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What is best after you throw up 3 times?
So I woke up nauseous and my stomach nagging. So i went to the bathroom, had diarrhea and went back to bed. I woke up 2 hours later and didn't want to get out of bed because for some reason I was in less pain when I laid down. Then I got up and puked 3 times and I feel a lot better. What is best. I am pretty sure there is nothing left in my stomach but I don't want to eat anything big that would make me puke more. Any advice is good. My mom is usually with me but she is at work. :(

Sip water. Don't try to eat but you do need to make sure you don't get dehydrated.

Try coke syrup if there is someone who can go pick some up for you. It works awesome to help your stomach.

if you have diarrhea and vomiting you probably have a bad stomach bug, and its best to get it out either way. try and sip some flat lemonade to keep you hydrated if you can't keep anything down. and later when your stomach settles try some plain carbs like white toast as your stomach will find it easier to take.

I would go with a little water not much just enough to wet your whistle and a few crackers. don't over do it but you need to keep up some of your energy until your mom comes home. If you have any juice not much would be fine not much though. You body will absorb better this way than going in and having an IV stuck in your arm. They do that in the ER most time any way. For a lot of reason but just try and drink a little every 15 minutes or so.

Keep the fluids coming. No ice. Popsicles, water, sprite, no citrus juices, and even if you continue to throw up keep sipping the fluids. Use the BRAT diet too. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast are the standard diet or the BRAT diet when you are having these symptoms. It is going around here in San Antonio. My daughter and my son's friend are sick and here with me because they are so ill. Be kind to yourself and stay in bed.

you can call up a doctor just for sure. but i think it's just indigestion. you can eat porridge, or just soft foods for now. nothing raw.

yeah you need to drink (sip slowly) water as you can become dehydrated as water can be lost from diarrhoea
if you feel upto it you may like to try some dry toast or plain crackers like saladas or water crackers
but do not eat them quickly.

Firstly, toothpaste and minty chewing gum

Then...well if you have diarrhoea, its best to have plenty of liquids and rest. (water if your being sick a lot)

Paku G
hot sweet tea

Maizy *
When you have a stomach bug the best thing to do is put nothing in your stomach except tons of water or gatorade since it has electrolytes that will hydrate your body while adding some calories. Your body will reject anything you put in it, later this evening you will probably be able to tolerate something non dairy and non greasy, bananas and plain rice are the best things when you do decide you can eat something.

Jenna J
Try unbuttered toast or saltine crackers. If this doesn't work then go to ice chips starting with a tbsp and increasing by one tbsp every hour for up to ten hours. If no better then go to the doctor. Taking a shower will also help with dehydration.

Best not to eat, it would be like loading a gun. Boil some water and let it cool and sip on this slowly. You'll probably be dehydrated. Keep on the liquid till you feel your stomache is stable. The more water you can get down the better.

I usually feel better if I'm moving around when i have diarrhea, I don't know why it just feels better...and I don't know but eating something may help you get the rest out, even it may make you poop...it will all be out


Hello love. I have been experiencing the same sh*t as you today.
I got up, sick and had to go back to school for some lessons.
When I reached school I threw up outside the school gate and the security guard rushed to my side to ask what was wrong.. I told him nothing, cos I thought maybe I got carsick or sth and headed to lessons.

During lessons, vomited twice into the wastepaper basket and my teacher just told me to forget lessons today and get some rest at home.
My teacher told me not to take anything to eat or drink at least 2hrs after vomiting. Water works. Coke worked as well. Cause you need to replace your salts, so take coke instead.
When i got home my parents were not home, so I just made myself some soup.
basically i've felt better since then but still a bit giddy. resting in bed all day.... get well soon,esp since its nearing xmas!

Sky Fry
7 up. then if you can hold it down have a banana

Crackers, well saltines, and water. Almost anyone can hold down saltines even when sick. I'd also try milk if you have any. It helps fill the stomach as well as giving you the liquid.

When you vomit, your getting stomach over your teeth and can cause problems, so you should wash your moth out.

Try to replace the water that you spit up and the water that was drained from you during that last diarrhea stool!

Even if you don't feel like you want too!

Go Figure!

Sprite or anything with bubbles in it like gingerale and Jello always helps too, do a strictly liquid diet today like soups.

Misty C
Crackers and Sprite is what i give my kids..

Tyler R
your probably dehydrated now, so take in small amounts of water. Like a glass every two hours or so. Also, yogurt is a great food for when your sick. The natural bacteria in yogurt will help fight off the bacteria in your system.

Drink lots of fluids and rest.

Well, my mom always made me drink Sprite - but sip it slowly to see how your stomach will respond. Also, (I know it's cliche) chicken noodle soup with crackers tends to be ok too. Have any pepto? I've never used it, but some people swear by it. Hope you feel better!

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