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What the hell is wrong with me?
I need a diagnosis:

for some reason, if i drink anything for breakfast in the morning (i.e. Orange Juice, Milk, Apple Juice) I get violently ill with nausea about 30-45 minutes later. The weird thing is that this only happenss in the morning. I can drink all of these things later in the day with no side effects. I get sharp pains in my intestinal area with some diarrhea/vomiting.

anybody got an idea?

Try Pissing after u drink Whatever

Only Me
go to your doctor

try going to the doctor any one can btell you what they think but sometimes tests are what's needed. it could be IBS irritable bowel syndrome. but thats just a guess

go to the doctor it could be a number of things you never can tell

Lindsey M
See a gastointestinal physcian ASAP, this could be serious

About fruit juices, they contain so much sugar and additives that those with a weak stomach or those not yet used to it will not feel well. Same thing happens when you start giving these juices to young children first thing.
A glass of water (hot or cold) with a twist of lemon is healthy and won't make you sick.

you're pregnant. or just hate drinking int he morning. try H2O.

here's an idea- see a dam.n INTERNIST!

IBS.....Spastic Colin..... y dont u go to a doctor? Cause if this is just a side affect of something serious than wouldnt u wanna take care of it now instead of later!

it could be a perfectly normal hormonal thing, which is that your body takes longer to wake up than your brain does and so digestion isn't up to scratch in the morning.
i know plenty of people who get this, though i've never heard of sharp pains to go with it so, to be safe, ask your doctor.

my whole family has a similar problem, and i dont think its a disease. Bacially like you said, if we eat breakfast at all, we get ill once we get to work or school, the rest of my family has gotten used to it, but they used to have this problem, i still do, but its nothing too serious i think

see a doctor

It could be the acidity in the OJ, milk or apple juice. You may want to see an Gastroenterologist.

Only idea I have is.................. Get to your doctors asap as something isnt working right, you could have a kidney or liver infection, I'd get to the Doc's as soon as possible!!

Good luck :o)

Sorry but I can't help you. I think you need to go see a doctor as soon as possible. Today if possible.

it could be an ulcer or acid reflex but you really need to see your doctor

Do go see a Doctor as soon as you can.

My idea is that you may actually be dehydrated.
Even before you go to bed, try to drink some plain water (No flavoring or anything).
Just drink plain water in the morning, at room temperature, no ice.
Try to keep drinking plain water as your main drink throughout the day.
Don't use ice, just drink at room temperature.

Don't forget to see your Doc soon.

If you find out, let me know. I've had a similar problem but it happens in the evening for me. It's awful, isn't it?

how the hell am i supposed to know

i think you better see your doctor ASAP.before that you can try this;
drink HOT tea(any kind is acceptable but if it green tea,much better)also put one teaspoon of sugar.NEVER drink cold tea!
how long does this happened?
you must recall back the exact time those symptoms happened.
hope you feeling good soon,

Drink water in the morning.

no idea

I did that for many years and with me it was due to an anxiety situation manifested more in the morning. I ourgrew it at age 28.

tony b
don't you have a doctor ? go and ask him , if you don't want just stop drinking juise in the morning

Andreja K
Noting is wrong with you. You just ting that you get violently (the problem is in your head), because you tink that you are violently and so you act like that one. Maby you need some bag to hit it in some free time of yours? Try it, then let as see the rezults!
And....what ever you do don't panic!!!

I Know Nuttin
you're pregnant

Go see your doctor. This isn't an actual medical forum. There are few to no doctors on here. You pay high insurance premiums so that you can go see your doctor and ask them questions like this, so go see the doctor.

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