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 Cant Fall Asleep!!!!! Please help.?
I cant fall asleep to save my life even if i only have had teo hours of sleep the night before. I never get sleep and its effecting my whole life please help me....

 need help getting to sleep!? and how many hours should i get?
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 I can't sleep. Anyone got any good natural methods to get to sleep?

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 I Can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!
Last night I had a horrible night!!! I only slept for like 4 hours and i couldn't fall back asleep!! Now, I am afraid I won't get any sleep again. what can i do to make me fall asleep ...

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 Nearly thirty, never been athletic, what's the best sport to pick up and why?

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 Is it gross that I don't wash my arms and legs?
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 Anybody here ready for bed?
Had bad panick attack last night,anyone else get them?
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Makes me apprehensive about going to bed....

What 's the fastest way to fall asleep?? When I go to bed, it takes me max 4 hrs to fall sleep, any ideas???
nothing that unvolves taking drugs or pills though....lunesta etc.

I will choke you out free of charge

try drinking some warm camamile tea. maybe with a tiny bit of honey in it. it's very relaxing. or soak in a bath.

try reading while you are in your bed. or do some physically exhauting wxcersizes before bed.

Lov'n IT!
taking a warm relaxing bath before bed
Do not watch TV 2 hours before bed time
Listen to classical music or any other music you fnd soothing.

It sounds like you need more physical activity.
Work, play or exercise of some sort.

Maiden Fair
Drink a glass of warm milk. If you do not drink milk, you can take a Benadryl tablet, which is an over-the-counter medicine for allergy. It will make you drowsy but is not habit-forming like sleeping pills. (I read this on Dr. Gott's (MD) newspaper column.) My Mother does this and it works well for her and she does not take prescription medicines. Sweet dreams!

warm milk!
works like magic :|

Nancy P
Sounds like you want to sleep while your mind wants to stay awak. I have the same problem. If I don't fall asleep with the TV on I keep myelf up for HOURS talking in my head.

But if you watch something decent on TV you may stay up and watch it. I find falling asleep to the news (CNN or MSNBC) is great. You can roll over and just listen (no real need to watch); set TV timer for 30-60 minutes. Usually after 10pm they just repeat the same stuff over and over.

:shrug?? works for me


when you know email me


but maybe you have insomnia
or youre very distracted

Alex Q
Hot Milk will help you fall sleep

Kay Kay H
I turn on my radio,or put in a c.d,but i don't blast it,i just turn it on enough to hear the beat,rhythm,and the voice,but not too loud!!
Good luck with your ?

Do something that drains your energy. I usually draw or do something requiring complete focus for an hour prior.

jack sparrow
try to go to sleep when you feel exhausted.

zzz therapy perfume by healing gardens

Sammy B
Well, sometimes when I have to fall asleep because I'm waking up for a job interview or something like that early in the morning, I put a radio in my room and listen to one of my favorite island songs. If your not into Buffet and that sorta stuff try putting on a soft station or Cd, anything to relax your brain muscles. Well, really that's what works for me and most of my friends, it doesn't work for everyone, but maybe it will, you never know until you try!

Aaron S
Exercise regularly, get up earlier, and set up habits associated with bed. Bed-time rituals make your body get itself ready to sleep in the same way Pavlov's dogs would salivate when they heard a bell. Brush your teeth, wash your face, stretch etc. the same each night... DONT sit and watch/listen to TV internet/music until you are exhausted.

Slow down your world and then your body will know. I still need about 10-30 minutes each night to fall asleep and I sometimes use visualization techniques, like concentrating on one dot in my mind to stop unfiltered thoughts form gaining a foothold in my mind. I let them blow through like leaves. I sleep much better now than I did 10 years ago when I was in High School.

if you are old enough, 1 glass of wine will do the trick.

trying to stay awake is how i get to sleep. If i dont think about the fact that im trying to get to sleep and just think about trying to stay awake it works. I know it sounds stupid but it works for me. Maybe im stupid.

first of all, forget the drugs, try natural remedies, "dont sleep during the day" if that doesnt work, do a really strenous excercise or something that makes you tired, I know for me, after a everyday, I'm so tired I have no problem getting sleep and that is a good thing, to much sleep is problem 6-8 hours is recommended, If it still doesnt work, consult your doctor, dont take any over the counter drugs, without consultation first.

I gave you a star for asking as I have dreadful insomnia. Will be reading all your answers.

Gee just reading some of these answers put me to sleep! Well it not a drug -its a natural occurring substance that some people are lacking and it helps set the biological clock and its called Melatonin and its sold everywhere. Experiment with the dosage. Good luck-it really works for me.

Old School
I've got some tips, wake up early than usually. Workout during the day. Personaliy I listen to some calming music while im in bed.

WOW that is a long time well try to cut down on the caffeine which I am assuming u drink b/c it takes u that long to go to sleep, but if u don't drink that much caffeine as it is then go see a doctor b/c that is crazy

jane dough
Count backwards, starting with 100.

Try to level out your sleep time frame. What I mean by this is that you should try to sleep and get up at the same time each night. Your body should adjust in a few days and you will get tired closer to your set bedtime.

Write down the major thoughts from your day then make a "to-do list for the following day as well. It will help to clear your mind of the worries of the day.
Hope this helps :)
works for me.

No matter how old you are, drink 3 bottles of whisky. It works!

I am the queen of sleep!! Take a warm shower or bath before bed and take time and rub some relaxing smelling lotion on your body take your time...relax yourself massage your feet and your hands...try to rid your mind of all the thoughts about what happened to you during the day...clear your mind of your worries...set your room temp so it's kind of cool in there then dim the lights or turn them off. Make your bed extra cozy, fluffy pillows, soft sheets, etc. find a comfortable position and close your eyes...try to clear your mind...then make your body tense then relax your body in small sections...start with your toes...each little toe...feel them go loose then work your way up to your feet then ankles, knees, thighs, butt, stomach, chest, sholders, arms, hands, back, neck, lips, cheeks, eyes, forehead, scalp, just feel it ALL go loose. As you do this start to control your breathing take SLOW, DEEP breaths. It works for me to breath through my nose. Just breathe...feel how loose your body is and how comfey you ...are how safe you are. sometimes your mind will start to wander I let it...it's hard to explain...but I let the words run into another so it's just mumbles in my head like a bunch of nonsense keeping my breathing deep and slow. then I'm OUT! you can also put a radio on LOW and set the dial to an in-between station so all you hear is static...it's called white noise or you can buy one of those radios that have the diffrent sounds like rain or the beach or crickets churping stuff like that. Warm milk works too but YUCK! maybe some warm non caffinated tea or hot chocolate. Geez! I'm sleepy now!! Hope it helps!!!

Michelle M
A little bit of Nyquil, and sweet dreams.

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