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 First signs of a cold - what's good to take?
I don't get paid sick pay so can't really afford to take time off and have a party at my house on saturday and want to be well for ...

 Why is it that toilet paper doesn't come with instructions?
Everything else has them....

 What's the best advice you can give to someone who is about to quit smoking?

 Apart from PRUNES...what is a good cure for constipation?

Additional Details
Ive tried eating loadsa fruit (bananas, strawberries and cherries) and muesli and yoghurt and a whole tin of prunes and stilll nothing!My skin breaking out now and I...

 Please answer!!! I'm super scared!!!?
I haven't been to my pediatrician since 5 for my kindergarten checkup. I only had to get 2 shots then. Now in 1 week, I have to go for a checkup. I'm a girl and 13. Please tell me ...

 I took 4 Tylenol PM with 2 Xanax, how dangerous is this?
My heart feels like it's slowed down a lot and I feel like really groggy. I just have been so stressed and had the worst headache and need to sleep. I'm prescribed the Xanax. I took two ...

 Nonsmokers, what are your first thoughts when seeing someone smoking a cigarette?

 Gross, but it keeps happening........?
Ok, I have never been able to use cotton ear cleaner things without gettin an ear infection, but I tried it the other day and now all the wax in my left ear is so far jammed and packed in there, I ...

 I need a fast way to fall asleep.?
I am a night owl. I try not to but if i go to bed anytime before two in the morning i toss and turn and cannot sleep. I need advice on how to fall asleep without the hassle of staring at the ceiling ...

 Is this the best joke ever???
Patient: Doctor Doctor im afraid ive got a lettuce stuck up my bum

Doctor: I'm afraid its just the tip of the iceberg young man!...

 Will marijuana still be in my system after only two hits 11 days ago? I haven't smoked in two years.?
I am 5'5", 185 pounds. I need to take a drug test for employment....

 is everyone anti-smoking?

 What do you think of the 'warning' labels on cigarette packets?
I came across one today that said 'Smoker's die younger'. It was my mum's pack of cigarettes and just looking at that label made me feel overwhelmed with sadness. That was ...

 How do you make your headache gone away without taking any tablets?

i am 14 years old and i have been having thought of the past two weeks of death and yesterday i came across something in my mind thats is saying i will die in 8 weeks i am so scared,becuase i am ...

 How do I quit smoking without using gum or patches.?

 Did the doctor behave professionally with my girlfriend?
My gf had a pretty bad cold and sore throat last month, so she went to visit a GP (in Bangalore). The doctor (male) asked my gf to remove her top before actual exam. So basically she was just in her ...

 are you happy with your body?
what is your ideal weight?
Additional Details
and what is your ideal dress size?

 Im 14 but i dont know whats going on?
My foot will go to sleep at random times. Even when im running. Also my head in diffrent spots does too. Like in the back of my head and on the sides what could it be?...

 how many hours sleep do you have on an average night?
i live on about 7, how does this compare to everyone else?...

What time did you wake up this morning?
I woke up at 10:28 am

4:12 AM - a half-hour on Yahoo! Answers - then back to bed until 7:45 AM

I wish ! i woke up at 7 am

I woke up at 7:30A.M. yesterday. Oh no I just realized I have been up for 22 hours! Ooops

Its the first time Ive had to set my alarm in 3 weeks - just been off work after having surgery & today is my 1st day back!!

you lucky thing. I was up at 6:30am



Mike T
Woke up at 0840, but nodded on and off til about 1010.

0650. only 50 minutes late.

9 AM

**uZi*[email protected]*FluZi**
its my day off today so i got up at 12, i deserve it tho, i work hard

mmmm i woke up at 12:58 p.m. EXACTLY!

"U" is for Uranium
4:35 AM EST. When I got up, the sun and birds were still sleeping.

i didn't.....i went to sleep this morning and woke up at 12:30pm though! :-)

i went to sleep around 6am

(incase your wondering, i live in england, if you dont. so my time is either ahead or behind you...but im still lazy...)

5.45am only because my alarm went off and I had to go to work :( last week it was around the 10am mark because I was on holidays :)

5:30 am cause the kitten wouldnt leave me alone. She really wanted her breakfast.


7 am.

don't stop the music ‚ô™
lmao, I woke up in the afternoon...12.35 pm

7 am

I woke up at 04:00am

My alarm clock went off at 8.15am but it took me an hour to drag myself downstairs - late night lol. =]

5:30(7:30 start)..........Every week day, weekends are whatever time I wake up! lol.

5:00 am

I woke up at 6:42 because my entire family was being super loud.

5am my baby kept kicking me.

last night i went to a bar. came back when it was almot morning. went online and talk to a freind from US. when i wen tto sleep was almost 11 coz i turned off the light at 10:50.
an dwoke up 6 in evening.
thats how my weekends are in china.

0535 - same as every work morning

I forgot

6:30 a.m and it's now only 8:00 a.m. I have to get up early every day and check my blood sugar and eat breakfast...doctor's orders.

04.30 SNOOZE FOR 5
04.35 snooze again
04.40 yep snooze again
04.45 guess what?
04.50 got my *** out of bed.......

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