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What's wrong with me???
I am so tired today (and usually everyday). But I got almost 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night; I exercise 5-6 days/week, I drink lots of caffienated beverages EVERY day, I take my vitamins.... why am I always so tired??? Aaagh!

My best guess would be the caffienated beverages. Wait! Before you boo me, hear me out.

Each person has a specific number of neurotransmitters inside his or her body. This neurotransmitter is used to control all your involuntary and voluntary actions, as well as controlling mental processes.

Normally, only a small number of those neurotransmitters will go out of the nerve cell and cross the synapses, thus passing the impulses, those are later reabsorbed by the releasing cell (the presynaptic ganglion), or are broken down to their base chemicals, then reabsorbed, and made again.

Caffiene is a stimulant, that means it forces more and more of your neurotransmitters out of the preganglionic neuron, leading to the well known effects, a boost of energy, increased awareness, etc.

However, too much leads to a draining of the presynaptic ganglion cell. It simply will not be able to cope with the loss of the neurotransmitters.

Thus, if we were to draw a graph based upon caffiene intake on the x axis and the amount of response/awareness on the y axis, we'd have a sharp curve at the start, a slowing curve in the middle that reaches a plateau, and then a drop.

Another, less common reason (especially if you are a female) is the disease myasthenia gravis. Admittedly, in your case, that is probably not it, since exercise aggravates the condition. Also, it leads to specific muscular weakness, rather than general fatigue.

If you wish to learn more, click on:-

idk your pregnant?

Warren D
You don't give your age, but I suspect you're a young female, and it sounds like you might not be getting enough iron.

Check the contents of your vitamins and see if you are getting your recommended daily allowance of iron. If that looks okay you probably want to go to a physician and have some tests run. I would suggest a blood work-up might be in order.

Chances are it's nothing to really be worried about. Caffeine will not do much to help fatigue. It will make you jittery.

You might be one of those lucky people who has low blood pressure. Most of the time that isn't near as dangerous as high blood pressure, but it will produce symptoms such as those you describe.

You might also need a little more sugar in your diet, but I wouldn't make changes unless a physician suggests it.

I am not a medical professional in any sense of the word, so what I am giving you is simply common sense. You might try some little things like a daily candy bar--if your don't have a weight problem. You might try an over the counter iron supplement. But don't make any really dramatic changes to diet or daily supplements unless a physician recommends it.

I am a 65-year-old male, but when I was about 15 I had a series of illnesses that left me anemic. It took nearly a year before I was able to get my iron up to where I was functioning without fatigue. I have been generally healthy since.

Also, you might check to see if you are usually getting enough sleep. You mentioned last night. Is this your typical night's sleep? And some people do need more than 8 hours sleep.

I guess I've probably given you more questions than I've answered, but hopefully that will point you in a better direction to answer the big one.

Have you had your thyroid tested? That's how I found out I had hypothyroidism. When I was awake (rarely) all I could think about was sleep

You can over do it on the "looking after yourself" slogan.
Try not exercising as much and knock the caffine in the head,its no good for you.
Drink decaff(if you have to),just chill out for a few days and give yourself some you time.

ditch the caffinated beverages. Also, watch the amount of sugar you are taking in (especially high fructose corn syrup). Sounds like you are doing the things you need to do. If this doesn't work, you might want to see a doctor for chronic fatigue or mono or ebstien bar...or some other problem that results in being sleepy all the time.

See a doctor. It could be a lot of things. It could be as simple as you being genuinely tired and need a break, or could be hypothyroidism.

See a doctor.

I think the problem is your tired from beating the guys off with a stick all day. Your way too pretty!

