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Emily B
What drink makes you pee the most?
my friend's pee won't come out......

what drink can she drink that will make her pee?


but why cant she urinate??? If she doesnt go for to long she can get very very sick. She may need a cathader

*!beani da wini!*
water, or cranberry juice!! (personal experiences, hahaha)

Orange juice, cranberry, tea, 3 cups of water.

Freddy Mac
Coffee makes me pee like crazy. If you have access to fresh coconuts, drink the water. It will definitely make you urinate. Try it out

ice tea for me..or water..

cola, tea

Probably prune juice or apple juice, but that might upset your friends stomach, more so.

steph s
mountain dew.

and she better see a doctor.

alochol makes you pee a lot though.

Dianne S
Green tea works really well. An herbal detox tea would help, they make you pee a lot! If she's got some sort of bladder infection or something a good detox tea will help that too. You can get them at a health food store. If you can't make it to the store, try green tea and add some lemon, or lots of water with lemon. All good detoxifiers and will make you pee!

yvonne a
She may have a UTI, definitely have her go to her primary care doc, if left untreated it could result in pretty bad consequences.

Cranberry Juice--as mentioned above-- won't necessarily make her pee faster but it does help with UTI's.

caffeine helps you get peeing faster, and just plain water. You can't get anymore liquidy than that!

Lauren Marie
lots of water

Bre =]
McDonald's sweet tea
omg.. its so addicting but it makes you go quickly!

dude lemon tea like the ones you make out of the lipton powder

well yeah dude it makes you pee mad fast

low key it taste pretty good too lol

everything makes me pee the most.

The Brown Cow

Cranberry juice

©Florida Gator Man
anything with Red Dye! Red Gatorade Fruit Punch. Also for me Mr. Pep extra.

jamaica tea

Coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beer.

Zach G
apple juice, or green tea citrus flavor

Angie T
cranberry juice

cranberry juice, its good for your URINARY TRACT! WOO!

proabably between tea, soda,lemonade or kool aide.

does she have a kidney stone or bladder infection ? if it wont come out and she has the urge then she needs to call 911 right now


The drink that will make you urinate the most is the drink with the most amount of caffeiene and sugar. Caffeiene stimulates urination by increasing your heart rate and cardiac output (increased blood flow to the kidneys), while sugar raises your blood osmolality which increases the kidney's filtration rate. A great choice is "Monster", but ordinary sodas such as Mountain Dew, etc will also work. You can add more sugar to the drink to increase the diuretic effect.

However, if your friend is having trouble urinating, there may be an underlying disorder such as simple dehydration, or SIADH, bladder infection or urethral obstruction. If this lasts more than a day or two, see the doctor immediately!

Susan M
black tea or green tea

[[ BrooklynxBreakdown ]]
water .

[[ BrooklynxBreakdown ]]

cold iced tea. lots of it.

hmm... well juices seem to make me
pee a lot lol
i think its more of how much you drink though
(in one setting anyway)

Cranberry juice. Sounds like a bladder infection. Cranberry juice is a natural remedy for that too!

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