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What's the best cure for a migraine?
I've been getting at least one a day for a few days now. I treat it with either Advil or Motrin, but it's usually not strong enough. Are there any other over-the-counter medicines I could use to help with the pain that are maybe a little stronger? Or maybe even any home remedies?
Additional Details
I grind my teeth due to stress, but I use a mouth guard at night to control it. My migraines occur during the day when I haven't been grinding at all..?

I suffer from migraine too... I take Mesulid or Lonarid pills in order to make it stop, they are quite strong.

rub your feet, and temple, that normal work for me.

foxxy lady
Aroma therapy always helps me. First, I take Exedrin Migrain then I take my heat wrap that I purchased from bath & body works and I heat that up in the mic. I go to a quite dark room and I laydown with a pillow making sure that my neck is supported so I can relax those muscles. I place the heat wrap around my neck and some time over the eyes. And try to relax most of the time I fall asleep (it's the heat wrap it has natural erbs that help you relax and fall asleep) also you can find natural erbs that will help relieve head pain. Get on line and do a seach

a while ago some 1 made this stick it cools your head u put it on your temples it costs about £5-£8 (in the uk) it works really well and doesnt result in you taking loads of pain killers hope it helps its called 4HEAD its great

Excedrin Migraine always works for me. I would recommend it to anyone

sleep....hot shower

a bullet through the brain

rubbing lavender oil on your tempels. Thats always helps me because ove the counter pills don't work for me.

mom of 2
I had bad migraines when I was pregnant and I saw a Dr that gave me something called stadol... it is some good stuff.. I mean my headaches were gone in a matter of seconds. have u seen a Dr?
also in between your thumb there is a nerve that if have someone hold it tight the pain in your head will go to your hand. weird i how just try it. it is a quick fix.

there are stronger prescription meds.

You won't believe me, but the Excedrin for Migraines ( or the Excedrin in the green bottle) actually is pretty good at reducing the pain of migraines. My husband has them. When his doctor suggested he take Excedrin, my husband laughed at the doc, because his headaches were so bad, he just didn't believe that an OTC was going to help much.

but it helps about 80 percent of his headaches.

Other tips:

go where it is quite and dark.

take a shower if that relaxes you.

If light doesn't make the headache worse, sometimes fresh air helps.

You might need to give up caffeine, and you might be getting headaches due to an allergy.

Oh, yes. If you are getting a bad headache everyday, you should talk to a Doctor about it.

i think sleeping and vomiting helps and sometimes it happens when we go out in afternoon see to it at what surrounding it happens my sister has same problem she gets maigrane when she goes out in afternoon


try excedrin migrane

easiest way is to relax. find a quiet dark room, and just rest there for a bit with the ac on. thats what i do when i dont have my hammer

First, how do you know it's a migraine? Could be a cluster headache? Could be sinus? Could just be a headache.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with migraines, then the doc should have given you an Rx for pain relief.

Then, you need a dark room and absolute quiet. The nausea is usually quite severe with migraines, so try to lie perfectly still. And get lots of sleep.

Take some aspirin.

You should probably stop treating your daily migraine with over the counter medicine. Migraines can develop a property known as rebound, so your body becomes used to you over the counter treatment, then has a headache every day until you take something.

You should visit your doctor to see if you need prescription medicine to treat your headaches acutely, like Imitrex or another triptan, or a medicine to take every day to prevent migraines, like topamax, propranolol, depakote. Continuing to take over the counter medicines daily could make your headaches worse.

I tried several different RX's before, and few of them completely helped, then I started using Excedrin, or Excedrin Migraine, and they both work wonders. This is the only medicine I will buy for my migraines. Just take heed because it does have some caffeine in it.

if it's a true migraine, I would suggest going to a doctor and getting yourself a prescription for something stronger like Imitrex or Amerge (sp?).

generally closing your eyes in a dark room and putting a cold compress over your eyes or on the back of your neck will help alleviate the pain too. drugs like Advil and Tylenol cause rebound headaches. some people say that Excedrin Migraine helps, but I can't say for sure b/c I've never tried it. I think it just has Tylenol and one other ingredient in it.

the migraines could also be hormone related. I had to switch my birth control to something with less estrogen b/c I was getting terrible migraines from the high amount of hormones in my pill.

Drink something with caffeine in it. Fast fix. Migraines are normally caused by constricted blood vessels near your temple. Caffeine opens them and *poof* headache is gone. You should also see a doctor. It sounds like you might have something more serious than just a migraine, especially since it's lasted a few days now.

Use Excedrin migraine formula. Another trick I do is get one of those eye-gel packs for undereye bags and put in the freezer, put Vicks Vapo Rub on your TEMPLES (not eyes) and then put the eye mask on. It makes it somewhat bearable.

And sleep if you can.

Sleep, if you can.

There are migraine OTC meds. But basically they are aspirin, acetominophen and most importantly caffeine. The caffeine helps the pain killers work faster. Hope you feel better.

talk to your dentist and see if you're grinding your teeth. this is a major factor in getting migraines. he can prescribe an orthotic device to curb that and hopefully reduce your migraines

ok, for instant relieve,. if you are near a bathroom or shower. run your wrists under hot water, the most you can handle without burning yourself for about two minutes. also you can do this with your ankles. the blood will circulate onto the brain and release the pressure of the migraine.
also if you like tea, go to a health food store or pharmacy and buy feverfew. its a herb. you can take the capsules apart and make hot tea with them and drink it. i also have a pitcher of feverfew tea in the refrig, and have it with honey as a cool refreshing drink. you can also take it normally and it will make the migraines else strong.
on the medicine part, excedrin for migranes is great. but if you have a weak stomach, then this is not a good idea. tynelol also has a migraine version of the medicine.
but remember sleep is actually the best remedy. try a quiet room where not alot of light gets in and put a cool towel on your forehead and try to relax.

ask your medical Dr. or physician to prescribe you ibuprofen in 800mg tablets.adult dosage i suggest taking 2-tablets-1600 MG unless you have other medical problems that may hinder or prevent you from taking ibuprofen. i had to stop taking ibuprofen due to another medical problem i have that caused swelling & had to be prescribed something else. but it has worked wonders for me in past.

2. severe migraine case-ask Dr. or physician about trying an IV drug called furinol. its too works awsesome but has to be done usually in a doctors office or hospital setting.

3. coffee-believe it or not a cup or 2 of coffee helps migraine headaches as its caffeine & has basicially same amount of caffeine as whats in excedrin migraine medine.

these are my suggestions only. take it or leave them.

migraine medicine..
a lot of it depends on what causes the migraines. the best cure is to know waht triggers them, and obviously avoid it if possible. the best thing would be to go talk to your doctor. there are prescription treatment meds, or even preventative medicine.
as for otc i like excedrin migraine, and aleve..and lots of it.

[email protected]
Caffine excedrin migraine.I use topoamax from doctor to prevent them

Lilyth Rose
Excedrin is a great over the counter medicine as it combines aspirin, acetaminophin, and caffeine. You can also duplicate this at home...try having a cup of coffee (or a diet soda with caffeine) with tylenol or advil and see if that helps. Also, if you're suddenly having migraines, you should go to the doc to see if there might be something more serious going on. The doc can also prescribe migraine medications that can help, although they can be expensive.

Another thing that used to work for me was Sinutabs. My migraines were sometimes sparked by swollen sinuses and that sometimes helped. Try alternating hot and cold on your forehead and back of your neck.

Everyone who get migraines is unique. You need to find your own best method. Hopefully this gives you a couple of ideas to try.

Good luck!

Many Blessings,

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