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Nena Candelaria
What is a good way to get more sleep?
So i am only 16, but lately i've been having some trouble with going to sleep and staying asleep. I fall asleep around 12ish and wake up at most 5 times a night. Then at school i feel weak and tired, i'll fall sleep in classes, and i feel like my grades are starting to slip because of this. What should i do?

tylenol pm take at 11 pm, youll be out by 11:15 and you wont wake up till your alarm goes off

My Name is not here
Maybe you should cover yourself good because that happened to me one time and I was just cold or you should try and go to bed a little earlier

Alex B
You need to get into bed earlier. Een if you dont fall asleep right away get i bed at 10 and lay there until you fall asleep. Eventually your sleep schedule will adjust and you will get tired earlier.

discover sleeping pills

Josh on Element*

get really tired before you go to bed. then take a hot shower.

Amy W
go to your neighborhood drug store and get a small sleeping pill...they have non-addictive forming ones...

caitlin r
you can buy melatonin over the counter and it is a natural, safe way to sleep. And it works.

James G
Go to bed in time to get at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep for at three nights in a row--then following that go to bed in time to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Also, do not use a computer (monitor) and/or watch television 2 hours before going to bed--computer monitors and televisions put out ultraviolet light which is known to stimulate adrenaline which will wake you up--also, avoid fluorescent and high intensity lights, and street lamps 2 hours before bed. Avoid caffeine and sugar--and if there are smokers around you--avoid the smoke (nicotine). Read some interesting non-fiction stories after finishing homework and prior to going to bed. Also, I recommend that you discuss this problem with your parents--maybe a medical physical by your physician could solve your problems. Good luck.

Kathryn D
Maybe try to lay down in your bed and shut your eyes. uhh.. maybe try goin to sleep earlier like 10 or whatever don't stay up. or maybe somethings bothering you. You can always take night quill? thats what i do when i cant sleep. yeah well hope this helps sorry if it does'nt

Sean s
well, those hateful teachers just won't let anyone get sleep. i tried to do the same thing when i was in school. the only teacher that would let me sleep is the one who was assigned to detention after school.
here is what i did and you can do it to. at 8:00 p.m. do some weight lifting as much weight as you can lift. for twenty minutes. then run as fast as you can around the block for twenty minutes. do twenty minutes of chores. take a ten minute shower. you will be out like a light. try harder the next day and add one minute to your time to each thing up to seven extra minutes.

First of all 12 is too late to be going to bed. You need 8 hours sleep each night. Try limiting caffeine after 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon...this includes colas, tea, chocolate. Also don't eat heavy meals or do strenuous exercise after 8:00pm.

I listen to music to help me sleep

Carly S
Make sure that you are practicing good sleep hygiene. Don't use the computer or watch TV at least an hour before bed (this is a hard one for me!). Do something relaxing before you fall asleep. If you can't fall asleep, get up after 15 minutes and do something relaxing until you begin to get drowsy. This will help you avoid associating your bed with lying awake. Make sure the room is cool, but not so cool that you're actually cold and that your bed is comfortable. If you can hear any noise and that is keeping you awake, either figure out how to stop the noise or wear earplugs. If it's light keeping you awake then wear an eye mask.
Try to get up and go to bed at the same time every day so that your body gets into a rountine. I know that this is horrible to do on the weekends if you want to sleep in, but it will help your energy in the long run.
Eat well and exercise, but not right before bed.
Avoid naps during the day, but if you do take one make sure it's a short 20 minute power nap.

If these methods don't work for you, then go to your doctor. S/he might prescribe you medication and will check that you don't have some sort of health issue that is causing insomnia.

im going through the same problem
get your hands on some weed and you'll feel a lot better
alcohol especially liquor does the trick too!

Maybe you should go to sleep earlier, and before so, make sure you're calm and relaxed. For instance, instead of trying to go straight to sleep, maybe listen to some music. Hope i could help.

well first off try getting to sleep earlier, in the day, try to do some stuff physical, work out maybe? that will make you more tired at night.

mike s

cool dark environment, like a bear cave
don't do anything else in the room you sleep in. don't watch tv in bed, computer, any of that b/c then you start to think your bedroom is for everything else but sleep. es no bueno.

excercise and diet are actually really important too.
daily excercise will keep you on schedule.

the comeback kid
Sleeping pills. Or a better diet, food has a lot to do with being sleepy and tired during the day. Also the lack of exercise. Ummm nyquil works too.

First you need to think of what's causing your insomnia through the night... are you drinking too much caffeine? Do u take a nap during or after school? and have you always went to bed around 12 or is that just recently too? Also, is something worrying you through the night? All of these things can play a factor so try answering these questions. And sleep aids should be your VERY LAST resort.

Don't watch TV before you go to bed.

Keta9 b
work out or get active during the day, its proven to help you sleep longer and better, dont drink anything with sugar or caffine before bed. Some people milk before bed helps.

Cut out all caffeine and try drinking some sleepytime tea before hitting the sack!

Try not taking naps during the day and drinking caffeine drinks a couple of hours prior to the time your ready to go to bed. Also eliminating or identifying distractions that keep you up at night will also help your sleep pattern. Perhaps there is something that is stressing you out and even little things like the light coming in from your window at night.

kava kava tea. stress relief. healthy and will put you right out.

Sounds like you could use a check up so tell your mom or dad about your insomnia, so they can make you an appointment.

Linds & Kelsey
What my parents do is shut the internet off at 10 pm. It helps a lot.

Hello Beautiful
Taking a sleeping pill, i have the same problem & have been taking sleeping pills since 5th grade.
Also listening to thunder & rain helps me :)

Make sure you are not doing activities in bed like laptop, lots of texting or phone activity, reading etc. The bed should only be where you sleep! If you find yourself lying awake with too many thoughts. Get out of bed for about 15 minutes, get a glass of water, switch the TV on, read, something that winds you down. Then lay down and think about white fluffy clouds! Last resort, tylenol PM! Good luck.

I started to have a snack at night that has a lot of calcium. If you eat a slice of cheese or a yogurt it will help. I would freeze my yogurt so it was like an ice cream. It is amazing how it will relax you. Make sure you don't drink much at night. When I wake up I start drinking water but have none late in the day. Don't use caffeine so no chocalate yogurt.

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