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What is the health service like in your country?

the usual third world conditions apply in scotland

hopeof kingdom
In the UK I think it is pretty good. Although there are always those who complain.

Private sector quite good.

The other - total crap.

Kieran K
Free for low earners is the best thing but the consultants are a joke in Ireland.

It is healthy!!

Scotland's health care is getting there,slowly.
I have several serious health issues. According to the directory Drs have (I cant remember its name)the pills I take cost around £70 a month. I pay £48 a year for a prepayment certificate that means I don't pay for any prescriptions.

When I'm I'll, I phone the surgery when it opens and get an appointment that day (they don't prebook any more, everyone has to phone on the day they want the appointment)

I have my GP, consultant, physio, specialist nurse and dentist, along with any hospital treatment I need for the meager £230 a month I pay in tax &NI (which isn't really right since tax pays for more than just healthcare)

I lift the phone and dial 999 an ambulance comes. If I'm not
seen within 4 hours of arriving at the hospital, the hospital is fined.

I get free eyetests and dental check ups.

Sure there are crap consultants and doctors, nurses who are there for the £5k golden hello and bursary they got at uni, but
overall people give everything they've got.

I know if I lived in the states I'd be on disability and miserable, cause I wouldn't be able at afford the medication and treatment I get that means I can control my conditions and work.

Ok, people die, people do wait more than 4 hours in A&E and waiting lists are too long, but for most of us things are a hell of a lot better than they could be. When you're disabled over night, can't feed yourself, wash or move, but get back to working and living you really appreciate what the NHS does!
(and just to be clear - I'm not on benefits - the free checks are available to everyone)

Pointless - UK

[EDIT] I'm north-east, you're having a laugh!

Right now, the health service is really good in the United States. We have top notch people working in our hospitals. The system is efficient for the most part.

I'm pretty sure that will change when Obama decides to Nationalize our health care.

The doctors won't have the same incentive that they have now. With the direction that this is going, we might as well go to Cuba for health care. (Cuba has none. They send their doctors to Venezuela)

very god where i live
north east england, we got the best hospital in the country

just pimpin
it's decent in canada, but we can't expect much since it's free.

LIsa P
living in the United States it should be excellent but there is a lot of room for improvement

southpaw cat
expensive my friend cut bottom of toe went to hospital it did not need stitches they just put a band aide on it and charge her more than 700dollars. united states does need to improve the cost of health care.

Artoro A Li
Since Nov 08, I am the main health Coordinator (as volunteer without pay or for appreciation) to run a district in promoting Mass Health Screening for Senior Citizen above 50 years and to follow with Health Medical Follow-up and Health Activities in Community Club, Residents Committees, Wellness Centre, etc. It is a pioneer project for 12 constituencies and will be for all 84 by year end to keep the OLD healthy & active to live a more fruitful life in society.

The country believes in co-payment for all payments as the Govt will help or subsidise and you have to pay your share in 15-20%. All health services must pay but if totally unable on application, will be given a waiver. It is the top health centre in SE Asia and many foreigners come for the services from EU, US & Asean countries.


Its ok but could be better. I live in the United States.

Right now, most people have to have private insurance (expensive), either out of pocket or through their employer. Losing your job and benefits can be disastrous. Health costs are not exemptions for most people on their taxes.

Those over 62 and disabled folk are put on Medicare, which has two deductibles, and pays for 80% of most health care costs. Those who can afford it buy a supplemental insurance policy to cover what Medicare doesn't.

Finally, there is Medicaid. It is for desperately poor disabled people. It covers most everything, but most of the people I know on Medicaid have to show thousands of dollars in medical bills over the past three months, no assets, and a low disability check.. Their lives are pitiful.

The quality of care varies. I live in a rural area and truly fear the surrounding hospitals. I go to the nearest city for care and surgery.

jesse c
I live in Portugal, it's pretty bad. People wait for hours to be seen by a doctor, old people die all time at some hospitals, they don't really take care of us.

But at least it's free, I don't pay almost anything when i go to the doctor, if you give blood it's totally free :D besides that I'm not proud of the health service here.

id be dead by the time the paper work is done

Unfortunately very unclean which is sad.

Bend it like Bender
Slow as hell - Ireland

Could be a lot better but people would revolt if taxes went up to pay for it. The chief executives who gey obscene salaries and bonuses could take a pay cut but that will never happen.

Sienna's mommy
absolutely shi**y -USA

NHS is good here but a long waiting list due to lack of Doctors ?but on the whole it is better than some countries?there are lots of issues I do not agree with but that is the goverment and people that should be getting first class dont and people who abuse the service get the lot?no wonder people get angry?

Elizabeth (the jewish princess)
I have to say in the Town where I live the health service is great, I have 3 big hospitals just in a 7 miles radius, with hardly ever if even a wait to be seen, and the doctors a great! And probably the one I like best is the hospital that has my doctors office right on the 2nd floor on one of the wings, it's a brand knew hospital, so if you see him and he wants a test done right away he just sends you right down stairs to get whatever you need, from x-rays, blood work, cat-scans etc,,and he gets results back asap,,,and when you are admitted there's only private rooms that look like a suite at a nice hotel, with cable plasma TVS, and the menu's for the food has changed so much over the years it's literally like a hotel,,you get a menu of about 3 choices for each main meal, and pop and juice at your request anytime,,that's one of the reasons I think I would have a hard time moving, seriously,,

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