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What should i say, i dont want to go in for work today?
well i couldnt sleep all night i finally fell asleep at 8 am and my dad woke me up at 12...so im still very tired. i have to be at work at 3 until 11 pm tonight and i dont want to go...i work at a movie theatre

what should i tell my manager when i call in?


you are sick and you can't go!

Say, there is a VERY important family problem that must be tooken care of today. Or yeah, you could say you're feeling sick or have the flu.

just tell him that you're sick with some kind of virus that's contagious, if your manager is a good person they'll just tell you to get better and hope for a speedy recovery!

Seriously, you should really try to go into work. It will be a long day but then when you come home and especially when you get your paycheck, you will be happier.

But if you must call in...I would tell them you ate something last night that didn't agree with you and you've been up all night vomiting and cramping from pain. Food poisoning is always a easy way to get out of work. That or tell the truth that you didn't sleep well all night and you don't feel right today.

Don't risk losing your job though....being employed right now is a blessing...plus once you fight through it and go you'll feel better overall. Feel better!

tell them ur gonna be late because you were baby sitting and the parents are held up at work, better to go in late then call off. go back to sleep for a couple hours.

the good old iv got diarrhia and keep being sick chest nut works a charm everytime, ur not allowed by law to work if your in that condition :) lazy fecker haha

Cheyenne <3
say ur not feeling well

If this is one of the first times you've called off, then just call and say you have a stomach bug that you caught from your family. Make sure you apologize and pretend like you care that your not showing up.

Florence B
I am in the Emergency Room, my ankle has swelled up alarmingly. And I havent even been registered yet.

Tomorrow just tell them it was a hairline fracture nothing at all serious.

Or. Emergency Root Canal.;

Jarod O
Tell them you can't make it in. Everyone has personal days.

None of your buisness
You don't really have much of an excuse as to why you need to call off. Next time, you have one of those sleepless nights take a couple of sleeping pills when you start to toss and turn at night.

Amanda C
tell him/her that you have really bad diarrhea. it should work.

Emily F
Tell him the truth or go in and sneak off in a dark room to sleep!

Just make a sick call...if you are very tired you cannot function well.

who want's to know?
tell him you've been throwing up the the next day use green sharpie and color yourself with it

Phil McCracken
You don't know how lucky you are to even have a job. The jobless rates in the US have gone out the roof. I just got laid off New Years Eve from a company I have been with for 6 years. I have house payments, car payments, kids, and bills to pay.

Go to work and tough it out.

Charles & Elizabeth C
You better get your butt out of bed and be thankful that you have a job. Do you know how hard it is for people to find work these days? Go to work, or risk the chance of getting fired, because I guarantee you there are plenty of people who would love to take your job.

Kenn P
Go to work .........i may want to go there tonight

"uh hello "manager name" i cant come in 2 work today bcus my family was in a terrible plane wreck and i have become a vegetable. i'll see u 2maro"

Just not sleeping well is a poor reason for not going to work and is a bit irresponsible - you would be putting your co-workers and manager in a bind and that's not ever a good thing to do. You should at least make the effort to go in to work and if you are unable to finish your shift then tell your manager that you were unable to sleep and having difficulty - they may just tell you to go home. But do your best to try and honor your work obligation. You may very well feel less tired after you get up and get moving. Eat a high protein meal and drink some caffeinated soda and you will feel charged up enough work some if not all of your shift. If you do choose to call in then do not lie, tell your manager that you were unable to get sufficient sleep and you are concerned you may not be able to do your job.

This is probably not what you want to hear, but you should try to be there, if at all possible. I understand that you don't want to work, but people are relying on you and its always better to be responsible. Besides, if you don't go in, someone else will have to cover for you and that will mean an inconvenience for a coworker. Why not save the excuses for when you're really sick, not just tired? Good luck!

Dick Cheney
i partied hard not work today

just go in. you'll feel much better once you start moving around & your work will take your mind offa how tired you are.

either be truthful or just go in.
if you get found out you could lose your job.

Jonny Dangerously
That you're a liar and he should fire you because you're not trustworthy. :)

Call a co-worker and get a replacement first, that would be the right thing to do.

Dont do it... Just go, work will be over before you know it

Toughen up - this country is getting soft.

Go in.

The Yeti
Say you think you have the flu.

Nobody wants you to come into work sick and get everyone else sick. Sick days are great as long as you don't overuse them.

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