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What do you think of the 'warning' labels on cigarette packets?
I came across one today that said 'Smoker's die younger'. It was my mum's pack of cigarettes and just looking at that label made me feel overwhelmed with sadness. That was something I did not want to read regarding my Mother's health.

I have mixed opinions over this 'campaign'. I can see why they are doing it - the benefits BUT i can also find down sides to this.

What do you think? Is it right?

I believe that smoking is bad for people and that the warning label is necessary to infrom those who do not know that. You might want to try to convince your mom to stop smoking. If she does, she WILL live for longer of your lifetime.

I think they should have pictures of people dieing from lung cancer, coughing up blood, and say "This could be you"...

Well, I think that it has good sides as well as bad but I think their not that effective. I mean that if you go and buy a packet and as you are opening them, you see the warning and ignore it and smoke.

I'm not a smoker by the way.

i think it is there cheap way of warning us cuz they know that smokers probably wont read it. my mom smokes too and i worry all the time but i dont think that she read that either

I think those warning labels are a good thing. People who smoke don't care anyway....but at least they can't say they weren't warned!

it doesn't put me off, unfortunately

I don't think it makes any difference... if the label said 'we are going to increase the cost of these cigarettes 10 times tomorrow' the smokers might think about it. But it's sad that your mother isn't aware of your love for her in this respect. Hope she doesn't get cancer, of course.

Canada's used to say "This product will kill you" but I don't know if it still does.

If you read it and care it can do a lot of good. Most smokers don't.

To be honest about the whole warning signs, I have not even bothered to look at it. To date I have not really look at it properly.I buy a pack open it and smoke. That's all.
It is not effective at all, people will still smoke no matter what- PERIOD.
I am only disappointed that in Singapore they had banned small packets and only sells box of 20s. This is actually not working as the idea was to deter children from buying ( coz of price) but they dont know that if I wish to reduce smoking ( most smokers wants too) I will purchase a small packet. In this case, I am forced to buy a bigger packet and thus smoke more. As most smokers knows you cant keep the packet too long or smoke the 20 sticks in 2/3 days. This is definitely one step forward but 2 steps backward.

Marci G
It's not about right or wrong. It's about not getting sued and it's about money. And maybe easing of the conscience a little. These days, people know the dangers and we do it anyway. What can I say, we are human.

I don't think it puts anyone off.... nor the advertising ban.... cant understand how we can allow cigarettes to be legally sold...

Yes I do think it is right, and i still think it is not enough. Sometimes the things we do in life aren't the best things to do, but we tend to shrug off the badin order to enjoy the good things in our actions. Putting labels like the one you mentioned, depressing as they are, remind us of the consequences we so often put in the back of our minds.

Smoking is not a joke. Scientific research have found that smokers really suffer diseases and illness including but not limited to: Heart attacks, Strokes, Cancers of various body organs, and asthma with other lung problems. Research have indicated that those conditions are considered a major causes of death world wide, and people who have them live a lot shorter that others, in addition to this people with such conditions have a very poor quality of life before death ( meaning they will spend there time in and out of hospitals, and so on and so forth..)

Therefore, I think it is a good way to let people know that smoking is so dangerous. It may also prompt people who smoke to start seriously think of quitting. I think you should move from your sadness and utilize this anger that you felt -perhaps- and make every effort to educate your mom about quitting and help her fight this habit, put in other words, you should support your mom quitting right from the beginning and tell he that you really want her to quit because you love her and you want to be with her for a long time being healthy and way from trouble.

the only people these warnings upset are non smokers.i am stupid because i smoke but i am intelligent enough to know that they harm my health but am addicted to them so the warnings do not make any difference to me.

i think more people should listen to them.

but the smoking companies make their money off of cigarettes. they put warnings on because the law tells them to. but pretty much every smoker knows (or is ignorant) that smoking is harmful already.

personally, i hate smoking, have an aversion of being anywhere near someone while they're smoking, and would never date a girl that smoked. i would say i wish it was against the law, but i don't like freedoms taken away like that.
i do wish it were against the law to sell cigarettes (marijuana is illegal but has medicinal value, while cigarettes are legal but have no redeeming quality whatsoever), then people would have trouble finding them and be forced to go cold turkey.

and as for what wizardslizards said, this is how i look at things. Maybe there's no evidence that smoking is bad for you, but there is no possible way that smoking could be good for you.

they are not strong enough!
When you go abroad to some other countries
you get pictures of what it does printed on the packs.
images of diseased lungs and hearts and arterries filled with fat.