Mom x 4
I agree about the caffeine. I had to cut down myself. Also, my doctor told me that allergies--even mild allergies--can prevent you from getting quality sleep. Even though you don't remember being awake, the quality of your sleep may be the problem. My son has dark circles under his eyes (from allergies) and is usually tired. He has no other allergy symptoms and improves when he takes Zyrtec daily.

are you depressed ?
Test for Celiac disease or epstein barr or mono

well caffien is not good for you, you need to drink water

had the same problem went to docs found out that thyriod gland was not working as it should now take 1 tablet a day and never felt better

stop drinking coffined drinks and have your thyroids checked, see if there are any enlargement/lump on your neck

Part of the reason you could be tired all the time is because of all those caffeinated beverages you are drinking. The caffeine gives you a high for a short time, then you come crashing down. Also caffeine is a dieretic, it makes you lose fluids and dehydration can make you feel really tired. Your diet is another thing that can drain your body, if you aren't eating the right types of foods, you will feel sluggish. Another reason to lay off all that caffeine: it intensifies your hunger, making you more likely to reach for the closest thing to satisfy you instead of the healthiest choice when you are ready for a balanced meal. Good Luck!

Maybe its depression.
Only your doctor will be able to tell you- If u have a well-balanced diet, excercise and get a good night's sleep then i really dont know what the problem may be- Get your blood work done, a complete count of blood cells to rule out anemia-- Its always important to get a full physical every year, maybe its time for yours... If everything comes out OK then look into your life and see if there is anything that is bothering you- You may have a slight depression.

u might be over doing the caffienated beverages. a couple is alright for u but if u over do it then it starts to make u feel tired and just ugghh all day.

Jeebus B.
Yeah, see a doctor. It could be anemia (are you also sorta out of breath? Does it sometimes feel like you've got weights on your ankles?)
It could also be sinusitus. It's like a sinus infection that never goes away. Do you also have heacaches located around your sinuses? Does your nose feel clogged, but there's nothing going on? This is a problem related to air-born alergies, usually. I've had this for the last few years, and when it's bad, it makes you feel exausted, and somtimes even confused or "Stoned"-feeling.
It could be alergies, too, to food or something. It could be your body doesn't react well to all the caffine!


maybe the combination of all those drugs. you take caf. inorder to excersise then get tired so you get a good night sleep. try chnaging the time you work out. or ease up on working out everyday. come on nobody works out every day and have nothing wrong with them.

Caffeine intake is a vicious cycle. It increases your heart rate, so when it wears off you crash like you have been exercising. Ween yourself off the caffeinated drinks and eventually you will start feeling more rested. You will get back headaches at first, so beware.

sounds like you are low on glucose....vital for keeping the brain working too.....have a chocolate day and see the difference.

you need a break from your regular daily routine i think so?

stop drinking the caffeine and look in to the possibilities of being a diabetic

You may be anemic. See the doc...

have you been to the doctor? He may want to do some blood tests to make sure that you are not anemic or have problems with your thyroid. Dry drinking a lot of WATER instead of soda...all the sugar in the caffeinated bevarages can actually make you tired! Too much sugar in your system can put your body into "slow mode".

Riothamus Of Research ;<)
Maybe the trouble is the fact that you "drink lost of caffienated beverages every day". Too much caffeine tires out your adrenal glands, forcing you to drink more, etc. It can be a vicious circle. Of course, if you try to go "cold turkey" you will be even more tired for a while, and caffeine withdrawal usually brings on violent headaches. So try slowly reducing the amount you drink.
If you want real energy that won't tire you out, Emergen-C is a pretty good supplement.
On the other hand, if you really feel that there is a problem, you may want to see a doctor to rule out anything more serious.

Drink tea for your caffiene. Cut exercise to three times a week and keep it gentle. Try sleeping more than eight hours. ie eight and a half. And whenever you become aware enough, tell yourself to relax. Consciously relax.

Good luck sweetie. x

Try having your cholesterol checked. I was doing the same thing and mine was severely high. I could help your health in the long run.

Have your thyroid checked.

You are not saying very much except you drink lots of caffeinated beverages every day, sleep, exercise and take vitamins. Do you have sleep apnea? While you may be "sleeping" for 8 hours, you are still interrupted LOTS! For Caffeinated drinks, that will wake you up for a while, just to be tired once again.

Have you asked a doctor or got a physical lately? Have you low energy because you have low potassium level? Are you in good health, generally. A trip to the doctor's should get to the root cause.

david s
There is nothing wrong with you. You are a wonderfully interesting and beautiful person. Don't ever change.

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