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What's the best way to fall asleep, when you're stressed?

Tylenol pms , or get wasted till you pass out. Another way you can try is taking a long hot bath , drink some hot herbal tea and lay down , you be relaxed and sleeping before you know it.

2 diazipan and a small vodka and tonic

or if your in the UK,get urself to Asda at the chemist dept and ask for a pack of sleepaid.They are kinda like nightal but better and give u a great sleep. oh,and a few joints should do the trick..... great way for chilling

hypnosis cd

I normally just stay awake, then after a couple of days I can go to sleep.

Samantha M
There's a couple of things you could do...these always work for me!
1)Put a movie on. Like, a movie you used to watch as a child that you think may put you to sleep. I usually watch a disney movie.
2)excercise is always helpful...it helps to relieve tension and speed up your blood flow. Kind of like the orgasm thing mentioned by someone else, but without the orgasm...work out until you're tired, then go take a bath and try to nap afterward.
3)books on tape! Harry Potter knocked me out when I was stressed. Seriously, it worked every time! Don't read the book along with the tape, just listen to the tape.

Make love its a great release

sounds daft but listen to a clock ticking or your own breathing. works for me aswell as calming me down alot quicker

Take a hot bath

I wish I knew!!! I'm such a chronic Insomniac. When I'm stressed NOTHING works...

Ponder Kipling: "if you can meet with triumph and disaster, and greet those two imposters just the same..."

Get out of bed, eat some oatcakes, drink some red wine (not too much) and read some Jane Austin. When sleepy, go back to bed.

Imagine lots of beautiful naked women who are devoted to you and worship you like a god.

The best way is to take a shower with hot water and relaxing shower gel.
For e.g. from Dove you can have some really relaxing shower gel with sea pearls inside.
And then drink a cup of camille thea, it will relax your soul totally.

xx MamiloveXX

Anonymous Girl
sleeping pills

Check out (http://www.reducingstress.net ) there is a lot of great articles and expert advice on the subject there.

I would definitely recommend not taking sleeping pills. They all get you to a sleep state, but is isn't a restful sleep, you don't get to that deep REM sleep and when you wake up you feel like you've been up all night stewing.
I am an imsomniac with a job that forces me to just get sleep here and there when I can, so I've dealt with it all. The best thing that works for me is the relaxation fountain I got. You can get them at all kinds of places anymore. But if you just lay back and focus on that sound it helps keep your mind from jogging back into your problems.
Good night, and good luck!

P.S. I dunno what kinda music you're into, but I made a playlist of Nick Drake, and if that music can't relax you, I dunno what can?

big teddy
have a hot bath and a cup of cocoa

* Cannabis
* Lavender oil on pillow
* Sleeping pills
* Chill out first, have a slow walk, a bath or do something you enjoy before putting head to pillow.

Oona M
lie there and say to yourself in your head "I will not fall asleep, I will not fall asleep" Works every time for me! Either that or buy some melatonin over the internet - amazing for knocking you out

try some aromatherapy and a good Sarah McLachlan cd

listen to calming music, get one of those plug in good smelly things of lavender. Or try drinking a caffeine free tea. Celestial Sensations has a night time tea.

Shopaholic Chick
picture your dream house - go room to room and pick the color and furnature for the room - i never get more then 3 rooms in

Gill Billie
Firstly make a list of all the things you need to do or are worried about - that will allow you to relax and stop thinking about those things.

Try to put the stress into perspective. There is always a silver lining - find it and focus on it.

Roberto P
Hi, as a stress management professional this is a question that is often raised at seminars here is my solution which people have found very useful.

One of the reasons that we can't sleep is becasue we ruminate or worry. Very often these thoughts are about the past ie something that upset us or that we could or should have done during the day, Alternatively we worry about ruminate on what will happen the next day. Worrying about the past never changes the past and rehearsing the future is pretty pointless because it does not happen in the way that we plan. So it is our mind being in the past or the future that stops us sleeping. The key is to bring your mind into the present. The easiest way of doing this is to use one of our senses. We cant see hear or smell something that happened in the past only that which is in the present. The best technique is ti put a radio on and concentrate on the programme.If it is speech programme listen and concentrate on the contents, with a music show perhaps mentally sing or hum along with the tune. If the intrusive throught start coming in then learn the technique of mentally dismissing them by thoughts such as " I don't want to think about that now I am trying to listen to the programme." with a bit of practice this will keep your mind in the present and you will soon drop off to sleep. If you wake up during the night you can use the same technique using ear peices or alternatively under pillow speaker available form shops like Maplin in the UK.

Make sure that you also take the usual steps of avoiding eating late and drinking alcohol and coffee in the evening .

Sorry Its a long response perhaps I have bored you to sleep:-) but I guarantee that it works.

You should, of course if you feel robust enough, start to tackle the sources of your stress so that the worrying subjects are diminshed- but that's an answer to a different question!

Good luck

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