[email protected]
Scary but it hasn't helped me give it up lol

personally i think these labels are a waste of ink most smokers are aware that cigarettes cause cancer contain some nasty chemicals but it does not deter them. if you are too stupid to know that they are dangerous then whose fault is that? as a smoker i dont pay any attention to these warnings they dont put me off at all. i smoke 20 a day well aware of what they can do as my grandmother died of cancer.

the warnings are there just to cover the tobacco firms from being sued like kp nuts warning "may contain nuts" its stupid the government dont really want to ban smoking outright as they make more from tax on cigarettes than they spend in health care.

A complete waste of time!! If people wanna kill themselves a few words stuck to the packet wont stop them! I suggest smokers just burn £5 and save their lungs from the smoke!!

richard d
people who smoke know the risks. the messages are there to make the smoker realise what they are they are doing and (just like you) to persuade family members to pressure them into stopping. I agree that scare tactics are not always the way to go about things but if it improves peoples health then it can only be good. I think that to stop smoking you have to want to stop from you own conclusions and feelings about it. I smoke because i like it and have had no desire to stop even though the government tells me "Smoking kills" or "smokers die younger". I know these things but if were to have a child who is upset at the fact of loosing me, well then i would have a desire to stop and will power works wonders. Tell your mum how you feel. am touched by your concern.

i think that they should replace them with grotesque images of what happens to severe smokers' bodies, eg feet with four toes and black lungs. This would have a myuch larger impact on a broader spectrum of people

I think it's wrong that they just target tobacco products with these warnings. There are a lot of products on the market today that can be harmful to your health and I have yet to see warnings on them. Here in Canada, they don't stop at written warnings like you out-lined, they also show pictures of what a smokers lungs look like. Why don't they show pictures of fat people on chocolate bar wrappers or what a drinkers liver looks like on a case of beer, etc.? Oh, and I believe you'll die when you die no matter if you smoke or not. My one grandmother didn't smoke a day in her life - she died of cancer at the age of 50. My other grandmother who smoked 3+ packs a day for as long as I can remember, lived to a ripe age of 101 before succumbing to pneumonia....it's all in your genetic make-up.

Smoker's die younger?

The inappropriate apostrophe is the saddest part.

I tell it like it is
It's sad but true, you wouldn't want them to lie to you, right? I'm a smoker and I've heard all about the negatives, but the truth is, I am addicted and have a hard time trying to go through a day not smoking. I feel its more habit than even thinking about it.

michael g
Actually, the warning should be printed on all sides of the of the pack. There is no second guessing here. Cigarettes kill and in a mean and nasty way. The message 'Smoking Cigarettes Will Kill You!" is not too strong a message at all. The blatant honesty of it can be painful but it is necessary.

if a condom said: "warning, you may get pregnant" whould you stop?

It's more to cover their butts (sorry about the pun). People won't be able to say they were mislead and sue. The warning's right on the pack.

The cigarette companies are required to put the warning labels on the sides of each pack... its a complete waste if ink if you ask me.

This will sound completely backwards from what you believe to know: there is ABSOLUTELY NO STUDY PROVING CIGARETTES CAUSE CANCER! Believe it or not... but it's very true. You will always be told to believe they do because of the bias towards tobacco companies making a crap load of money...

I work in healthcare (chemotherapy) and see the effects of smoking. In my humble opinion, the warnings should be in neon lights, and should yell out to the person everytime they take one out of the pack. I am very sorry the warning made you sad, but if it keeps one person from smoking...I pray it will keep you from smoking. What about a child that picks up a pack of cigs...maybe his parents smoke and think its fine...maybe thats the ONLY warning he'll ever get regarding his health and what smoking can do to him... So, yes..I think its right, appropriate, necessary and just not enough...but it will have to do until something better can be thought of.

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