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 Anyone battling to quit smoking?
did you win your battle, how did you do it? Do you think cold turkey is the best way, my hubby manged it 10 months ago, i am finding it really difficult. Any tips? Have you beat it, how did you do ...

Mrs C
What's the best advice you can give to someone who is about to quit smoking?

Be strong it's not an easy road to take, if it's wot u really want then you'll do it.

It's up to you now!!

Good Luck :-)

About to quit?
"Just quit it!"

It may be difficult, but you and the whole world will be glad that you did it, except the cancer-stick makers.

i thnk its just fantastic, u r a man of strong will power. so just get goin....

Their Mom♥

my friend went off buy cutting what she smoked per day in half each day.....by the end of the week she only had one left for the day......and NO.....she did not put on weight either.........if she felt like she had to have something in her hand or mouth.....she usually ate a carrot or a piece of celery. and she was able to even stop that too after a few weeks......just remember.....

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Dr Greene'
Think of your kids!

be brave see chemist or smoking nurse for some gum because your quitting your hands are used to doing something get on computer or chewing it works there is too strenghs get the lower one if low smoker high for lot of smoking a days every time you want to reach for a cig chew and don't stock a lot of sweets cakes biscuits etc as you will reach for them 1st couple of times like after something to eat you will be like i forgot something its the cigs plus try not to go out for the 1st few weekends as seeing people smoking could get you too start again with me i cant drink without a cig i wish you all the luck Hun

You could try the patches I am told they are available on prescription now from the doctor Get rid of all tobbaco products in your house on the day you decide your giving up dont hang around others who smoke and stay strong you can join a quit smoking group too to give you extra support.
good luck

Paul Rules
check out Alan Carr's "The easy way"

Do a search on yahoo..

keep going! and be brave!

four things will do it for you
1 stop now
2 pray about it
3 drink lots of water
4 never smoke another
God has never failed you

When my Grandfather quit smoking, he had the problem of what to do with his hands. He had got so used to handling cigarettes that his hands would always fidget. To solve the problem, he always carried a pen as a substitute for carrying a cigarette.

If you have a similar problem, do the same and carry a pen around to give your hands something to do. You may even use it to develop skills as a writer or drawer. If so, because you're occupying your mind with something different, you should hopefully soon forget your cravings.

I'm not sure on if any of this proves useful to you but there's no harm in trying :-)

In any event, the fact you want to quit smoking and giving it a go will always work in your favour :-)

tell them to stay strong & keep a note of how much money they are saving each week, that should spur them on x x

♥new baby born xmas eve
ignore each craving as they only last a few seconds and drink water when you want a cig.

Chandru M
What are you waiting for?

If you can THINK about quitting smoking, then you can deffinitely quit smoking. Your journey to a new type of a freedom is about to begin. Its going to be a great ride.

One of the big rewards of quitting smoking is not just gaining better health. The best reward is the ability to be able to say, "I don't smoke anymore!" You will be amazed by the sound of those words when they come out of your mouth. It will make you feel like a brand new person.

Remember that this is not going to be an easy road. For a while, you will find so many childish ways to try and go back to smoking. Chances are that you probably will. But that's OK. Whatever happens, don't put yourself down for it. Look at it positively that you were able to stay away for those few days. You were able to provide your body with some badly needed respite from the smoking. Dont worry about it. Just go back to the drawing board again and try again. The average smoker goes back to smoking at least 5 times before finally giving it up.

When you stop smoking, your body and your mind will be transformed. It will require a very focused awareness to deal with these changes. Some of them may not be very pleasant at first. You might gain weight. You might become edgy and iritable. You may become moody. Some people actually become sick with caughs and colds. You might feel stressful, or experience total fatigue. You will experience things you have never experienced before. These are just your body's reaction to the withrawls of this sick habit. Your body and mind are going through cleasing of sorts. Sometimes that can bring out unusual senses. For example, your hearing may be different and certainly your sense of smell. Your taste will certainly be different, and so on.

The body has to become used to new things all of a sudden. This takes time. The idea therefore is not to be scared. Do NOT be afraid. Become aware of these new senses and experience the joy of this new change. This is your new freedom. It is the begging of a new journey. What are you waiting for?

Thats my advise to you! Good luck!

Jonathan B
first of all, that decision you have made was indeed a very wise one. now all you have to do is focus, and have the will to really quit. it may not be easy at first, but it is worth it.
gums, and candies could aid in your quitting, but remember, in order to succeed you must be whole hearted in doing so.

Good luck!
Keep a couple of cigs with you as said above.

Everytime you want a ciggarette, drink a glass of water, the craving will go quickly after that. Good luck the first 3 days are ok, but its after that that can be tricky.

theres many thing you acn do like firstly get rid of you cigs and i mean destroy them. get rid of your ashtrays., don't go anywhere people are smoking (pubs clubs outside work) and be brave you will win!!!

Don't start smoking again!

do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Show them the effects of smoking.

read easy way by alan carr, i tried all kinds of methods to quit and i couldnt with any of them, as a last ditch attempt i tried the above mentioned book, i read it within 4 hrs and havent smoked since, good luck!

bin smoking 35 years 40 a day.
quit 7 days ago.
i am finding going for walks or riding my bike is helping.
just staying outdoors anything to keep myself busy.
give it your best shot good luck

I quite three years ago and started smoking again just over a month ago. Sad I know, so I quit again three days ago. So far so good.

Know this, in that moment of weakness when you are trying to convince yourself that one drag or cigarette will be ok, know that it wont and you will be back to square one. Take one drag and you WILL take two.

Second thing is, if you make it to ten days you stand a 80% chance of seeing it through. It makes it a little easier if you have a definite goal in the not to distant future.

Stay focused on your goal,carry gum
or tootsie rolls on you. I did it, YEAH!

No matter how weird this may sound, always keep some cigarettes with you! The most difficult part of quitting smoking is when you know you CAN'T smoke; by always keeping some with you, you skip that part.

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
Take it one day at a time...

¤§ Dãrkness Wãnderer §¤
buy LOTS AND LOTS of gum or hard candy!

keep your hands busy!

quitting suxs...but once you do, its amazing! I'm 1yr smoke free, the smell repulses me now. crazy huh.

you can do it!

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