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What's better: eat more at lunch or dinner?
explain pls.

the french do this. Eat a small breakfast, a big lunch, and a small dinner. it gives you more time to digest and makes you weigh less cuz sleeping and trying to digest makes you digest less.

Your usually supposed to eat more at dinner but, in terms of weight lose i would eat a bigger lunch but be warned you might be hungrier than usual at night time, but whatever you prefer

Lily ♥
cuz during the night your methabolism works slowly

Eat more at Lunch...

Because: You are still actively using those calories after lunch.
After dinner the only thing you usually do is go to bed.

Eat the most at breakfast
Eat moderately at lunch
and very little at dinnner

eat small meals though out the day to keep your stomach constantly working

Yeah I'm Talkin' 2U 2
It is actually better for breakfast to be the biggest meal of the day but dinner should be the smallest because you are less active at night and all the calories turn into fat instead of being burned off.

Its probably better to eat more lunch than dinner, Since you're normally supposed to be eating more at lunch anyway.

At lunch time you should be eating salads and dark greens like spinach. Veggies like carrots, potatoes. For a heartier meal, add some chicken slices to it.

To finish it off right, At dinner you should be getting the most proteins out of all your meals. Prepare fish or red meat with veggies you enjoy as a side dish like peas, corn, rice or mashed potatoes etc.

You'll be eating more for lunch because you'll be needing the energy more that time of day. (Like when you're at work) you'll need a big lunch to keep up your strength.

Dinner is probably the worst time to eat more for several reasons, Sleeping on a full stomach is not good for you.
You will not be needing it that time of day and less trans fats are created.

for a desert, fruit is a great idea. Or you can have fruits as an in-between meal snack in case you get hungry between meals, and save desert for dark-chocolates or ice cream.

Lunch because there is more time to loose the excess calories you may eat at lunch as opposed to eating more at dinner when you can't burn anything because you are sleeping soon afterwards. Besides, lunch usually consists of light foods rather than heavy meals one usually consumes at dinner time. So it's better to eat more during lunch.

jessica p
The reason that southerners call "lunch" dinner, is because it shouls be bigger.

Lunch because in the afternoon,i need energy to continue With my daily activities .
I wouldn't eat much around dinner because i mostly would take a break and relax and watch tv.eating a lot dinner time and sitting around watching television would just add into weight and flab.

Still Learning
Between the two my vote goes to lunch (because you have more time during the day to burn the calories you ingested and digest the food).

However, it would be best to have a large breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a small dinner (and try not to eat too late and go to bed right away).


Black Magic
Well, it kinda depends on your body- what upsets your stomach. It also depends on how active you are. It's always good to eat 30 min. before you work out, so if you are active after lunch then yes eat more. For me, i'd like to eat more during dinner, because the day was very tiring, and you have to go without eating for 8 hours! (When you sleep) So I guess it would be better to eat more during dinner if you don't have an extreme workout plan.

have faith
depends on how early you go to bed. If you go to bed soon after eating a big dinner that is not good so if you stay up a while after you eat a big dinner it doesnt really matter.

it really doesnt matter as long as you stay up after eating for at least an hour because when you go to sleep you dont digest the food and it can stay which makes you gain weight.

Eat more at lunch b/c it gives you energy to the rest of the day
eat more at dinner makes it hard to go to sleep and become fatter

gαвι :D
Lunch, because at dinner, its near the time you sleep, and its not good to sleep with a full belly :) and because you waste your energy in the afternoon more, because your more active in the morning/afternoon, not night .

Kobe Is The Greatest Of All Time
really your supposed eat the majority of your food at breakfast. Lunch should should be second biggest and dinner should be smallest. because breakfast has to last you all day where as when you eat dinner you often go to sleep soon after and dont get to burn calories. Plus eating breakfast boost your metabolism.

Lunch because you're going to be awake and active... after dinner you go to sleep and doing nothing.

There's an old adage:

Eat breakfast like a king
Lunch like a prince
And dinner like a pauper.

When you eat more earlier in the day, there's a better opportunity to burn those calories before bedtime. Plus you sleep better with less food on your stomach. So I think a smaller dinner is better.

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