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What do you do to avoid smoking?
I think in this life full of trouble not getting used to smoking is a great thing. I think specially in this country Iran smoking is the most natural thing to do; it’s just a matter of time, if you don’t smoke now, you will have to smoke soon.
I try to avoid it by taking a walk every time I felt nervous, but as I spot someone smoking a cigarette I just wish to get one. But I don’t like getting used to smoking; I don’t like to pollute my body.

Puff on a mini cigar or a pipe tobacco cigar like a Black & Mild...bad for you, but not as bad as cigarettes, since you don't inhale.

dog the bounty hunter
you answered your own question

if i see someone that is smoking i run!! it only makes me what to. avoid going outside if you have to work out run around in you home.

Hmm, interesting question. Walking seems rather positive, you're forgetting about a bad habit by making your body healthy. Try chewing gum or eating sunflower seeds although that might relieve the stress, which is the reason most people smoke in the first place. Find yourself a hobby that is beneficial to you and is relaxing. To me, these seem like the best ways to avoid this unhealthy habit.

- Kekoa

jew k
make sure not to light a cigarette n smoke it

be strong and eat fruit or raw veg! or chew gum

I have chewed strong flavored gum for the cravings or Nicorete. Nicotine gum packets help you slow down nicotine intake. If I were you, I would go a local pharmacy store and ask about the new Nicorete gum packets. Also, You could find a hobby like instead of smoking go run to relieve stress or get involved in a local gym or start doing exercise because it reduces stress and increases metabolism.
Change your cravings into something else like instead of smoking, eat something or drink water.
I have found that chewing flavored gum is pretty effective but when you go from the nicotene to the gum then you can transfer it from gum to exercise good nutritional foods and exercise even.
I used to smoke but I quit 13 YEARS AGO AND i HAVE NEVER SMOKED SINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been offered to smoke numerous times, but I rejected it not because I was falling into peer pressure, but because I HATE IT.

well you don't really specified if you do smoke or not so in assuming you probably do a little but your not there yet. i think you already know that smoking is the worst thing you can do kill your self, so when you see people smoking even if there friends of your don't bother given them a lecture of they're going to die seven years before you and once they turn 35 there goin to to look as if there 45 years old. one more thing once you stop smoking for three months the urge to smoke goes away completely, so just hang on.

Rima Remix
i dont smoke
so i dont know how it feels
try chewing gum?
sorru putta ideas

I try to chew gum or eat sunflower seeds when I am around those who are smoking. Other than that I just try to stay away from those who do smoke. Im trying to quit cold turkey and its taken over a year and im not all the way there yet. Occasionaly I have one with a friend but I never buy a pack anymore. Your gonna slip up, because the temptation is so powerful, just don't get discouraged when you do. Thats what ive been doing anyway.

You know what I do? I think back to the time I was in health class once, just flipping through the pages and stopped on the picture of a blackened lung. I saw that and thought 'Ew. That's f*cking disgusting.' And you look older than you do and it gives you this horrid cough that no one wants to be around. And they give you lung cancer... just think of all the con's of smoking. One of these days, you may be completely turned off, but that'll only be by sheer willpower.

I admittedly love the smell of campfires and tractor smoke, but I have never felt the urge for a Cigarette. Beyond the smell being repulsive, most people nearly choke to death the first couple times.. just imaging yourself gagging from the filthy chemicals you would be inhaling, slowly choking your organs until they finally give up trying to clean out the filth.

Casey R
think about how polluted there bodies are, and think about how your body doesnt deserve it. and just say "ugh" , it will remind you that smoking is repulsive and hurts only yourself, and others around you, but mostly the ones who love you when the consequences come

well,it's simple:i just never let the thought of smoking even occur to me.i mean,i have always told myself it's a disgusting think and that it's stupid to smoke,so it has never really occured to me that smoking might be a choice!i mean,i tried it once,just to establish that i've been right and there really is nothing to smoking.people say they smoke to fight nervousness,but since smoking was never an option for me,i usually listen to music when i'm nervous or drown myself in a novel.works everytime!

zameer a
fine you can stop smoking as you have a mindset to do that just remember one thing you are the boss to your body so if you want it in healthy way you can stop it with out any issues or there is a another way where you can consult a doc regarding this where he might help you with counseling and with some drugs

Don't even try one in the first place
Take a look at a video or pictures of what it does to your body-that should put you off.
Remind yourself you will only be ruining your own life and hurting your loved ones

I've never found smoking helpful, many times when I was angry and stressed out it occurred to me to try one but it always scared me, maybe because I see my future in my father he smokes for like 50 years and I've lived with that smell for 25 years and I hated it since I was a kid so it was easy for me not to choose it for get rid of my stresses.
every time I see someone smoking it makes me more nervous and angry.
in those kind of situations I prefer music and internet and my friends ( those who don't smoke ) to get some peace ;)

Well,every time you see someone smoking,remember the bad thing about smoking,remember it's ruining you entire health and body,and won't cause except pain and bad life!just remember that everytime you see someone smoking a cigarette and you should be fine then!:)

the Lost Girl
i have never tried smoking,but afew times i tried "ghelyun"when i was younger.
people believe it reduces stress,so they try to try it as u said,but i wonder,because drinking can reduce ur stress(i mean drinking win),and it will helps more than smoking.but both are not worth.
u said specially in Iran,but i should say smokers are more in some countries such as Turkey,u can't believe if i tell every body has a cigaret in his/her hand!it's very weird!

well,when i am stress out or sad,i prefet to talk to some body,maybe listening to music,etc.

khoda ghovat;-)

I don't have any experience of smoking but one thing I know is that it's very hard to quit something when you get used to it no matter what it is.The best thing is never start it.
You are a man of logic so being aware of how harmful smoking is and how it damages your organs you can avoid it.

FuĂźball ist mein Leben
I just know that smoking is very bad for me and would affect my dreams of becoming a professional footballer (soccer) and it would shorten my life expectancy, i dont see why anyone smokes whats the advantage? Do you want to hurt yourself? My advice to you is even though it is very common that doesnt mean you have to be apart of the trend, stay strong and be smoke free, good luck!

i just tried it, hopefully never got used to it, cuz i didn't like the taste and the smell at the first place...
the solution to avoid is to never listen to your friend(s) if they want u to do...
p.s : the funny thing is, if u live in Tehran then u don't need to be worry about not smoking, every minute breathing in that place equals smoking 9 cigars... so avoid living in Tehran.

I used to smoke for 6-7 years until 6 years ago, and I quit it because (quite contrary to what people used to tell me) it never reduced my stresses and anxieties. The key point in avoiding smoking is "avoiding" itself! I quit it by repeating one sentence everyday, "I don't smoke today!" It worked for me, maybe you need to try this too!
And let me tell you, not starting is much easier than quitting!

I quit hundreds of times using the standard methods and went right back to it. Then I heard a Tony Robbins infomercial. He said to associate what you want to quit with negative impact and with disgust. THEN associate having quit with good effects and with happiness.

I did that and quit cold turkey 18 years ago. Haven't looked back. The first 11 days require the most mental effort to remember the disgust and the happiness.

It didn't hurt that I was also chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to stay off the tar sticks.

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