bed, and others it has taken me several hours to fall asleep.

i get at least 6 hrs, ussuly seven, and on weekends 12

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